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Title: Wanted
By: Kez
Pairing: Gibbs/DiNozzo
Fandom: NCIS
Rating: FRAO
Series: Nope
Category: Angst, smut, smush V
Summary: Gibbs liked feeling wanted...
Disclaimer: I don't own them. Not even a little, not even at all.
Notes: This is a 'penance' for my very horrible act in part 5 of the NCIS/SG-1 X-Over. Call it a bribe so that you'll remember why it's not a good idea to kill me - lol
Warnings: Nope.
Archiving: Yeasureyabetcha
Beta: Kudos go to the ever wonderful Lex. Who really deserves a medal, or at the very least a chocolate covered Tony, because being my beta requires a lot of patience.


Gibbs stood, one hand against the boat, head hung. He couldn't get the last few days out of his head.

Karen Wilkerson was the first person in a long time to look at him like... like 'that'. It was nice. Nice to flirt, nice to feel a warm body close to his own. It wasn't like he was in love with her - he barely knew her - but he'd enjoyed feeling... wanted. Now he wasn't sure if he even had been, and did it really matter anyway?

She'd killed a man, stolen drugs, probably was responsible for more than one death in the form of the drugs she'd helped put on the street.

Still, Gibbs couldn't help remembering how good she'd felt pressed between him at the boat, how she'd tasted when he'd kissed her, how she'd flirted and smiled. And Gibbs really wanted to forget all about it, but it'd opened a door that just wouldn't close, the door to that part of Gibbs mind that reminded him how alone he was... and now he couldn't seem to forget.

Gibbs' hands ran over the side of the boat. He'd been pressed so close to her, his hands over hers, leading her movements as the sander worked over the wood.


"You know, boss, you really need to start locking your door." Tony DiNozzo startled him, but Gibbs didn't show it; he didn't move from where he was standing.

"Go away, DiNozzo," he growled.

"Let me think about it... no. So you made it with a killer, huh?" Tony asked flippantly.

"I said go away, DiNozzo!" Gibbs turned around, a scowl on his face.

"And I said no. You snapped at Abby, practically gave McGee a concussion, and made Kate look positively friendly, and she has PMS this week. Even Ducky received the short end of your temper."

"How about I give you a concussion?" Gibbs threatened.

"You could, or you could tell me what's really bugging you, and I don't think it's Karen Wilkerson. I mean she was pretty, but she wasn't that special."

Gibbs closed his eyes and took a deep breath. Tony looked so damn sincere.

"Boss... we all make mistakes, you less so than other people, but you're still human, contrary to McGee's opinion that you're superman," Tony said.

"I don't want to talk about it," Gibbs said.

"Didn't imagine you would, but then I didn't want to talk about Jeremy White. I don't recall having a choice."

Gibbs shook his head. "That was different. You're a member of my team and it's my job to make sure..."

"We're a team, Gibbs. That makes it everyone's job to make sure everyone else is okay."

"You know something, sometimes you're a lot smarter than you'd lead people to believe," Gibbs said with a wry smile.

"Sometimes you're a lot less of a hardass than you'd lead people to believe. I reckon we're even." Tony grinned at him.

Gibbs turned back to the boat. "She liked the boat," he said.

"It's a nice boat," Tony agreed with a nod. "We all get lonely boss."

Gibbs smiled to himself, Tony had no idea - he had a different girl every week, and he probably would have for a long time to come. Tony was younger, better looking, more lively, and 'in-touch' with people, with the world.

"I get lonely too. You can be in a crowded room and still feel alone."

"You keep on surprising me don't you, DiNozzo?"

"I try," Tony said. Gibbs could hear the smile in his voice.

"Go home, DiNozzo."

"No. Not until you tell me what's wrong." Tony sounded adamant.

Gibbs had to give him credit, DiNozzo wasn't the sort to back down easily once he'd set his mind on something.

Gibbs spun around on his heel. "You really want to know what's wrong, DiNozzo? I liked having someone *want* me. Someone flirt and smile, and show some damn attention that didn't revolve around the job for once. Feel free to laugh anytime," Gibbs growled, and turned back to the boat. "It was nice to have someone close, have someone want me, and I was so fucking blinded by it I never even considered her as a suspect," Gibbs said, his voice quieter now.

For a few minutes, the basement was silent.


"Boss..." Tony whispered, coming up right behind him, almost as close as Gibbs had been to Karen.

"Go home, Tony, and tell Ducky I'm fine."

"Ducky didn't send me. Gibbs. I came entirely of my own free will. Actually that's not strictly true, I had an ulterior motive. I wanted to see you covered in sawdust, 'cause... you know, you do look really good after you've been working on the boat, sawdust on your skin, in your hair, and a fine sheen of sweat covering you."

Tony was so close now Gibbs could feel the heat of the other man seeping through their clothes to reach his skin.

"DiNozzo!" Gibbs tried to sound harsh, but it didn't really work.

"No. Not tonight, Jethro, tonight it's just Tony. I'm going to make you see stars, going to make sure you understand just how much you're wanted... because you are, and you deserve to know."

Tony pressed his lips against the side of Gibbs' neck, teeth nibbling and biting at the skin he found there.

"Tony..." Gibbs voice was warning.

"Shush... it's just us, no one else, no one else," Tony promised, a hand coming around to stroke Gibbs' chest, sliding under his t-shirt, tugging at the course hair found there.

"You're so sexy, do you know that, Jethro? You probably don't, but I'm telling you that you are. You just exude masculinity. It's damn hot. All dark and sexy. But God, what gets me is your smile. You don't smile nearly often enough, but that's probably a good thing or I'd walk around with a permanent hard-on."

Tony kept talking, whispering in Gibbs' ear, touching him, teasing him with gentle fingers and a few perfectly depraved suggestions.

"I'm gonna have you right here, right against this boat... Did you fuck her here?" Tony asked.

"I didn't... didn't... oh fuck..." Gibbs moaned, a deep rumble straight from his chest, when Tony's hands strayed below his belt.

"Good. Take off your clothes for me," Tony murmured, but his tone spoke of an order, and Gibbs was inclined to follow it.

Some small part of him was screaming how much of a bad idea this was, but Tony was so close, and he was making him feel so good, like he hadn't felt in... he couldn't even remember how long.

Gibbs' clothes were kicked out of the way, and then it was all skin against skin, so hot Gibbs felt almost dizzy.

"Hmmm, you're so fucking hot, standing here like this, leaning against the boat. I can feel how much you want to get off... bet if I just got down on my knees right now I could blow you into oblivion in seconds. Might be fun, but I have other plans," Tony murmured.

Gibbs wasn't sure exactly what it was he heard being uncapped, before he felt slippery fingers at his rear.

"Relax," Tony hissed in his ear, before biting his shoulder as one finger slid in.


"Just relax, Jethro."

Gibbs tried to do as Tony told him, breathing deeply, letting Tony lead him. Tony asked him how long it had been, but Gibbs didn't answer... he wasn't sure if Tony would stop if he knew Gibbs had never done this before, and Gibbs wasn't prepared for that. He didn't want this to stop, regardless what the more sensible part of his mind said, he didn't want to let go of the feelings Tony was provoking.

Tony spread him against the boat. He could feel the wood under his hands, smooth where he'd already sanded it, rough where he hadn't yet reached... the smell of the wood, the sawdust, of Tony... Gibbs was sure he was drowning; he couldn't recall ever feeling this good with any of his ex-wives.

"Ready for me, Jethro?" Tony asked, but Gibbs was fairly sure he wasn't supposed to answer as Tony pushed into him.

Blinding pain hit him. For a moment he felt like he was going to break in half, but Tony's voice soothed him, gentle fingers brushing across his abdomen.

Gibbs held steady, trying to ride out the pain. Tony moved slowly, grinding against him when he was finally all the way in.

Gibbs felt the lines between pain and pleasure blur. It hurt, but at the same time every time Tony ground in against him, pushing himself just that little bit deeper, Gibbs saw sparks behind his eyelids as pleasure surged inside him.

"That's it... feel so good around me, Jethro. So tight and hot... fuck... it must have been a long time for you, it's like fucking a virgin. So good," Tony murmured, keeping up a flow of meaningless words as he started to really move, in and out, slick, hard, heavy. Gibbs could feel every movement, every twitch of the cock inside him.

Slowly the pain subsided. It was still there tingling on the edge of his consciousness, not entirely gone, but less, now overruled by the pleasure and buried under the cascading need he had for Tony. Heat surged through him, gripping him, making him cry out, making him dizzy. As Tony came inside him with a grunt, and Gibbs came all over Tony's hand, and the wooden frame of the boat.

Tony rested against him, still inside him. Hot breath, coming in harsh pants, sent goose bumps over his back.

Gibbs didn't remember getting upstairs, and was only vaguely aware of the sensation of Tony wiping him clean with a damp cloth. His head was still swimming with disbelief, and the tingling pleasure was still coursing through his veins.

"Go to sleep, Jethro," he heard Tony say quietly, feeling gentle arms surround him from behind, and soft lips against his shoulder blade before sleep claimed him.


Gibbs felt the heat against his back where Tony slept - it was the first thing he was consciously aware of. It had been a heck of a long time since he'd woken to the heat of another person's body, and there was no denying how good it felt.

"Your thinking is interrupting my sleep," Tony muttered in his ear.

"I wasn't aware you were a psychic, DiNozzo," Gibbs said.

"I don't have to be," Tony said, shuffling them around until Gibbs was on his back, Tony leaning over him. "Last night was just what it was, I don't expect anything more from you. It was good, really, really good, and I won't lie, I'd really like to do it again. But I didn't do it out of some notion it'd be the start of some great romance, I just wanted to make you feel good."

"You did," Gibbs admitted hoarsely.

"Then I did what I set out to do, anything else is just a bonus," Tony told him, leaning down and kissing him.

It was strange, kissing Tony. Tony hadn't kissed him last night, at least, not on the mouth. Gibbs had the stray thought that Tony was really a very good kisser.

"I'm going to shower, and retrieve my clothes from your basement," Tony said, moving to get up.

Gibbs stopped him. He wasn't rightly sure what he was planning on doing or saying, but last night Tony had made him feel... alive... like he hadn't felt in a long time, maybe never.

"We could share," Gibbs suggested.

"We could. You sure you want to?"

"No. I'm not," Gibbs admitted.

Tony smiled, a soft, gentle kind of smile.

"Well, I don't necessarily have to shower just at this very minute, you could think about it a while longer," Tony offered.

"Yeah, that might work."

Tony shuffled around again until he was lying down, head resting on Gibbs' shoulder, just against the crook of his neck.

"Tony... whatever... whatever else does or doesn't happen... thank you," Gibbs murmured.

"You're welcome," Tony said, placing a brief, gentle kiss against Gibbs neck.

Karen Wilkerson hadn't been love. Tony... Tony wasn't love either, but he had the potential, just beyond the horizon if Gibbs had the guts to reach out and take it. But as the old saying went 'once bitten, twice shy', and Gibbs had certainly been bitten more than once...

Still, Tony had given him exactly what he needed last night and asked for nothing back. Gibbs trusted Tony way more than he'd ever trusted any of his exes. Tony trusted him too, otherwise he'd never had made a move on Gibbs last night he was sure, no matter how much he might have wanted to.

That was the important thought right there as far as Gibbs was concerned. Tony wanted him. He wanted him last night, and he wanted him this morning, and who knows how long he'd wanted him before that.

Gibbs wasn't the sort of man that did 'feelings' very well, but he was still a man, still a person who wanted to be wanted, and Tony wanted him. That was a pretty damn good feeling.


"Yeah' boss?" Tony asked, already halfway asleep again.

"I think I'd like to share that shower."