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Title: Red Light
By: lil-jei
Pairing: pre-slash Tony/unknown male
Fandom: NCIS
Rating: PG
Disclaimer:Not Mine.


Tony hadn't gone out dancing in such a long time. The week had finally finished and for once, he wasn't on call. Ziva and McGee had that pleasure this weekend. When Gibbs let him go early, he just about had a heart attack right there. Fate was on his side for once, the odds were obviously in his favor. It had been so long since he'd been laid.

But it was even longer since he'd hooked up with a man. Working for the military definitely had its downsides not including the crap pay and the bastardly bosses he had to put up with. "Why do I stay? Ugh..." he muttered quietly barely heard under the pounding beats of the music. He continues to sway with the music, it felt so good to finally let go. He was looking to score and he didn't want to leave the bar alone. Male or female it didn't truly matter, really it didn't but god did he want cock.

Sex was great, especially when he needed it this bad but he had hopes to find some man on man action, well there wasn't a hope for him if he didn't get on the floor. Grabbing his shot, he chases it down with a beer as he pushes through the crowd to the very epicenter of the musical orgy he was being presented with.