Title: Did you know...
Author: sexycazzy
Fandom: Criminal Minds
Pairing: Morgan/Reid/OC
Rating: PG-13
Series: 1) First Meeting
Genre: angst/romance/drama (and slash, eventually)
Summary: A new team member is introduced to the BAU, Dr Spencer Reid is shocked to see her. Feelings are developed and new relationships emerge.
Writer's Note: This is the second story of the Reid/Morgan/North series in an alternate universe within Criminal Minds. All characters from Criminal Minds belongs to the CM show, I don't own them. However, any new character(s) etc belongs to me :) (oc* means other character / new character NOT in Criminal Minds.) In the story, there are some references to legends and myths. All the information I get are from Wikipedia. I try to make sure that I write the facts as they are written, but I might have got it wrong. 4


2. Did you know.....

A couple of weeks later

"Did you know that legends are based on a narrative storytelling over time?" I hear Spence's voice coming into the bullpen. I look up to see Spence and Morgan walking in from the lift. My heart tights at the sight of them, and I take in a sharp breath, before calling out to them, but they seem to not have heard me, as they are deep in conversation.

"Pretty boy, yes, but is a legend based on a myth?" Morgan asked, one of his eyebrows is raised in a questioning way.

As they approach me, I hear Spence explaining, "Legends are usually based on the true events, but is changed over time. They can be defined by a highly flexible set of parameters, which may include miracles that are perceived as actually having happened, within the specific tradition of a true event, where the legend arises, and within which it may be transformed over time, in order to keep it fresh and vital, and real." I could see Morgan frown at the explanation, trying to make sense of what Spence is trying to say.

"Basically, what Spence is trying to say is that legends are usually originally from true events, but versions of events change over the time, as people tell the story." I speak up, "I suppose that you could call it a bit like Chinese Whispers."

Morgan looks at me, smiling, "Now that did make sense," then he turns to Spence, "Okay, so how does a myth differ from a legend?"

Spence smiles at me, and I smile back, then he turns to Morgan, "Jasmine is an expert in that area, she have studied mythology at university." I open my mouth in surprise, not expecting Spence to hand it over to me. Things have been tense between us since I started my new job, and we never really talked. I close my mouth, and grinned. Now, things are looking up.

"Well, mythology and legends are very similar in my opinion." I explain, when Spence interrupts, "Actually that's not entirely true." I raise an eyebrow towards Spence, and chuckle, "Are you not still on about that?"

I could see Morgan looking at us, as if we were a pair of crazy people, and is undecided whether to ask, and finally he asks, "What?"

Grinning, I turn to Morgan, "We had many arguments on whether if legends and mythology is one and the same thing. Spence does not think so, but I like to think that mythology comes from legends."

Clearing my throat, I could see Morgan is confused, "OK, mythology is usually the study of the Greek myths. However, for example, if I gave you Eros, which is the son of the goddess of love, Venus, which comes from the Greek myths. However, what you don't know is that Eros is also Cupid, which is a legend."

I could see Morgan trying to take it all in. I feel excited, for a long time, I never really explained mythology to anyone, expect for Spence and one other person. "Do you see? Myths and legends are one and the same thing...well, in my opinion, anyway." I shrug, as Morgan looks at Spence, "And you don't believe that?"

Spence shake his head, and begins to explain why, as Morgan puts a hand up, "You know what, Pretty Boy, I wish I never asked."

Spence shrugs, and sits down at his table. I chuckle, "Morgan, if I may ask, why do you call Spence Pretty Boy?"

Morgan laughs, "You see when Reid first started, I didn't like him, because I felt inferior , compared to me, he is a genius and I was jealous of that. So I started calling him Pretty Boy, to tease him," I turn to see Spence blushing, and I chuckle as I turn to Morgan, "but after a while, I came to like Reid, and now consider him a good friend. I guess I can't really shake off the Pretty Boy." Morgan finishes, shrugging.

Smiling, I turn to Spence, "Pretty Boy does suit you, Spence." Suddenly Spence sits up and glares me, and once again things are tense between us. I silently swore, why I had to go and say that!

"Whatever." He says, curtly. Morgan seems to not have noticed, as he tells us that he is going home, and asks us if we want to come. I shake my head, saying that I have to finish a report, and Spence declines, but I don't hear him explaining why as I return to my report.

After half an hour, I finish my report, lean back on my chair, and stretch my arms, then I stand up, taking the jacket from the back of the chair, and I put it on. Switching the lamp off at the desk, I take my handbag from the floor, and slip it on my right shoulder; I turn around to find Spence still at his desk.

"Well, I am finished for the night," I say, "Home for me." Spence nods, waving his hand away. I sigh, as I leave the bullpen and goes to the lift.

As I press the button, I hear footsteps hurriedly behind me, and I turn to see Spence hurrying towards me. As he approaches, I hear him ask, "Did you know that I was in love with you?"

As the lift doors open, I am gobsmacked as he declares like that, leaving me stand with my mouth open, as Spence steps in the lift. I look at Spence, not knowing how I would answer that. He gestures for me to step into the lift, and I do so.

Once in the lift, we stand in silence as the lift begins to move. I look at Spence from behind; I could feel my heart beating so fast. Making a decision, I step forward and press the STOP button on the pad. The lift stops, suddenly.

Spence turns to me, "Why did you do that?" I look into Spence's eyes, and answer simply, "Did you know that I was also in love with you?" His eyes widen his mouth opening and then closing.

"I left you, because I thought you did not feel the same as me. After the night we had together, you walked away as if nothing has happened, and that hurt me." I finally told Spence why I left.

"I...I..." Spence stammers, "I...th...thought..." Suddenly it was clear, he thought that I didn't love him back and so that was why he walked away. I shake my head; so much time has been wasted over a misunderstanding. We were both in love with each other.

I get closer to Spence, our faces close to each other, I could feel him breathing in and out, and I smile. "Spence, I was....." I stopped myself, and started again, "No, I AM in love with you."

He looks into my eyes, suddenly, I mutter, have I done the wrong thing, when I feel his moist lips on mine. He lets go, and I look at him. I put my hands on his face, and cup it as I lean in and kiss him back. Our tongues find each other, and we kiss deeply and hard. He puts his arms around me, and turns me and pushes me against the wall. I could feel him breathing shallowly as his hand finds my blouse and begins to undress it.

I whisper, "Not in here." Spence stops, steps back, and nods.

I press the STOP button again, and the lift begins to move. We stand in silence again, and he tenses up. Sighing, I know why he did tense up, I am sure he thinks that I didn't want it to happen and so I take Spence's hand in mine. I could feel his body relax again, as he turns to look at me.

As the lift doors open, I turn to Spence and simply says, "Yours or mine?"

He chuckles, "Yours. It is closer and I could not wait any longer." Then he looks around, making sure nobody we know are around, and then plants a deep kiss on my mouth, and I grin.

"Let's go then."


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