Title: Watching
Author: Writtenmurmurs
Genre: Gen
Rating: PG? Same as show.
Pairing: None
Spoilers/Warnings: Devil's Trap
Summary: Sam's POV during the er... bloody Dean scene.
Notes: Written for challenge # 27 "Failed"


He watched as his big brother bled.

Watched as the blood dripped-- no, poured from his big brother’s body.  It drenched his shirt, stained the floor.

As his brother whimpered, pleaded, and stared in disbelief at their father.

He saw it walk like his father, talk like his father, taunt in the same voice his father used, and read them all, every last Winchester, like an open book.

He yelled, and fought, and focused, and cursed, and screamed, and prayed.

When Dean’s head fell after one last plea to his possessed father, Sam’s heart collapsed in on itself.

I’ve failed.