Title: The Sun Shines On
Author: Dhvana
Rating: PG
Pairing: No pairing--gen
Word Count: 280
Warning: character death
Summary: This was written for the 'Hurt!Dean' challenge posted by isolde13 and la_folle_allure. The only stipulation was that Dean couldn't die. Just Dean.


The cold damp of the ground seeps in through my knees. A chill settles in my bones, but I don't care. Warm, cold, it doesn't matter anymore.

It's over.

I take a deep breath and quickly push it back out. The air is tainted with the scent of iron, of defeat; the taste of it lingers in the back of my throat. The screams from the night before echo in my ears until I can hear nothing else. I would be blind but for the gray light of the dawn that surrounds us, slowly revealing what I want to keep covered by darkness.

I turn away. I can't look anymore.

My heart is dying within my chest, crushed in a vise of pain. It begs me to end its suffering, to end my own.

My hand trembles as I raise the gun to my temple. The press of the metal against my skin is the only thing about the morning that feels real.

My eyes move to his still face, to his unblinking stare. It is only right that his body is the last thing I see.

I start to crumble.

I'm sorry I'm sorry it's all my fault I failed you I couldn't protect you I couldn't save you I didn't save you I deserve to die I deserve to die I deserve to--


I deserve--


His voice breaks through my guilt. My hand shakes as I raise my head, my eyes blinking against the sun that shines through him. A sob catches in my throat.


He nods.

"Sammy. . ."

Tears spill onto my cheeks. The gun falls to the ground.

It's over.