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Title: Valentine's Day
By: nancy
Pairing: Tony/Gibbs
Fandom: NCIS
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Kate sees something that she shouldn't...Valentine's Day, Gibbs' style.


It was the moan that first caught Kate's attention, stopping her in place on her way to her car. At first, she thought someone was in trouble, but then it came again and there was no doubting the...caliber...of the groan. Flushing, Kate couldn't help but inch towards the source, curious as to who would risk being seen doing something intimate enough to cause that kind of sound.

Reaching a corner of the garage that she suddenly realized had a blind spot to cameras and passing cars or people, Kate slowly peeked around it. She jerked back in shock at the image seared into her mind: Tony with his shirt and pants undone, head lolling back against the cement wall as Gibbs jerked him off.

"That's it, do it Tony, come for me."

The words were soft, but intense, filled with a hunger that Kate had never before had cause to witness. A shiver ran through her and, even as she silently yelled at herself to leave, Kate peeked around the corner again.

Tony's face was contorted with agonized ecstasy, mouth open as he panted heavily, hips jerking hard to thrust his cock into Gibbs' hand.

Gibbs bodily pinned him to the wall, keeping control of Tony's otherwise writhing body that way. His lips were right at Tony's ear as he said, "I'm going to fuck you in the car, Tony, I'm going to turn you over the back seat and shove my cock up your ass so hard, you'll feel it in your throat, baby. You're not going to be able to move with me holding you down like that. You'll be completely helpless, just like you are now. I could do it right here in the open if I wanted to, couldn't I? You're so fucking easy, Tony, such a slut for me that you'd grab your ankles right now if I told you to, wouldn't you?"

The noise that came from Tony was about the sexiest thing that Kate had ever heard in her life, mingling absolute need with desperation and a touch of shame.

"But I want you to come now, come for me, Tony, do it now!"

Tony arched taut, his entire body freezing as come shot from his cock to fall onto the pavement and slick Gibbs' hand further. His eyes were clenched shut, his mouth wide-open in a soundless scream of release. Kate shuddered in arousal, wet and throbbing between her legs almost instantly at the sight. Licking dry lips, Kate hurriedly pulled back around the corner and walked swiftly from the scene of the crime, so to speak.

Once she reached her car, Kate unlocked it with trembling hands and mentally went through the roster of available men she'd dated recently. There was no way that she was going to spend Valentine's Day alone now, not after witnessing that.

"Kate! There you are!"

Groaning to herself at Abby's cheerful call, Kate tried not to squirm as she faced the other woman and forced a smile. "Hey, Abs, how are you?"

"Great! I was just about to start my anti-Vday party. You want to come over? It's me, several pints of Ben & Jerry's, pizza and beer. Possibly some weed, but don't tell Gibbs or he'll kill me," Abby answered with a wink.

Kate swallowed and said, "I don't know..."

"Oh come on, it'll be fun! Girls night in. You never know what could happen," Abby replied, eyes dark with promise.

And maybe it was just because Kate's mind was already in the gutter, but she thought there was more than just the promise of tv and ice cream in that gaze. Feeling reckless and bold, Kate said, "Sure. Why not?"

"Great! I'll pick up the pizza and meet you at my place. I've got a bunch I'm sure you'd like to play with!"

Kate watched her walk away, not entirely sure what that meant, but horny enough not to even care. Whatever Abby might have planned, she was going to get a surprise or two tonight from Kate.