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Title: Theme Song
By: nancy
Pairing: Tony/Gibbs
Fandom: NCIS
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: shmoop and sex.
Summary: Tony finds his and Gibbs' theme song.


Jethro looked up from his book at the opening of the door and hid a grin as Tony practically danced, no wait, he was dancing inside the hall and down to the living room. Shaking his head, he asked, "DiNozzo, what are you doing?"

"I, have found our theme song," Tony announced with pride.

"Theme song?"

"Yeah, you know, Ally McBeal!"

He really hated it when Tony went pop culture on him. "DiNozzo..."

"No, seriously Boss, you gotta hear this. And stay right there. Don't move while the show's going on."

Show? This could be bad.

But the look in Tony's eyes warned Jethro not to move so he set aside the book and crossed his arms over his chest, settling back on the sofa to wait. Tony slid a cd into the stereo and turned it on, flipping up the volume to 'disrespectful of the neighbors,' so he protested, "Too loud, Tony!"

Eyes rolling, Tony downed it a couple of notches and hit play. A nice beat with guitar filled the air and people started talking...and Tony's hips started swaying. Enthralled by the graceful slide of Tony across the living room floor, Jethro was hard pressed to listen to the lyrics, but when he did, he had to stifle a laugh. They did indeed fit the two of them, though theme song might be stretching things a bit.

It's been three days since I screamed and hung up on ya.

And all I wanted was to hold you tight.

I'm sorry baby never meant to be mean to you,

And I hope you call me back tonight.

You're hesitating 'cause you don't want another fight,

I promise baby it'll be all right.

Truth is all I'm doin' is missin ya, thinking about when I'm gonna see you.

And now Tony's hips weren't the only things moving, causing Jethro's throat to dry rapidly as the younger man started unbuttoning his shirt in a grinning strip-tease. The shirt was tossed at him and he caught it, inhaling the scent of sweat and Tony, one of his favorite smells. Jethro slouched down in the sofa, watching intently as Tony brought his t-shirt up and over, exposing his muscled abs and bare skin to toss that at Jethro, too.

Hey baby when I see you, I'm gonna love you all over the place

Hey baby when I see you, I'm gonna kiss you all over your face.

The lip-synching was killing him and Jethro couldn't not laugh at the sight of Tony earnestly, but silently, crooning to him and a woman's scratchy voice being the only thing heard. Blue eyes were sparkling as Tony continued to move sensuously to the music. Jethro loved to dance, but he had nothing on one Tony DiNozzo, that was for damned sure.

It's been three days since you screamed and hung up on me.

And all you wanted was to hold me tight.

Now you're calling to say hey and make up with me,

But I think I need a little more time.

I'm hesitating cause I don't want another fight.

And I want to learn to be all right

Truth is all I'm doing is missing ya, thinking about when I'm gonna see you.

Hey baby when I see you, I'm gonna love you all over the place

Hey baby when I see you, I'm gonna kiss you all over your face.

The laughter died as Tony's hands slid down to his belt buckle, undoing it and then the zipper. He...shimmied...out of his pants, toeing off his shoes and then kicking all of the excess away. Dressed now only in boxers and socks, the sight endearing and hot and 100% Tony DiNozzo, Jethro's cock stirred with more than simple interest. His hand started rubbing as he watched Tony spin and give him a 'come-hither' gesture that Jethro was sure was from some movie that he'd never seen, but stayed put.

Tony smirked at his refusal to move and ran his hands over his body, slow and easy to the changed pace of the song, stroking himself through the thin fabric of the boxers. Jethro groaned at the intent look in Tony's eyes, his own cock now hard and demanding more attention than just the hand currently on it.

Dance with me, love me some more, better than, slamming doors

Spread your love, all over my face, when I see you.

And then the tantalizing hands were gone with the renewed fast beat and Tony was just dancing again. Just dancing. Seemed far too inadequate a description for the way Tony moved, his body incredible in the space between them.

Hey baby when I see you, I'm gonna love you all over the place

Hey baby when I see you, I'm gonna kiss you all over your face.

And finally, the boxers were gone too, leaving his entire body bare to Jethro's gaze. Which was entirely too much skin to leave alone, had to be Rule #1, or would be shortly, and Jethro was on him. Gripping Tony's hair, he pulled the taller man down for a deep, hungry kiss, to which Tony responded just as fiercely. He backed the other up against the wall, not relinquishing control of the kiss one bit as his devoured his willing victim.

Tony's hands were on his belt and unzipping him while the kiss went on and on, and Jethro groaned in relief when his cock was freed, then again in need as Tony started jacking him. Finally breaking the kiss, he pulled back enough to flip his lover around, facing the wall, and dropped to his knees.

Tony gasped and pushed back against the invading tongue. "Oh fuck yeah! God, more, Gibbs!"

Growling in satisfaction at the breathless quality of voice and the eager spreading of Tony's legs, Jethro renewed his efforts to drive Tony as insane with want as he'd already done to Jethro. It wasn't until Tony was constantly groaning that he pushed two fingers inside and loosened him even further.

Standing, he covered Tony with his body and slowly pushed his cock inside. They both moaned at the entry and Jethro nuzzled at his lover's throat, muttering, "You drive me nuts, DiNozzo."

A short laugh escaped and Tony answered, "Tit for tat, Boss!"

Jethro's answer was to start up the fast and driving rhythm that in no way matched the music still playing. He realized vaguely that Tony must have hit 'repeat,' because the same song was still playing, but was too focused on the body under him to pay it any real attention. His hands roamed the broad chest, combing through the chest hair to tweak the hard nipples, pinching them lightly and provoking a groan and a thrust back on his cock that caused him to gasp.

Tit for tat, every God damned time, after all, and Jethro wouldn't change that a bit.

Mouthing Tony's shoulder, Jethro humped into his body, feeling the orgasm approach with startling quickness. He was usually good for a lot longer than this, but the strip-tease had gotten him hotter than he'd thought. Panting, he warned, "Gonna come, Tony, gotta!"

Tony moaned and nodded frantically with, "Do it, come in me, Boss, fill me up!"

The words pushed him over and Jethro came with a choked off cry, slamming into Tony one last time and spilling inside him. He felt the younger man shudder and jerk and the splash of come hit his hand on Tony's abs. Leaning completely on his lover, Jethro's forehead rested on Tony's shoulder as he collected himself.

Sighing deeply, contentment flushed through his body, Jethro carefully pulled out of his lover and was treated to the sight of Tony's sated expression when he turned around. His grin lacked some of its usual force, telling Jethro the other was well and truly spent, as Tony announced, "Remind me to do that more often."

Jethro chuckled and tugged him into a tight hug that morphed into a lazy make-out session. When he pulled back, Jethro smirked and gestured to the come-splattered wall, informing him, "Your mess, you clean it up, DiNozzo."

Tony's mouth opened in indignant protest.

* * * *

"What're you humming?"

Kate's curious question took Jethro by surprise and he looked at her sternly with, "I don't hum."

"Yes you do. I just heard you," she countered, arching an eyebrow at him.

Tony piped up with, "I didn't hear anything."

Looking at Tony would be a mistake because he could practically feel the grin on the younger man's face at having caught Jethro humming their 'theme song,' at work. Keeping a stern look on Kate, he repeated, "I said, I don't hum. Do you need more work?"

Kate snorted and shook her head, returning to whatever report she'd been going over.

That was when Jethro did look at Tony. He had to look quickly away because the other man started dancing in his chair, a big grin in place, and Jethro's cock twitched in a Pavlovian response. Staring pointedly at his computer, he muttered direly, "Tit for tat, DiNozzo, just remember that."