Title: First Meeting
Author: sexycazzy
Fandom: Criminal Minds
Pairing: Morgan/Reid/OC
Rating: PG
Genre: angst/romance/drama/slash..eventually
Summary: A new team member is introduced to the BAU, Dr Spencer Reid is shocked to see her. Feelings are developed and new relationships emerge.
Writer's Note: This is the first story of the Reid/Morgan/North* series in an alternate universe within Criminal Minds. All characters from Criminal Minds belongs to the CM show, I don't own them. However, any new character(s) etc belongs to me :) (oc* means other character / new character NOT in Criminal Minds.)


1. The First Meeting

I am feeling nervous, my knees feel weak, as I open the door to the FBI: Behaviour Analysis Unit. I know that I will be working for a well-known team with its quick solving of difficult cases, with Dave Rossi and Aaron Hotchner, (the Behaviour Analysis Unit Chief), as well as some other people. I have read Dave Rossi's books, and have came to admire and respect him, and am excited about meeting Dave, of course, we have met before, from my previous job in Las Vegas. I was working with another BAU team there, before I moved here.

I feel nervous, not because I will be starting my first day here, but because there is someone on the team, that I am not sure if they will be happy to see me, after the way I left almost 9 years ago.

And then I push the door, going into the BAU office, and I see that there is a kind of a mezzanine, with some offices on the first floor, and out in the room, there is a bigger room with various desks. I believe that room is called the bullpen. Nervously, I walk to the railings, and wait at the top of the stairs, unsure if I should go down the stairs or wait for Special Agent Hotchner.

As I debate in my thoughts, whether to go down or not, I feel a pair of eyes on me, and I look up, and find Dr Spencer Reid staring at me, from his desk, his face in shock, as he recognises me. Suddenly I feel hot, and flushed, as he continues to look at me, and I am not sure what to say to him as I began to descend down on the stairs, and walk towards him, but before I could get there, Special Agent Hotchner walks into the bullpen.

"There you are, Jasmine," he says, and I look up and smile, "Hi, Special Agent Hotchner", sounding officially, but not sure what to call him. He smiles, "You can call me Hotch, everyone else does.Ē I nod. Some other people have came into the bullpen, as we talk about my duties in the BAU. Hotch told me that I would be working with Garcia, the BAUís technical Analyst a lot.

"Everyone, this is Jasmine North, she is joining us, coming from the Las Vegas BAU," Hotch said, introducing me. I look around, and straight away I recognise Rossi. "North, it is good to see you again," Rossi says, putting a hand out, and I take it, we shake hands. I nod, "Yes, likewise, Rossi, it has been a while" I say. Some of the faces raises an eyebrow at us, Rossi explains, "We had worked together before on the Road Runner, when I was in Las Vegas, on a book tour." The team goes quiet at the mention of the Road Runner, having heard that the case was really bad for the Las Vegasí BAU. I don't like to talk much about the Road Runner, remembering how the Unsub used to persuade female victims into his car, and then he violently rapes them, before killing them slowly. He was called the Road Runner, because he used to call the police and then the police would chase him all over Los Angeles, but never really catching him, until I bought Rossi into the case. I would be always grateful to him for that, because we have worked on the case for almost a year.

"Yes, I came up to you, and asked for your help, without your help, we would have never caught the Road Runner, and for that, I will be always grateful to you, Rossi," I smile. Rossi shrugs, as if to say that it was not true, and that we would have caught him eventually. I begin to remember more, but before I could elaborate more on that, Hotch interrupts, and introduce JJ, and Garcia. JJ is the team's liaison with the media and local police agencies, if I remember correctly. I have heard some rumours that Garcia was the most dangerous hacker in the world and was on the FBI's hackers list. I smile at them, and some hellos were exchanged. I turn my neck slightly, and I see the most gorgeous, handsome man I ever have seen, and suddenly my knees feel weak for a completely different reason from earlier. Standing in front of me is Morgan who introduced himself. He says, "Hello, Jasmine, welcome to our crazy BAU!" I chuckle as we shake hands, our eyes meet, and all of suddenly, I feel an electric spark down my spine, my stomach in knots. The only other time I felt like that was about almost 9 years ago. We nod at each other, and then he lets go of my hand. I drop it at my side, my stomach tights with some knots, as I am about to face Spencer Reid, or Spence as I used to call him. I wonder if he will mention that we know each other, or should I mention it, completely deep in my thoughts, when I hear his voice saying, "We know each other, Hotch, no need to introduce me." from behind. I turn around slowly until I face him. I smile, flatly, "Hello, Spence." "Nice to see you again, Jasmine," Reid makes a goofy smile, and he steps forward to give me a hug, which have taken me by surprise. I am at a loss for words. He lets go of me, "It have been a while, since we were both at university."

I could feel the rest of the team's eyes on both of us and I knew that they would have questions for Spence later on and I wonder what he will tell them. I smile, this time, more brightly, "Aye, have been a while." my Scottish accent slightly showing up. At the same time, I knew that he must have been hurt when I suddenly left the way I left, without saying goodbye. I heave a sigh as I remember that day. I look at Spence, thinking to myself, he looks exactly the same, his hair slightly longer than before, but fringes still the same. I fight the urge to reach out for his fringe, to brush it away so that I could see his sexy blue eyes. "We worked together on my second PhD," Reid explains, when Hotch interrupts, "Sorry to stop you there, Reid, the both of you can catch up later, but right now..." then he clears his throat, "We have a new case"

My ears pipe up at the mention of a new case, not expecting to be thrown in deep on my first day, and I feel pleased.

We scattered, to collect our stuff, and then we went into the boardroom, where JJ briefed us about the new case.


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