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Title: The Test
By: nancy
Pairing: Tony/Gibbs
Fandom: NCIS
Rating: R
Warning: serious kink
Summary: Gibbs gives Tony a test.


"Where's DiNozzo?" Kate asked, entering the conference room.

Jethro shook his head and lied, "No idea. But he better have a damn good explanation for missing this meeting when I get hold of him."

It was then that the expected hand on his zipper appeared and undid his pants before pulling out Jethro's half-hard cock. He'd gone commando today for this specific reason. It was a test to find out just how far Tony would obey him. Jethro needed to know just how much further they had to go in his training, how much more was needed until they were at the point where the young man would obey without question.

McGee arrived just then and reported, "I looked everywhere for him, Boss. Sorry."

Tony's tongue licked up Jethro's shaft at the second cue, and Jethro answered, "Don't worry about it, McGee. Take a seat. Where're Abby and Ducky?"

"Abby said that she didn't want to leave the experiment she was running, and Ducky was in the middle of autopsying Lieutenant Boulder," Kate explained.

Jethro frowned, both at Kate's response and the lackluster blowjob he was getting. So far, it had just been some tentative swipes of tongue up and down, nowhere near as good as DiNozzo was capable. He was clearly trying to avoid doing what he was told. Jethro leaned forward, laying one arm on the table and sliding the other beneath to grab hold of Tony's hair and pull him forward, hard. There was a hiss of air against his exposed skin, but no audible protest. To Kate, he ordered, "Tell Abby to get her butt up here. I said everyone and I mean everyone. Ducky's an exception for now."

Kate nodded and left the conference room.

Tony took Jethro's cock in his mouth, sucking on it and bobbing up and down in a pleasurable, but not too-fast, motion. He'd been ordered to make it last the entire meeting, which was expected to go for at least an hour, probably longer. Tony wasn't supposed to make him come until everyone else had left the room. It was a teleconference video call with three other branches regarding the latest in procedure regarding interrogation and detaining of suspected terrorists. Not something that Ducky or Abby technically needed to be present for, but Jethro liked all of his staff to be both well-rounded and up-to-date in areas outside their specialties.

Abby and Kate returned to the room only five minutes later, talking about colors for some reason.

"Totally purple," Abby said in an insistent voice.

Kate shook her head with a grin and pulled out a chair for Abby and ordered, "Sit before I tell Martha Stuart you're after her job."

"Ew! Kate!"

"All right, enough!" Jethro interrupted. "If everyone's ready? McGee, get the lights."

McGee scrambled to his feet and then got the remote to connect them to the meeting. It took a few minutes before greetings had been exchanged and the head of the Norfolk office to get into the stride of her presentation. Finally, though, Jethro could sit back and enjoy that hot, wet mouth on him. Tony had gotten into his stride, licking and sucking at him in slow, easy movements.

Time passed pretty quickly, since Jethro was forced to concentrate on the presentation and not the man beneath the table. He was pleasantly hard, but not aching, and leaking enough to give Tony something to swallow, especially after a good fifteen minutes. Every so often, he would reach below and take hold of the top of Tony's head, forcing him down all the way and holding him there for a few seconds, enjoying the total immersion into the tight, wet heat. He always let go fast enough that Tony didn't have to gasp for air, which would alert the others to what was going on.

The meeting ended a little over an hour after it had started and by then, Jethro needed to suppress the urge to pull Tony all the way down and let himself come. Once the lights were on, he looked over to find Abby asleep and shook his head, amused. "Kate. Wake Abby up and get her some caffeine would you? And whoever sees DiNozzo first, send him in here. I've got some paperwork to do and that better be the only interruption. Understood?"

There were hasty nods all around, as well as a sleepy one from Abby, and everyone left. When the door closed behind them, Tony moaned and started sucking hard and fast, deep-throating him over and over as if he couldn't get enough. Jethro stopped him, grabbing his hair and pulling him off as he rolled the chair back, out of reach.

"Please, please, need to taste you, please Master," Tony begged, straining against the hold on his hair to get to Jethro's cock.

"Stop!" Jethro barked.

Whimpering in need, Tony immediately fell forward on his face and waited.

Jethro caught his breath at the sight then ordered harshly, "Up and drop your pants, bend over the table."

Tony obeyed right away.

Jethro first went over to lock the door, then pulled out a small, very necessary key from his pants pocket on the walk back. It unlocked the tiny lock attached to a male variation of a chastity belt; a supple leather garment with a metal cage encasing Tony's semi-limp dick. He could get hard up to a point, but never hard enough to come. They used the belt on days when it was clear that they would only be in the office. There was too great a risk of discovery, if Tony got hurt on the job and he had to go to the hospital, or even if they had to split up during the course of a case. Jethro wouldn't put Tony at that kind of risk of exposure.

It was safer than a cockring, too, in that it didn't actually stop circulation; it just added enough pain when the confines grew too tight to bring the swelling cock back down. It could be left on all day, which was exactly what Jethro wanted. He'd slowly brought Tony down so that he came to Jethro for just about everything and now Tony had to come to him even to go to the bathroom. Jethro left the cage in place, but pulled down the leather to reveal Tony's still-pink ass and glistening hole. It looked like it had been well-lubed shortly before the meeting, as instructed.

Jethro hadn't been sure at the time if he would want Tony's ass, or mouth, but he knew now.

Pushing into the waiting body, Jethro fucked Tony hard and fast. It wasn't going to take much to come after all the stimulation he'd had. Tony groaned and whimpered beneath him, fingers white on the table as he fought to stay in place. It felt so good, drilling into the tight hole that clenched and unclenched around him, giving him more friction to work through. His balls drew up, his whole body focused on the one beneath him, and Jethro groaned as he came, stifling the sound against Tony's back. He filled his lover up to overflowing and then stayed there, undulating inside just for the sheer pleasure of it.

When he finally withdrew from Tony, he told Tony to stay put and moved to clean him up so that the leather wouldn't get damp. He didn't want Tony in that kind of discomfort, after all. Once the chastity belt was locked back up, he commanded, "Clean me off."

Tony instantly dropped to his knees and started sucking and licking him clean. It brought up a lazy desire to actually get sucked off this time, but Jethro quelled it. They'd taken enough time out of work already.

Once he was clean, Jethro tucked himself away and ordered, "Straighten out your clothes and wait ten minutes. I'll make sure the coast is clear for you to come out right then. Not a minute before, or after."

Tony's eyes darted down to look at his watch and he nodded.

Picking up the files of his supposed paperwork, Jethro left the conference room and started pondering what sort of punishment he should inflict for the uninspired beginning to Tony's efforts under the conference room table. It hadn't been a complete failure or success, so they would just have to work to make it better.

Jethro grinned.