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Title: Out of Order
By: nancy
Pairing: Tony/Gibbs
Fandom: NCIS
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Jethro's life is completely out of order with Tony in it, but he likes it that way.


It was the end of a really long damn day when a familiar shadow crossed my desk. Looking up, I caught a grin on DiNozzo's face that made me want to groan. I'd seen that expression many times over the last couple of years and it usually preceded something insane. "Forget it, DiNozzo."

"Ah c'mon, Boss, you don't even know what I was going to say," he protests, the grin getting bigger.

Leaning back in my chair, I fold my arms over my chest and state, "It's got something to do with alcohol."

"Spoil sport." But his grin doesn't fade a whit as he continues, "It's Probie's birthday and Abby and I have a bet as to who can drink more before we drown ourselves. You have to be there to drive us home."

"What about Kate?"

He sat on my desk and answered, "She's actually going to unwind enough to do some drinking, too. Personally, I'll believe it when it happens, she's just so uptight since that dentist stopped calling."

"I heard that, DiNozzo," she called from her desk across the way.

Smirking now, he glanced over at her and asked, "Was I being subtle?"

"Ooh. I didn't even know you knew that word."

"So come on, Boss, you gotta go," Tony begged shamelessly, never losing that grin.

I was just taking a sip of my coffee when he leaned forward and whispered, "Besides. I get really kinky when I'm drunk. You might have to tie me up and gag me, once you get me home."

I spewed the coffee all over my desk.

Mission apparently accomplished, Tony sauntered back to his own desk.

And people call me a bastard?

*  *  *  *

The bar was surprisingly nice, not at all the scene that I knew DiNozzo was into, but then, it wasn't his birthday party. And I feel like a bit of a heel, having forgotten McGee's birthday. I'd had to run out after work, before the party, to get him something. Not at all sure what to get, I'd settled on a gift certificate at a computer software store. A little more impersonal than I like to be, but then, I haven't really known McGee all that long, either.

The team included Ducky, Gerald, and the new kid whose name I kept blanking on, along with Abby, Kate, Tony, myself, and of course, McGee. The birthday boy. It was fun, relaxing, to just sit there and sip a single glass of bourbon while the conversation got increasingly raunchy. Mostly thanks to Abby and Tony intent on both drinking each other under the table and giving McGee a heart attack in the process.

I'm not all that surprised when Kate chimes in after her third shot of tequila, egged on by DiNozzo's condescending taunts that she can't handle her liquor. I am surprised, however, when, after a conversation about technique and results in bed, she finally succeeds in making Tony blush with, "I bet you don't even know how to eat a woman out properly, DiNozzo. There's a trick to it, you know? Abby, c'mere and let's give a demonstration."

It's a good thing we've got multiple designated drivers, is all I can think as I laugh my ass off, along with Ducky and the others. It's also good that we've got the next day off because my entire team is going to be too hung over to be good for anything.

Tony mumbles something about needing to relieve himself and Kate calls after him, "Chicken!" and literally starts making noises after him. Abby joins in and it's all I can do not to slide off my chair with laughter as Tony retreats to the safety of the men's room. I catch Ducky's eye and the old letch grins broadly as he comes to sit beside me.

"Right up your alley, huh, Duck?" I ask, grinning at him.

Nodding, Ducky confirms, "It's good to see young Anthony taken down a peg or two, now and again. Keeps the boy humble."

I arch an eyebrow at him.

"Well, as humble as he ever gets," Ducky amends. "Speaking of taking him down a notch or two, or more accurately, just taking him..."

The good humor leaves with astonishing quickness and I say quietly, "Not here, Ducky, and not now."

"Jethro, the boy adores you," Ducky murmurs.

Sighing, I look to Gerald for a rescue, but the black man is in earnest conversation with whatshisname, the only other two sober people in the group. "What's Gerald talking to the new kid about?"

It's Ducky's turn to sigh as he explains, "Me, apparently. Honestly. This generation knows no discretion."

My eyebrows go higher as I contemplate his not-subtle encouragement a few seconds before. It's then that I notice Tony hasn't returned, despite the fact that if he really had to go, it would've been over quick. I excuse myself, ignoring the knowing look on his face, and head for the men's room.

I also ignore Abby's crow of, "Go Gibbs! Get your man!"

Jesus Christ. Is my entire team trying to fix us up?

Shaking off the thought as I reach the door, I tap on it and call, "Tony? You alive in there?"

There's a moan, which doesn't reassure me, and I push the door in to find a small, two-stall bathroom. Then I hear a tell-tale sound that has my cock hard as a rock in about ten-seconds flat...Tony's jerking off in one of the stalls. Shuddering in lust, I back up to leave, but hit the wall instead.

The noise must cut through Tony's haze because the jerking off stops and there's complete silence until Tony calls out, "Uh, who's there?"

This is the point to run. This is the point to get the hell out of Dodge and leave Tony to wonder who was there. Only problem being that my feet won't move. So when Tony peeks out from the stall and his eyes widen on finding me there, we both stay silent.

Then a slow smirk spreads over his face and he lounges against the side of the stall, the door swinging open to reveal his pants and boxers down, his cock hard and red and wet. "I know it's McGee's birthday, Boss, but I wouldn't mind you giving me a little something."

Jesus. He's like sex on a stick and I lick my lips automatically. Clearing my throat, I say, "You've had a lot to drink, DiNozzo. Finish what you were doing and head back to the party. I'll forget about..."

"What if I don't want you to forget?" Tony interrupts. "What if I want you to fuck me, right here and now, in the bathroom stall? What about that?"

I hadn't really forgotten that Tony was more than a little aggressive in getting what he wanted, sexual or otherwise. Not really. I'd just...not thought about it, because that led to all kinds of things that were a big No-No in the rulebook.

He saunters out of the stall and walks right up to me, and it seems bizarre that he can make it so fucking sexy with his pants in the way like that. He angles in to lick up the side of my neck. My head thumps back against the wall, dick hardening to an even more impossible degree when I hear the lock snick shut. No more interruptions, apparently.

"Gotta be fast, Gibbs, or they'll wonder," Tony whispers hotly in my ear, then bites it. "Fuck. Me. Now."

Shuddering, no more a Saint than I am a Devil, I grab Tony by the shoulders and shove him back towards the stall. DiNozzo has a fierce, triumphant look on his face, but I ignore it. He's right. This place was busy, now that it was nearing ten, and others would need to use the bathroom soon. And if that someone was McGee or Ducky, we were both screwed, though for different reasons.

He spins and grabs the wall over the toilet, spreading his legs for me without even being asked. Nearly shooting at the sight, I grab my dick through my pants and count to five before letting go to unzip. Shoving the fabric out of the way just enough, I wind my arms about Tony's waist and hump against him lightly, not willing to go completely without foreplay. I might be a bastard, but I try not to be a selfish one.

He moans when I lick at his throat and then suck on it as my hand strokes him, hard and fast. My other hand is busy, pushing two fingers into his body, shocked lust sizzling through me as I realize that he was planning to get fucked by someone tonight, because he was already slick. "Fuck, DiNozzo, are you that much of a slut?"

A low, heated chuckle echoes through the air as he replies, "Just for you, Gibbs, so fucking do it already, would you?"

The little shit had been planning this all along. That was what I got for letting someone know me so well. He'd known that I'd go after him when he didn't come back right away. It makes me both irrationally angry and pleased, all at once and that's when I push my cock inside him. He moans, loudly, and I put my hand over his mouth to stifle to sound as best I can, muffling my own noises against his shoulder.

The slide in is over too fast and I pause only until his ass squeezes extra tight around me, jerking a response from my body against my will. And even though I'm the one fucking him, Tony's the one in control, which is only right, I know. I'm rarely on the receiving end because I can never quite trust my partner enough. Of course, since those partners are usually short lived affairs at best, one-night stands at worst, that's no big surprise.

Tony though...I could imagine a time when, if this actually works out, I might turn over for him.

The thought sends a shock of lust through me and I thrust in hard, prompting a grunt from him. I rub my hand over his side in mute apology and set up a rhythm that will hopefully get us both off as quickly as possible. My hand continues stroke him, now wrapped around his shaft, while I pump in and out of the hot flesh. It's over too fast, and not fast enough, the threat of discovery adding a spice to the whole encounter that I'd never thought would appeal to me.

Then again, it's probably who I'm with that makes it so appealing.

Coming hard enough to see stars and flares of color behind my eyes, spilling my come deep in his body, I realize far too late that I didn't use a condom and my groan then has nothing to do with pleasure, even as it courses through my veins. Tony shudders almost violently in my arms a few scant seconds later, my arms the only thing keeping him in place, and I hear his come spurt into the toilet in several splashes.

I slump over his back, both holding him up and being held up, weak with satisfaction and not really wanting to move.

"God. Gibbs. First? Fuckin' A, man, that was outstanding."

I laugh, albeit breathlessly. "Ditto. And second?"

"You're a little bigger than I anticipated. Any chance you could pull out?"

Shit! I move slowly, but instantly, withdrawing reluctantly from the snug feel of his body around me. "Sorry, Tony."

"No, hey, don't be sorry," Tony assures me, turning around with a grin.

There's no doubt from the content glint in his eyes that it really wasn't a problem, or, not one he couldn't handle anyhow, so I relax a little. "Come on. They'll be talking by now."

Tony smirked as he grabbed some toilet paper and started cleaning himself off. "Just tell them I fell in and you had to rescue me."

I snort and answer, "Rescue you from yourself, maybe. They'd believe that."

A hint of insecurity rises and he asks, "So...are we okay? I mean, is this...was this okay?"

And what was this, lingers underneath the question, unspoken. I smile and cup his face, drawing him close for our first kiss. It's a little out of order, but then, things seldom go in proper order when DiNozzo's involved. One of the things about him that makes my life so much better. He melts into the kiss, leaning against me, and when I pull back, the uncertainty is gone.

Putting my own clothes to order, I say, "This was definitely okay. But I'm not carting your sorry ass up any stairs, so you better stop drinking."

"Sorry ass?" he yelps, looking for all the world offended.

The twinkle of humor belies that, so I grin and swat him on said ass and reply, "You heard me. Come on, DiNozzo. Let's get back to the party."

And if we stand a little closer than normal when we rejoin everyone, if we sit almost on top of one another, well...they're all too drunk to notice anyhow.