Title: For One Night
Author: caffinate-me
Pairing: that would spoil it (crossover SVU/ Stargate: SG1)
Rating: PG-13
Warning: not the happiest fic, and some shippers might have the urge to throw stones (please don't. heh.)
Disclaimer: I do not own them. any of them....I own nothing.
Short fic- 300 words


Olivia awoke slowly, her dreams begging to pull her back as she thought of the blonde touching her caressing her. Her mind slowly registered the weight lying across her stomach and she lazily reached up to feel it. Her fingers worked across her middle, feeling the long slightly soft object, it finally registered that it was an arm when she worked her way up to feel the shoulder, chest, and breast it was attached too.

Breast? Olivia's eyes popped open as her hand continued to feel and squeeze the mound that had started to respond to her touch. Alex didn't have breasts this big…

Her eyes slowly opened and she focused on the blonde next to her. She let out a soft sigh and the other woman mumbled something in her sleep as she adjusted herself under Olivia's touch. The memories from the night before returned in a flash. She had traveled to the Midwest— a futile attempt to find the woman she loved. The dark bar, full of sweaty bodies and stinking of cigarette smoke, the gorgeous, sad-eyed woman at the bar. It hadn't been hard to lose herself in the clear blue eyes and the short blonde hair. If she closed her eyes, it could almost feel the same…

She looked up and found herself staring into a pair of foreign eyes, blinking sleepily as they came into focus.

"Good morning," the woman mumbled.

"Hi," Olivia replied absently, "You're not Alex."

"No I'm not. And you're not Janet, but sometimes you just got to pretend."

Olivia studied the face across the pillow from her, as her hand felt the neck and her check was caressed by small puffs of warm air. "Merry Christmas Alex," Olivia whispered before allowing her eyes to slide shut once again.

"Merry Christmas Janet."