Title: Sam and Keys
By: Carrietta Dragana
Pairing: gen
Rating: G
Disclaimer: I don't own any part of Supernatural and I have no money, so don't bother trying to sue me.
Summary: A look at little Sam and Dean's life.


Dean was told to always protect his little brother and he took his orders seriously. Of course, it wasn't easy. Sammy was always trying to put things in his mouth or get into something he shouldn't. Dean knew that's how babies were, but it didn't make him any less frustrated.

"No, Sammy!" Dean snapped as he grabbed their father's keys away from Sam who had been sucking on them. Sam's lip trembled and he let out a wail of unhappiness. Dean sighed, but put his arm around his baby brother.

"Don't cry, Sammy. I'll get you one of your toys. You just can't play with Daddy's keys." Sammy continued to cry as Dean got up and put the keys on a shelf where the baby couldn't reach them. Dean went over to their little toy box and pulled out a teething ring. He returned to his brother's side and placed the ring in his chubby hands.

"There now. You can chew on that." Dean said and Sammy took a shuddering breath before beginning to mouth the toy. Sammy immediately calmed down and Dean relaxed on the floor next to his brother.

"Someday you'll be a big boy, Sammy" Dean said. "You'll get your own keys. I'm hoping by then you won't be putting them in your mouth."

18 years later…

"Dean, you're hurt. Let me drive."

"Only if you promise not to drool on my keys."


"Nothing, Sammy. Nothing at all."