Title: Use the Force
Author: blackandwhite02
Pairing: gen
Rating: G
Characters: Little!Sam, Little!Dean, John
Pairing: None
Spoilers/Warnings: None
Disclaimer: Supernatural is not mine.
Summary: drabbles100 Challenge 73 "Light".


Six-year-old Sam picked up a stick. "Let's play, Dean."

Dean shrugged. "Play what?"

"Star Wars! I'll be Luke."

Dean grinned and grabbed a stick for himself. "I'll be Han Solo."

Sam frowned. "But Luke and Han never fight each other. How could we have a lightsaber battle?"

Dean shrugged. "We'll just pretend."

The two sticks were clashing in mid-air amidst much laughter when John came outside. Breathing heavily he lifted his younger son in the air. "Sam, I am your father."

Sam giggled. "Han! Save me from Darth Vader!"

John held out his right hand. "Death grip!"

The jedis won.