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Title: Sneak Attack
By: nancy
Pairing: Tony/Gibbs
Fandom: NCIS
Rating: R
Summary: Gibbs has definitely perfected the art of the sneak attack.


One thing that Gibbs had mastered over the years was the skill of a sneak attack. Tony knew that and yet it didn't stop him from lowering his guard around the man. He'd gotten more head smacks from the man's sneaky ways than probably anyone on the planet. Despite that, the knowledge didn't stop him from lounging on the sofa watching football and waiting for pizza to arrive on a hot Saturday afternoon.

The first that he noticed something not right was the lack of noise from the basement during a kitchen run. Tony quirked his head that way and listened, but couldn't hear the radio anymore. He walked over to the top of the basement stairs and called, "Boss? You okay down there?"

When there was no answer, Tony frowned and walked halfway down, but didn't see any sign of the other man. Frowning in earnest, he finished walking downstairs and took a good look around the empty basement.

"What the hell?" he muttered, scratching his head. "Gibbs?"

Hands unexpectedly pushed him forward, coming from nowhere, and Tony found himself pressed against the half-finished boat hull.

Gibbs rubbed against him from behind and ordered, "Turn around, DiNozzo."

Smirking, Tony did as he was told, commenting, "Is that a sanding block in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?"

Blue eyes rolled in exasperation and Gibbs told him, "Keep your mouth shut, or I'll change my mind."

Tony was about to ask what about, when Gibbs dropped to his knees. He watched, mouth drying, as Gibbs slowly unbuckled his belt and then unbuttoned and unzipped Tony's pants. All the while, his face was right there at Tony's crotch, close enough that he could imagine feeling the hot breath through the pants' fabric.

Then the pants were gone, along with his briefs, and Gibbs was just right there and Tony really could feel his hot breath. Shivering, Tony leaned back against the boat, grateful for its sturdiness, and waited for Gibbs to close the distance. He groaned when Gibbs teased him with short, little licks, the sensation feather-light and sensitizing in the extreme. It was a torture so heartfelt that Gibbs could reduce him to begging within minutes, something he absolutely hated.

Which Gibbs knew, the bastard.

"Gibbs, please," he moaned at last.

The evil grin on the man's face told Tony that that part of his mission had been accomplished, but Tony was too focused on the wet heat now surrounding his shaft to really care. Later. He would get revenge later. There wasn't much hair to grab hold of, so Tony's hands curved over Gibbs' head, guiding but not forcing.

Fingers slid between and around his balls, toying with them and then sliding and pressing against the space behind. Tony shuddered in need, legs spreading and weight leaning evermore on the boat for support. Gibbs went all the way down on him, sucking hard enough to melt his brain, and Tony's fingers tightened on Gibbs' head as his breath hitched.

It was too good to last and Tony moaned out his orgasm only a couple of minutes later, spilling down Gibbs' throat and sagging against the wood completely.

"You look good like that," Gibbs observed, sounding far too smug and rational.

Tony blinked away the fog of orgasm and managed a lazy grin as he replied, "Feel good like this, too."

Gibbs chuckled. "I bet you do."

Mission, apparently, accomplished.