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Title: Colors of the Season
By: angstytimelord
Pairing: Jimmy Palmer/Tim McGee
Fandom: NCIS
Rating: PG-13
Table: Holiday Non-Bingo, tv_universe
Prompt: 21, Red & Green
Disclaimer: This is entirely a product of my own imagination, and I make no profit from it. I do not own the lovely Jimmy Palmer or Tim McGee, unfortunately, just borrowing them for a while. Please do not sue.


"I love all the Christmas colors," Jimmy said with a happy sigh.

Tim nodded in agreement, a smile curving his lips. He, too, loved seeing all of the red and green that seemed to be all over the place at this time of year.

"I love the silver and gold decorations, too," Jimmy continued. "There's just something about Christmas that makes me feel like everything is bursting with color."

"Don't forget all of the brightly wrapped packages," Tim pointed out. "It's hard not to notice those!" he added with a laugh. There were already what seemed like a ton of packages underneath their Christmas tree at home, for each other and for all of their friends.

"All the colors of the season!" Jimmy said with a soft laugh. But I especially like the red and green. They've always been two of my favorite colors, and I like seeing them combined."

"There's just something special about the Christmas season, isn't there?" Tim agreed, sliding an arm around Jimmy's slim waist as they ambled through the park.

It felt good to spend the day walking around, taking in the sights, Tim thought.

Jimmy seemed to be coming out his self-imposed shell more during the Christmas season; Tim felt that the joy around hijm was doing a great deal to bring him back to life.

He only hoped that his boyfriend would still be like this after the holidays were over. He didn't want Jimmy to slide back into the depression that had been hanging over him.

He couldn't blame Jimmy for being depressed, but at the same time, he desperately wanted his boyfriend to be able to put what had happened behind him and think of their future together. Jimmy was doing that, but to Tim, the process was agonizingly slow.

But the Christmas season seemed to be exacerbating that process. Jimmy was happier and more animated than he had been in months, and Tim was glad to see it.

He loved seeing his boyfriend so excited over Christmas shopping, giggling as he carried his gifts for Tim into the bedroom and admonished him not to look while he was wrapping them.

It was wonderful to be able to share this season with the man he loved, Tim thought, smiling as he looked around them. It was his favorite time of the year; Christmas was so full of happiness and cheer, and he was lucky enough to have the man he loved by his side.

This was the second Christmas they'd spent together, and the year between the two holiday seasons had seemed to fly by. So much had happened, both good and bad.

Tim was determined that their next year together would be a good one, a year when Jimmy could throw off the chains of the past and fully embrace their future as a couple.

It wouldn't be easy, but they were getting there, slowly but surely.

Some children passed them, shrieking and laughing, all dressed in the red and green festive colors of the season. He smiled and pulled Jimmy closer against him as they walked along.

"Red and green," he said softly. "I think they're my favorite colors ever, especially at this time of year. There's just something about them that brings out the sentimental side of me."

"How about we take our sentimental selves to the nearest café and get a cappuccino to warm up?" Jimmy said, resting his head on Tim's shoulder. "I'm getting so cold I can hardly feel my feet! I love walking in the park, but this time of year, I can't stay out too long."

"That sounds like a great idea to me, baby," Tim agreed with a soft laugh. "I can barely feel my toes, and I'm pretty sure neither of us wants to get frostbite!"

Their footsteps quickening, the two men turned towards the entrance to the park, heading for the café across the street, both of them smiling at the red and green Christmas lights blinking in the windows.

Those colors of the season made the place look all the more warm and inviting.