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Title: I Smiled
By: Kez
Pairing: Gibbs/DiNozzo
Fandom: NCIS
Rating: AO
Series: Nope
Category: PWP
Summary: Kate: How'd you get into NCIS? / Tony: I smiled.
Disclaimer: I don't own them... I only wish... then at least I'd be getting paid for the sleepless nights these two have been giving me lately.
Notes: I know, I know, I was supposed to be working on Care pt 4, I have been honestly. But I was looking at NCIS quotes, and this one... well... it just begged to be written...
Warnings: Only of the, this is pointless smut variety...
Archiving: Yeasureyabetcha
Beta: Nope. Why someone wanna volunteer? It's not that hard a job really, I only write in oh... 40+ pairings in 20+ fandom's... see that's not much at all ;)


//Kate: How'd you get into NCIS?
Tony: I smiled.//

Anthony DiNozzo swaggered; yes Gibbs was sure he was swaggering, into the office he was using for interviews.

His paperwork said he'd worked for Baltimore PD. His references were nothing but glowing. But Gibbs didn't like the swagger.

"Mr. DiNozzo, take a seat." Gibbs said.

"Thanks, oh and please, call me Tony." DiNozzo smiled, an easy smile, with twinkling eyes.

Gibbs didn't like him. Really he didn't. Except for the smile, and the eyes, and he had to admit, the swagger drew attention to another attribute Gibbs was sure he might like, if he liked DiNozzo, and he didn't. He didn't care how good looking the man was.

"Mr. DiNozzo..." Gibbs continued. Because calling him Tony was too close to sounding like he liked him. And damn if the name didn't fit the man, it rolled of the tongue, easy, just like the man himself.

DiNozzo answered every question Gibbs threw at him with ease. Damn the man, he was the best candidate Gibbs had seen so far. But Gibbs didn't want to hire him, because DiNozzo smiled at him. Smiled at him like no one had smiled at him in quite some time, not since ex-wife number 3 had stomped her high heels and walked out the door.

"That's all Mr. DiNozzo. We'll be in touch." Gibbs said. And he was really proud of himself, because not once in the interview had he allowed his mind, or his eyes, to wander where they shouldn't.

Of course, the problem with DiNozzo leaving is that he had to stand up, and Gibbs couldn't miss the bulge in his trousers.

DiNozzo just grinned sheepishly. That damn twinkle still in his eye. And Gibbs knew he was reacting, and was damn glad he was sitting down, because otherwise DiNozzo would know too.

"I ah... hope this... won't affect my chances of getting the job." DiNozzo said. And he sounded so sincere, except that instead of moving away from the desk and towards the door he was moving around the desk towards Gibbs.

"No." Gibbs barked. It was harsher than he meant to sound, but he couldn't help it, the man was too close.

"Good. Because I really want this job." DiNozzo said, his voice husky. And Gibbs knew if the man didn't leave now he couldn't be held responsible for his actions, and DiNozzo didn't seem inclined to leave as he slid easily onto the edge of the desk, sitting, legs casually apart, giving Gibbs an excellent idea of just what was hiding under the trousers he was wearing.

Gibbs KNEW it was a bad idea. Knew it right down to his boots, but DiNozzo was so close, and he was smiling that slow, easy smile, and Gibbs could think of only one way to wipe that smile of his face, so he did it.

He stood up, and kissed him.

Hard, and hot, and heavy, and he didn't wait for permission to shove his tongue into that mouth, that mouth that had been driving him crazy with that smile, he just took it, tasting every bit of it he could reach.

DiNozzo let him, let him take, let him touch, and shuddered against him as he came over Gibbs hand.

And Gibbs was still hard, and breathing heavily, and DiNozzo pushed him backwards, into the chair, and tugging, until Gibbs dick was bobbing in front of him, because swallowing it whole.

Gibbs was impressed. Because it had been a long time since someone had done that. And it felt fucking amazing.

Hot, and wet, and slippery, and DiNozzo knew just when to suck harder, and when to slow down, and Gibbs was sure he was going to have a heart attack if he didn't come soon. But if he would have he'd never know, because DiNozzo gave a final swirl of his tongue around the head, before pulling Gibbs back into his throat with such force Gibbs had to bite his lip to stop from screaming.

And Gibbs was sure DiNozzo couldn't still be smiling, but when he finally did open his eyes, there he was, eyes twinkling, lips tugged into that same damn smile.

"I'll be waiting for your call." DiNozzo said, kissing him, letting him taste himself, before he left.

And Gibbs was still sitting there, trousers undone, still half hard and all he could think of was that damn infuriating smile.

Anthony DiNozzo started work at NCIS two weeks later.