Title: Something
By: plutogirl10
Rating: PG
Pairing: gen
Summary: Something happens between Sam & Dean, without actually happening.


Dean ends his diatribe about incompetent mechanics, smirking. Sam laughs, full, strong; feels Dean watching him. He quiets to a grin, reaching for the salt shaker. Finds Dean doing likewise.


Fingers just miss each other on prism glass.


Both pause mid-movement; a frozen tableau.


Smiles fade.


Dean lets go.


"Should do that more often, Sammy."


Sam's heart is pounding. Tells himself it's nothing. It's nothing. "Do what?"


"Laugh. It's good to see you laugh."


It's over already. They're eating again. No hidden glances, no doubled-edged words. Nothing. It's there, though.


Sam's heart is still pounding. He senses it. It's something.