Title: Candy Cane
By: Krisleigh Cronkhite
Pairing: gen
Disclaimer: If you sue me, the most you'll likely get is a few teabags and a Happy Bunny poster. It doesn't matter, because I don't claim the characters anyway. They belong to Amy Palladino and her husband, who can't write worth shit. And probably their crack monkeys.
Rating: G
Summary: Sam felt nothing but pure hatred.


Sam Winchester felt nothing but hatred for whatever being had stolen his mother and Jessica and, in both processes, his life.

It was the only thing he wanted, a life. One with college and a career. Marriage and kids after those were established.

He'd never wanted the life he'd gotten instead. He hated knowing, fearing, looking over his shoulder. Living in fear that when he finally accomplished a career and a family, it would be torn away by the things he'd spent so long trying to despise, trying to hate, and succeeding on both accounts.

He supposed it would work just as well to hate his father, because spiting the eldest Winchester was easier that spiting something he had failed to save Jessica from.

It was easier, to a degree, to completely ignore everything. Especially the fact that he was searching out the object of his spite, worriedly at that.

Sam sort of hated Dean, too. If Dean hadn't showed up… Maybe Jessica would still be around. Sam would've been there, been able to save her. Protect her from whatever it was that killed her.

Or maybe he would've died with her. He really doesn't want to think about that.