Title: Assumptions
By: katie-drake
Rating: PG-13
Fandom: Law & Order: SVU
Pairing: Casey Novak/Olivia Benson and implied Serena Southerlyn/Megan Wheeler
Disclaimer: I don't own them, Dick Wolf has that privilege.


"The number one thing not to do in a relationship; well, other than cheat or kill the partner, I'd say don't think in the beginning."

            "Don't think huh?  How would you do that, Serena?"

            "I have my methods," Serena Southerlyn laughed, "but you'll never learn them, sorry Casey."

            ADA Casey Novak shook her head, "So, have you found someone suitable to spend your life with yet?"

            "Actually, I did meet someone.  She's so hot, I'm really excited.  We're going out again tonight."

            "When did you last go out?"
            "Our first date was last night, so tonight is date number two."

            "Two dates within 2 days of one another?  Serena, ever hear of a thing called patience?"

            "Patience, counselor, is overrated.  I prefer to tell a woman how I feel rather than wait for her to take her own sweet time getting the guts to tell me."

            "Oh, and it's my fault that Liv doesn't catch the signals?"

            "No, but it's your fault they are such lousy signals and you don't just outright tell her."

            "I know, but what if Liv doesn't feel the same way?"

            "Risk, Casey; it's all about risk.  I'm willing to take them, Megan is willing to take them, but you are stuck in a rut."

            "Well, not all of us can be confidant like you, Serena."  Casey smiled as she watched her friend shake her head before answering a call from Megan, Oh Serena, if you only knew where Liv and I spent last night.  And the night before, and the night before, and the night before that...Quit thinking dirty thoughts Casey, really; Serena can pick up on that a mile away.  Casey smirked at the thought of what Serena would do if she found out, She'd be so proud of me, but I think Liv and I need to keep this to ourselves a little bit longer...Serena's going to flip out when I tell her; that's what she gets for making assumptions about me though.