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Title: Play
By: nancy
Pairing: Tony/Gibbs
Fandom: NCIS
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: playful kink, pure pwp.
Note: for blueraccoon
Summary: Gibbs plays with Tony.


"You know, all we really need right now is the Twister lining and spin board."

Jethro almost snorted at that, but restrained himself, instead whapping Tony on the ass for the impertinence. His lover yelped and glared, but it wasn't very effective, considering that Tony was chained to the bed, on his stomach, over a fairly large pillow with his ass in the air. "You're supposed to be taking this seriously."

"Hey!" Tony protested. "If I wasn't, I wouldn't be ass-end-up now, would I?"

At that, Jethro did snort. "Yes you would."

Tony grinned and agreed, "Okay, yeah, I would. But I am trying."

Jethro picked up the mitt he'd bought online a few weeks ago and couldn't help rubbing his other hand in it, reveling in the soft fur, even if it was fake. Tony had drawn the line at real fur.

This from the man with real leather interior seats in his car, Jethro thought in amusement.

Lightly stroking the mitt down Tony's spine provoked a shiver and goosebumps, which was definitely a good start. Jethro hadn't been sure if it would reduce Tony to the giggles, which had happened on two separate and very unfortunate occasions, or get the desired result, which was a relaxed and aroused Tony. He kept the movements slow and leisurely, going up and down, and then in broad circles, trying to keep his lover guessing.

When Tony groaned and slumped over the pillow under his chest, Jethro grinned triumphantly and slide the mitt down over Tony's ass. "Feel good?"

"Definitely," Tony agreed, voice muffled.

Jethro's grin lingered, a sight that not even Abby would believe most likely, and massaged over the upper thighs, then in circles over Tony's ass. The cheeks clenched in response and Tony shivered again, legs moving further apart.

That part done with, Jethro tossed the mitt aside and picked up the light flogger instead. He brought it down in an almost gentle motion with just enough force to sting, but not hurt.

Tony jerked upright and exclaimed, "Hey! What happened to the mitt?"

"I told you I was going to have fun tonight," Jethro reminded.

Tony grumbled, "Yeah, well, we're both supposed to."

Jethro flashed a shark's grin at his unsuspecting lover and assured him, "You will, DiNozzo, trust me."

Tony snorted, but settled down.

The flogger met with Tony's ass in a light, steady rhythm that slowly pinkened the pale skin until Tony squirmed and a few dribbles of sweat slid down his back. Jethro set that aside and picked up his third instrument of torture...heating lube.

"Turn over," Jethro ordered, keeping his grin to himself.

Tony did, even though it twisted his chains, and frowned suspiciously at him. "You've got something up your sleeve, Boss."

"I'm naked."

"The statement stands."

Jethro put on his best innocent look.

"Shit. Now I know I'm in trouble."

Holding up the lube, Jethro said, "I'm just going to slick you up, Tony."

Tony squinted at him, but didn't protest.

It was supposed to be a slow acting heat, but Jethro had never used this particular kind before and wasn't sure just how 'slow' it would be. He dribbled some over the hard cock between Tony's legs and waited a few seconds, but Tony just frowned at him, no change in the suspicious expression. Putting on the mitt again to make sure his hand didn't come into contact with the stuff, Jethro slowly worked the lube into Tony's shaft until his lover groaned in pleasure, hips arching into the contact.

Until, all of a sudden, Tony froze in place. His eyes snapped open and he howled, "What did you do!?"

Jethro burst out laughing, unable to help himself as Tony wriggled helplessly in his bonds.

"Gibbs! Damn it! Not funny!" Tony exclaimed, moaning and thrusting in a vain attempt to cool his skin with the limited range of motion.

Still chuckling, Jethro grabbed the bowl of water with its facecloth and generously cleaned his lover's abused dick. When he was done, Tony glared full-tilt at him and Jethro promised, "No more tricks, Tony, honest."

"You think I'm still putting out after that?" Tony demanded incredulously.

Jethro picked up a cooling cream and held it up as a peace offering. "This will make it all better."

"Let me see the damn label."

Manfully keeping the laughter stifled, Jethro brought the cream up so Tony could read it and got a grudging nod of acceptance. He poured some on his hand and slicked up Tony's cock with it. A telling sign was that the shaft had stayed hard through the whole thing and was now, leaking as Jethro massaged the cream down around the balls. Pressing lightly on the perineum provoked a moan of pleasure from Tony and Jethro put his other hand into play stroking the cock.

Tony's breath stuttered, his eyes closed and his mouth open as he concentrated on the sensations Jethro gave him. It was a sight that never failed to arouse Jethro and this time was no exception. Bending down, he sucked on each nipple in turn while his hands continued their light caresses. The cream was, unfortunately, not edible, so he couldn't give Tony a blowjob, but there were other ways to get them both off.

Deciding on good, old-fashioned humping, Jethro moved between Tony's legs and took his hands away. Tony's eyes opened, accusing, but Jethro lined up their cocks and started thrusting in a slow, heavy rhythm that had them closed again in seconds. Deciding they'd both been teased enough, he increased the friction by adding a hand, vaguely grateful he kept in such good shape, and Tony gasped, thrusting up against him. It didn't take long to come, after that, and Jethro groaned as his semen joined Tony's on his lover's abs and chest.

Dropping to the side, Jethro sighed, sated and content as he stretched. At least until Tony's innocent question...

" time, I get to play, right?"