One of the sequals to the Pregnant!Snape story found at The Chocolate Frog, has Lockhart as the father. 'In A Delicate Way', the first story is also highly recommended.

Photo Perfect by Predatrix
SUMMARY: Something drops out of Snape's pocket in frount of Dumbldore.

Slip of the Tongue by Seeker
SUMMARY: Snape tells Lockhart off, giving Lockhart . An Idea.

Potio by Seeker
SUMMARY: Lockhart finds out who he is, and Snape picks up the pieces.

A Thing by Seeker
SUMMARY: After the Memory Charm rebounds, and before Lockhart's carted off, he convinces Snape that they have ... a thing.

Personal Private Perfect by Seeker
SUMMARY: Snape is discovered in a compromising situation.

Oops by Seeker
SUMMARY: Answer to Telanu's first line challenge - "We need to have sex right now."

Sticks and Stones by Eggbert
SUMMARY: Totally PWP. And leather pants.
A/N: This is entirely the fault of my beta-reader who wasn't going to be happy until Severus got up to naughties with *someone* in a French maid's uniform. And wasn't Lockhart the perfect choice? It's not meant to be taken seriously, honest. And the explanation for the title comes at the end.

Green Owl Post, from a Man by Meg
SUMMARY: A series of humorous owls between Lockhart and Snape, based on the book "Green Eggs and Ham."

It's All Seeker's Fault by Josan
SUMMARY: A take off of Seeker's Snape/Lockhart stories and the SS Fuh-Q-Fest.

Scream by Seeker
SUMMARY: Snape loses a bet. Revenge doesn't quite work out.

Home Brew by Lynda
SUMMARY: The tasks that duty leads us to perform can be daunting. Severus tackles a large problem.

Size Queen by Predatrix
SUMMARY: This takes the time and effort to build the relationship between Snape and Hagrid rather than assuming they’re friends in the beginning.

Screaming Virgin by Predatrix
SUMMARY:A response to a SSFF challenge for Snape/Hagrid and for the plotline: "odd couple in the Three Broomsticks". Not entirely sure story is successful as a Snape/Hagrid story - I feel much happier with Size Queen, although there are a few bits of the story I do like, including Snape's view of his own attitude towards the Defence Against the Dark Arts teachers, and Sprout's attitude to Voldemort's remains.

Educational by Predatrix
SUMMARY:This is a follow-on to Screaming Virgin, so you might want to read that first. Sex-ed classes.

Care of Magical Creatures by Bernice
SUMMARY: "Hagrid simply loved monstrous creatures. The more lethal, the better."

Poppet by Bernice
SUMMARY: Hagrid finds a doll that looks exactly like Snape.

Monsters by Green
SUMMARY: Everyone has monsters, but it is only the select damned that are in love with theirs.

Of Wolf and Man by Kelex
SUMMARY: In wildness is the preservation of the world, go seek the wolf in thyself.
WARNINGS: um, kink? very brief mention of water sports (ick!), and borderlineā€¦ well, not-quite-bestiality.

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