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Title: The Ring
By: nancy
Pairing: Tony/Gibbs
Fandom: NCIS
Rating: AO
Warnings: DARKFIC!!! rape, violence, brutality
Summary: Tony vanishes and Gibbs tracks him into the violence of a human slavery ring. Fighting in the ring.


The drugs made it hard to think at all, never mind clearly. Tony knew that, but couldn't really wrap his mind around the fact. Nothing seemed to matter except the driving need to kick the shit out of his opponent. He grunted under the impact of the other man tackling him, shoulder to his gut, but immediately brought down his combined fists on the other's spine and heard a snarl of pain and fury in response.

Sweat and blood mingled, stinging the scratches and cuts delivered without hesitation to almost every part of his body. His muscles ached with exhaustion and his heart pumped way too fast and hard in his chest, making him think the drugs were having an unexpected side-effect. His lungs were the worst, though, burning like fire after such a long match this time. His opponent was damn good, a far cry better than all the others set against him.

Unlike his heart's speed, the erection hot and heavy between his legs was an expected side-effect of the drug. It was also part conditioning, since he'd yet to lose a fight. The winner fucked the loser, plain and simple, to the roar of the watching crowd. It was the ultimate humiliation and the ultimate high and drove the crowd to new heights of cheering. There'd been six before this guy and he'd fucked them all without mercy the moment they were down.

This guy, though, something about him, about his skills...Tony couldn't shake the sensation of wrongwrongwrong as blow followed blow. The barely there, silver buzz cut. Cold blue eyes. Anger etched into a hard face. A body with no give to it, pure muscle and accented by scars that declared a violent past of some kind. Every time they came together in a flurry of fists and kicks, something held Tony back from unleashing his full power. It wasn't mercy or conscience, not after everything that had gone before, it was...something indefinable...

And then it happened. In a split second of distraction, Tony's foot slipped on a patch of some kind of liquid thrown from above and down he went. The cold cement drove air from his lungs as the other man jumped him then and there. He strove to hold him off by gripping around the other's throat, but he just didn't have the leverage anymore. The rank smell of anger and sweat filled his nose and he felt the equally hard dick of his opponent on his stomach as he was first pinned and then his arm twisted, twisted hard enough for something to crack.

He cried out in pain, real pain, and rough hands flipped him onto his stomach without care. Tony's left arm splayed out at an unnatural angle, completely useless, but he tried to squirm out from under the other man despite the handicap. He knew all too well what was going to happen if he didn't get free.

Tony couldn't shake loose and when the hand clamped down on the back of his neck, he knew it was over. More pain, a different kind, as a thick cock forced its way inside him, breaching him hard and fast. Moaning with it, Tony panted through the agony of the rape, fingers scratching at the unyielding cement like any cornered animal. But then, completely unexpectedly, the man paused, stopping the drive to break Tony into a million pieces, giving him time, time to adjust, time to breathe.

The pain bought him clarity, at least a little, and he sent a prayer of thanks skyward as no further movement was forthcoming.

He adjusted.

He breathed.

And then, then was something even more unexpected, shocking even...

A kiss pressed between his shoulder blades just before the other began moving again. It was nothing like the rapes he'd committed while enthralled to the same drug, instead slow and almost easy. The will power of the man fucking him had to be incredible not to give in to the madness of dominance and aggression.

It went fast from rape to fucking to...something else...something that sent Tony's mind skittered far away from his surroundings. He could handle the violence without a problem. He could compartmentalize a rape or fucking until he convinced himself it had never happened. But this, this was something that scared him to his marrow and Tony renewed his struggle to get free. He couldn't, of course, and when the pleasure hit, he screamed in despair, knowing he was lost, lost to the shame and miasma of guilt and unlooked-for submission.

Strong, shallow thrusts as the other took him with a care that left him breathless. He wouldn't be left bloody and ruined, waiting for a doctor, not with this one in charge. For all that it had to look ferocious to the observer, Tony knew the difference; he felt it to his core.

Tony also felt the other man's come inside him, wet and deep while he ground in as far as his cock would go. Too far, too deep, reaching somewhere inside Tony that had never before been touched. He collapsed, still hard and aching, unable to fight anymore. The shouts of triumph and disappointment from the crowd that watched in the venue above them finally penetrated the harsh panting and low grunts.

Seconds later, he heard the clang of metal doors opening and knew it was over. As they were finally pulled apart and the guards hauled Tony to his feet, memory crashed down over him. His gaze locked onto Gibbs' where there was far too much self-awareness for the drug to have fully taken hold. He saw fear there, for the first time ever. He saw a bizarre mix of satisfaction and regret, shame and desire.

As the burly men dragged him out of the match-cage, Gibbs rushed them, but was fast subdued by two other, equally as large guards.

Tony shouted, "Boss! Boss, don't fight them! Save it!"

His last sight of Gibbs was of the other man held fast by the two guards, a snarl of pure rage on his face; the last thing he heard, his name in a shout of hopelessness that told him no backup would be coming. Gibbs had gotten this far on his own and neither of them would be escaping.

Tears leaked from Tony's eyes as the door closed, taking away that last sight and sealing their fates.


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