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Title: Raspberries and Coffee Beans
By: carinascott
Pairing: Gibbs/Dinozzo
Fandom: NCIS
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: Don't own, just having a bit of fun.
Authorís note: Just something I thought of after seeing this pic: Mark-Harmon-and-Cote-de-Pablo-TVGuide-Photoshoot-ncis-8852350-450-368.jpg
Also, the recipes mentioned in this fic can be found here: and here:


Tony frowned as he looked around the kitchen. "Where the hell..." he mumbled as he searched frantically for the bowl of raspberries he could've sworn he'd placed on the counter. Looking in the fridge once more, he sighed explosively before stalking over to the door leading down to the basement. "Jethro!"

Gibbs burst through the door moments later, gun at the ready, "Tony?! You okay?" he asked holstering his weapon when he saw no one else in the room.

"No I'm not! Where the hell is the bowl of raspberries I placed on the counter not ten minutes ago? Please don't tell me you ate them all." Gibbs had been sneaking into the kitchen all morning, stealing treats here and there, when Tony wasn't looking, but Tony knew he had a real soft spot for the little berries.

At least Gibbs had the wherewithal to look ashamed when he sighed, and nodded at his lover, "I'm sorry Tony. I couldn't help it."

Tony frowned, shaking his head. "I swear, if I didn't love you, you'd so get an earful right now."

Gibbs walked over to his lover, wrapping his arms around Tony's waist, nuzzling at his neck, "I could make it up to you."

"Yes, you could. And you will," Tony stepped out of Gibbs embrace, "by going to the grocery store."

"But Tony, you know that the stores are crazy on Christmas Eve!"

"You should've thought about that before you stole my berries. It's for Jackson's favorite cake, so I need the berries, Gibbs. I want to make a good impression on your father on our first Christmas together as family. Now go, before they've picked over all the good stuff."

"Oh, he gets an entire cake, and I get griped at for eating a bowl of raspberries," Gibbs grumbled as he bounded upstairs to get bundled up and ready to face the bitter cold outside.

Chuckling to himself, Tony turned back to the oven to check on his pumpkin pies. Five minutes later, he startled at the feel of strong arms around his waist. Turning in the embrace, Tony moaned as Gibbs took his mouth in a deep kiss.

"I'm sorry about the raspberries. I know you want everything to be perfect. Iím sure my Dad will love everything youíve done, Tony."

Smiling, Tony shrugged, "I hope so. And you donít have to apologize, I know you can't resist that sweet tooth of yours."

"Yeah, well I only get to really indulge once or twice a year. Anyway, I'm about to brave the masses, you need anything else while I'm out?"

Tony didn't even try to stop him when Gibbs leaned around him and grabbed a warm banana muffin off the cooling tray. "Yeah, just a few things. 2 bags of chocolate chips. And a bag of espresso beans. I checked the freezer, but we're nearly out."

Gibbs smiled, "Chocolate chips and espresso beans? Does that mean?"

Rolling his eyes, "Of course it does. You didn't think I'd go through all of this trouble making Jackson's favorite cake and not make your favorite cookies."

Laughing into the joyous kiss Gibbs gave him before he all but bounced out of the door, Tony couldn't help the warm and happy feeling that settled over him. As a child he'd never really looked forward to celebrating Christmas, knowing that his parents would spend most of the time arguing with each other and ignoring him. And he knew that after Kelly and Shannon died, Gibbs usually worked on the holiday, his only acknowledgement of the day in the gifts he dropped off to Abby, Ducky, and Mrs. Mallard. And even when theyíd gotten together over two years ago, Christmas wasnít really celebrated. They exchanged gifts and all that, and allowed Abby to drag them to her house for dinner, but that was it. They didnít really participate in the holiday or the usual traditions.

But this year was different. With Jackson back in Gibbsí life, and the two working hard to mend fences, Tony wanted this to feel like a real family Christmas. Gibbs had indulged him and didnít complain once as he helped Tony decorate the house and put up lights outside. But heíd adamantly refused to help in the kitchen, save for cooking the turkey and ham, leaving everything to Tony. Tony hadnít cooked so much at one time in his entire life, but he knew that his grandmother would be happy to know that all her lessons when he was a boy hadnít been wasted.

Glancing around the kitchen, Tony knew there was nothing else he could do until Jethro returned from the store.

Pouring a mug of coffee, he retired to the living room, taking a seat in the overstuffed chair next to the roaring fireplace. Watching the lights on the Christmas tree flicker about, Tony sighed happily, humming Christmas carols softly as he awaited Gibbsí return.