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Title: Slave
By: nancy
Pairing: Abby/Ziva & Tony/Gibbs
Fandom: NCIS/JAG
Rating: AO
Warnings: voyeruism, m/m and f/f sex, D/s, kink, NC18
Summary: Abby shows Ziva how a proper slave should act.


Ziva had three distinct personalities, but only two ever saw the light of day outside the bedroom: take-charge-Ziva, and attention-seeking-Ziva. These encompassed a variety of smaller facets, of course, but for all intents and purposes, that was what the world saw of Ziva David. There was a third major personality, but only two people had ever seen it and one of them was now dead: submissive-Ziva.

Abby had gained this knowledge of her slave over the last several weeks, taking the woman as hers about three months after the agent had joined NCIS. It had been easier than she’d expected, but then, guilty people often wanted not to think about anything, most especially their guilt. Something that Gibbs had pointed out to her one night when they’d been chatting about Abby’s lonely social life. He hadn’t given details, but he’d said just enough to point her in the right direction.

And now the former first class Mossad agent, feared interrogator, and respected NCIS agent knelt silently on the bed, waiting for orders.

Ignoring the other woman, Abby walked over to the large television facing the bed and popped in the dvd that she’d made earlier that night, picking up the remote as she went. Walking over to the bed, she gazed hit the Play button and a clear image of a nude Tony in the same position appeared on the screen. He was also on a bed, hands folded behind his back, head down, his cock hard.

Ziva startled minutely at the sight, but didn’t otherwise move.

“I’m not the only one who has a little pet on the team,” Abby said, enjoying the sight of Tony. “Although I have to admit that Tony is way better trained than you are. I don’t think you’re even trying half the time.”

Opening her mouth to protest, Ziva caught herself at the last second.

Abby smirked. “Good choice.”

Gibbs appeared on screen just then, not taking any notice of the cameras that he knew were present. He was dressed in worn jeans, but that was it. One of his hands trailed down Tony’s back...

“You’re going to love this, boy,” Jethro murmurs to his slave. “Relax and close your eyes.”

            Tony’s eyes close and he sighs deeply, relaxing consciously.

            Jethro smiles at the sight and orders, “Hands and knees.”

Bending forward almost immediately, Tony assumes the position with an ease that comes of long practice.

Slapping Ziva hard on the ass, Abby ordered, “On your hands and knees, girl.”

Ziva obeyed with barely a hesitation, better than she’d been doing in the past, so Abby didn’t feel the need to correct her. Yet. Echoing the movement of Gibbs on the screen, she went to her toy chest off to the side and pulled out a paddle. When she returned, Abby was amused to see Ziva’s eyes were glued to the screen, her mouth gaping open slightly.

“Never seen two men fuck before?” Abby questioned.

Shaking her head, Ziva answered softly, “No, Mistress.”

“Does it repulse you?”

“I...don’t know.”

Honest, which was good.

“Are you uncomfortable?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

Good, Abby thought silently, then got into position to begin the paddling. “Count them off in time with Tony.”

Abby brought the paddle down the same time as Gibbs. She’d already viewed the recording three times, getting off the first two times and then studying it the third. Neither slave knew they were being recorded and when Abby’s session with Ziva was done, Gibbs would get a copy to show Tony. They both enjoyed the embarrassment factor of their respective slaves and making life at work just a little more interesting.

Tony shudders every time the paddle hits him, but faithfully continues to count in a pained cry, “Fifteen! Sixteen! Seventeen!”

Jethro listens to the sweet sound of his slaves torment, bringing the paddle down in hard, even-handed blows.

“Twenty-nine! Thirty!”

Surveying the panting, shaking man on his bed, Jethro thinks a moment, then sets the paddle down thinking, It’ll be interesting to see just how red Ziva gets when she goes through the same thing. Wonder just how much she can take?

Bringing his thoughts back to the slave before him, Jethro picks up the plug and pushes it into Tony’s without pause or mercy. And if a shiver of arousal goes through him at the thought of Ziva plugged in the same way, who’s to know?

Ziva cried softly in pain as the plug was finally locked deep in her body, but that was to be expected. They hadn’t done much ass-play as yet, though Abby had forced her to wear a plug for an entire day the week before and then fucked her that night. Listening to the reluctant sounds of need mixed with straight-out pain had been an aphrodisiac that Abby had been high from for hours after. She was too good to cause permanent damage and reinforcing Ziva’s conditioning had proven too pleasurable to pass up.

Climbing onto the bed, anticipating the next part with a heavy throb in her clit, Abby stretched out behind Ziva and got comfortable on the mound of pillows, spreading her legs. “Turn around and eat me out, bitch.”

Ziva did as she was told immediately, stretching out flat to get true access to Abby’s cunt. She moaned, a hurt sound, the plug shifting inside her bigger than the two that she’d taken before.

“You should be thankful that Gibbs was thinking of you,” Abby told her, sighing as Ziva’s tongue licked along her pussy. “If he’d just started fucking Tony, then that’s what I would’ve done to you.”

There was no answer as Ziva’s tongue kept busy licking and tickling Abby’s clit.

Hands tightening in Tony’s hair, Jethro does his best not to move as Tony sucks his cock. It’s such an incredible sensation, each and every time, that he still has a hard time believing he was Tony’s first male lover. Certainly Tony’s first Master, though that tidbit wasn’t at all a surprise. Pushing the slave off, Jethro growls, “Grab the headboard.”

Tony struggles to obey, lost in the sensation of sucking his Master’s cock, crawling beside him to grip the metal headboard.

“Spread your knees.”

Tony obeys.

Jethro takes the crop that’s on the bedside table and then leans in close, whispering, “Count, bitch.”

“One!” Tony shouts, clearly in pain, body jerking at the vicious lashing that begins. “Two! Three!”

Jethro loses himself in his slave’s cries.

When the lashing was done, Ziva could barely kneel upright, clinging to the headboard with a fortitude that surprised Abby. Rolling off the bed, doubting that the slave would notice a bomb going off just then, she picked up the double-headed dildo and hummed in satisfaction as she stepped into the harness, pushing it inside. It wasn’t too thick or too long, filling her just right, though it would be just a little too big for Ziva to take comfortably. Abby had been surprised to learn that the sexually aggressive agent had been a façade. She played with it a few times, fucking herself briefly before climbing back on the mattress.

It took a few tries to get Ziva on her back, legs spread, but Abby was feeling generous. Her slave didn’t have the same kind of training, or the natural inclination for pain, that Tony did. Kneeling between Ziva’s thighs, Abby slowly finger-fucked her, pleased to find a wet cunt waiting. “Starting to enjoy this, aren’t you, bitch? The pain feels good to you now, doesn’t it?”

Ziva moaned in need, hips moving in counterpoint to Abby’s fingers.

“Look at me.”

Blinking at her, dazed, Ziva seemed to have a hard time doing just that, lost in the fire that was her ass and the back of her thighs. Abby waited patiently, even though she could hear Tony’s needy cries as Gibbs fucked him in a hard, steady rhythm on the television. When dark eyes finally met hers, Abby pushed her silicone cock into Ziva’s cunt, causing the other woman’s eyes to water as she whimpered in pain. Abby didn’t stop until she was buried in her slave to the hilt, then leaned down on her elbows and bit her ear before saying, “Get ready for the ride of your life, bitch.”

Ziva moaned as Abby went back on her hands and started fucking her.

Tony’s cries are nearly continuous now, a sound that drives Jethro crazy, provoking him to move harder and faster into the tight hole under him. He’s got the slave exactly where he wants him; on his back with his legs pushed up over Jethro’s shoulders, hands twisting into the blanket to keep still, and his ass at just the right angle to go as deep as humanly possible.

A cock ring nestles at the base of his shaft and Jethro knows that he can go all night long if he wants. It’s a temptation, he lives to fuck this man, but he knows that Tony needs a release, which he won’t find if that happens. The slave has been conditioned not to come unless A) Jethro has, or B) he has permission. Tonight, Jethro gave him permission to come ahead of time, letting Tony know that when Jethro came, he could.

Stopping with his dick partway out of Tony’s body, Jethro undoes the ring and tosses it aside. He moans in need at the rushing of blood through his cock and shoves down hard into his slave. It’s almost brutal, the way he humps into Tony, but it hurtles them both towards orgasm at a shocking rate.

“Master, Master, oh please, please, come, please come,” Tony moans repeatedly, body shaking violently with restraint.

The ragged begging tilts the scales and Jethro shouts his release, slamming into Tony and grinding down into his hole. Hot, heavy come splatters against his chest and Jethro pries his eyelids open to see Tony’s mouth open in a silent scream of orgasm, come spurting over them both while Jethro’s seed goes as deep into Tony as it can.

Jerking a few times, the last of his come spilling from him, Jethro collapses onto his slave, panting harshly, breath like fire in his lungs. Tony’s legs fall to the side and his arms surround Jethro, holding tight, clinging really, as he sobs in a different kind of release.

Jethro lets him find the peace he needs, nuzzling at Tony’s throat and murmuring soothing words.

Ziva’s hips bucked as Abby fucked her, mouth open and panting, eyes clenched shut tightly as she strove not to come. Difficult to do, given the dildo slamming into her and Abby’s fingers rubbing her clit. They’d changed positions and now Ziva was on her hands and knees with Abby fucking her from behind. Abby saw every change of expression in the now-black screen of the television, the dvd long since over and turned into a reflective surface.

Every so often, she stopped entirely and fucked Ziva’s ass with the plug, bringing the slave from pleasure, back to pain. It dragged things out delightfully and gave her the wicked opportunity to watch as Ziva’s flesh clung to the plug on the out-strokes. Abby itched to pull it out altogether and fuck Ziva with the dildo until she, herself, came, leaving Ziva to beg and plead fruitlessly for her own release, but it wasn’t on the plan.

Maybe next time.

Hunched over Ziva’s back, Abby bit sharply at her ear and ordered, “Come, bitch, do it now, or you don’t do it at all.”

It took only two more slams of the dildo for Ziva to wail out her pleasure to the sound-proofed walls. Abby quickly pushed her down onto the mattress and humped into her, seeking her own pleasure and finding it in fairly short order. It was the knowledge that Gibbs and Tony would be watching her and Ziva watch them that pushed her over the edge.

Collapsing utterly on her slave’s back, stretching in contentment, Abby lay there a few minutes to catch her breath. She finally pulled free of Ziva with a slick sound a few minutes later. Withdrawing the plug from her slave’s ass, feeling slightly evil, Abby rolled them onto their sides and spooned up behind Ziva, feeding the dildo into the other woman’s ass and causing her to stiffen in pain. Abby bit lightly at her slave’s shoulder and sighed deeply, relaxing at the comfortable sensation of being filled.

By the time morning came, Ziva would definitely be stretched enough that Abby could slick up the dildo again and start another recording for Gibbs and Tony.