Title: Eavesdropping
Author: sexycazzy
Fandom: Criminal Minds
Pairing: Morgan/Reid/OC
Rating: NC-17
Series: 1) First Meeting, 2) Did you know...
Genre: angst/romance/drama/slash (FINALLY!!)
Summary: A new team member is introduced to the BAU, Dr Spencer Reid is shocked to see her. Feelings are developed and new relationships emerge.
Warning: There are some sexual scenes between Morgan and Reid.
Writer's Note: This is the third story, part two of the Reid/Morgan/North series in an alternate universe within Criminal Minds. All characters from Criminal Minds belongs to the CM show, I don't own them. However, any new character(s) etc belongs to me :) (oc* means other character / new character NOT in Criminal Minds.)


3. Eavesdrops

Couple of months later

I am blissful right now, as I lean back on my kitchen table, towel wrapped around me, after stepping out of the shower. Things are going really well between me and Spence. I shake my head as I realise that we have wasted so much time together, and that we could have been together sooner than late.

I also think of my time with the BAU. It seems that the rest of the team have accepted me into their BAU. Hell, even Garcia, famous for her nicknames, have gave me my own nickname. Three simple letters - Jas. I like it. It makes me feel a part of the team. Sighing, I think of my crush on Morgan. I feel bad about it. Each time I spend some time with him, my feelings gets deeper than before. It won't happen; anyway as I love Spence and I won't let him go, not again.

I feel a kiss on my shoulder blade, "Morning, Jas," he whispers in my ear, "What were you thinking?" I turn around, and plant a kiss on Spence's mouth, "Just thinking about the past couple of months."

Spence looks into my eyes; I reach up to brush his blonde locks away, so that I could see into his eyes too. "And how do you think they went?" Grinning, I deepen my kiss, sticking my tongue into his mouth, "That good, eh?" he says, his tongue exploring with mine. I feel his hands grabbing my towel and taking it off, leaving me naked.

Spence's hands trace down on my hips, and I feel goose-bumps at his gentle touch. I feel his mouth on my neck, gently nibbling. He lifted me into the kitchen table, spreading my legs wide, and his lips on my erect nipples. My head is thrown back, as I moan at his touch on my nipples. A finger slips in between of my legs, and I moan loudly. Suddenly I could not wait any longer.

"Fuck me."

His eyes widen, Spence pulls me closer to him, and I hear him muttering, "Need a condom." And with that he is gone, and I wait. I hear his footsteps returning, with a condom in his hand.  Putting the condom on, Spence wraps his hands around my bum, and then in one thrust, he enters me. I scream in ecstasy, my back arch against the table.


A few hours later, I am at my desk at the BAU. Spence and Hotch are out questioning a suspect in our current case. Morgan is sitting at the desk opposite me; I could feel his eyes on me. "What's up, Morgan?"

I feel him almost falling over, and he gives a heavy sigh, as he speaks, "I don't know, Jas." I listen as I type on my computer, waiting for him to go on. "I am confused right now, and I don't know what to do."

I stop what I am doing, and look up to see Morgan with a confused frown. He looks twisted, and I struggle to stop myself reaching out to his face, and stroke it.

"What do you mean?" I ask. Shaking his head, Morgan stands up, "Never mind. Not important." I watch him walking away, and going up the steps.

Stop that, I think to myself. I heave a sigh. I want Morgan. I urge the fight to kiss him firmly on the lips, and telling him to fuck me. I know it's not possible, not anymore. I love Spence, and I am not going to cheat on him. But, oh, it is getting difficult to be in the same room as Morgan, and not to touch him.

Sometimes, I see Spence stealing glances at Morgan when he thought nobody was looking, and I wonder if he feels the same as me for Morgan, and then I put that thought out of my mind. That is certainly a wishful thought. Chuckling, I won't mind having a threesome with both of them, even if it is for a one night.

Oh, well, I think to myself, it won't happen. Spence won't go for it, and even if Morgan has feelings for me, as I am suspicious that he does, certainly he will be put off by having Spence. I and Spence come as package. I love Spence with all my heart, and although that I know that I am also in love with Morgan, I won't ever leave Spence, again.

I rub my head, and shake my head. I take a file in my hand. I need to go and see Garcia about the case we are currently working on. I take a walk up to Garcia's office. I was about to go in, when I hear Morgan and Garcia talking.

"What should I do, Hun?" Morgan was speaking. I stand back, wondering what Morgan is talking about.

Thinking about eavesdropping on their conversation, should I stay or leave? I decide to leave, and was about to leave, when I hear Morgan telling Garcia, "I mean, I am in love with her, you know? It's hard." Curious as whom Morgan is talking about, I decide to stay, and feeling guilty, I begin to eavesdrop on their conversation.

"It's bad enough that she is with Pretty Boy." Taken aback, I stare out in the air, Morgan is in love with me. Suddenly it draws on me that he knows about me and Spence. I thought it was a well-kept secret. Only Garcia knows, but it seems that she has told Morgan, and I feel betrayed by that, until Garcia exclaims, "How do you know about Jas and Reid?"

"You knew?" Morgan asks. I could just about see Garcia nodding, as she answers, "Yes, I knew. Jas told me the other day, and made me promise to not tell."

"I saw her and Reid kissing, when they thought nobody was looking." Morgan explains. I shake my head; we should be more careful next time.

"Oh, boy, you are having a hard time, hunnybear. First Reid and now Jas!" Garcia says. I turn my head up, as I hear this, my stomach tights in knots. Morgan is in love with us? I say aloud.

In a daze, I walk down the steps, unsure what to do with this fact. What should I do? Should I tell Spence? I mutter to myself, as I walk towards the desk, not noticing that Spence is already at his desk.

"Hey, Jas." Spence calls out. Startled I look up to see him and then I look down quickly.

Suddenly, I feel nervous, my forehead sweating, unable to look in his eyes as I usually do, "Hi, Spence."

Spence looks at me, frowning. "What's the matter?" I look at him again, "Nothing..nothing!" 

Holding the file up, "I need to see Garcia!" Walking quickly past Morgan, my cheeks red, as he goes down the steps, I hear him saying, "But..but you just came back from......"

Oh, shit, I think to myself, as I linger behind Garcia's office door, unsure whether to go in or not. I feel my arm being grabbed, and I turn to see Spence with a concerned frown, as he takes me into the photocopying office. Closing the door behind him, Spence turns to me, "Right, what's wrong with you?"

Fluttered, I say, "Oh, nothing...just something about the case." Spence looks at me, stepping closer to me, he whispers, "Don't lie to me." I feel my chest tight, I can't lie to him, I never told him a lie, could never lie to him. The reason I left, was so that I could not lie to him, the next day, not being able to handle myself, if he wasn't able to return the feelings.

Looking down, "I overheard Morgan and Garcia talking," I pause, he gestures for me to go on, "I..I...heard...." Suddenly, I realise that Spence does not know about my feelings for Morgan, so I decide to start at the beginning. "Spence," I clear my throat, "I have something to tell you, Spence but you won't like it."

Spence looks at me, puzzled, "What do you mean?" My heart is beating quickly. I take a big deep breath before I say, "I have feelings for Morgan." He steps back away from me. Spence is quiet, as he looks at me. I start to worry that I will lose him for good. "Look, I won't do anything, I promise." I tell him, in a quiet voice, "I love you, Spence."

"I have feelings for him, too."

I was saying how much I love him, and how I would never leave him, when suddenly I hear him say in a quiet voice that he have feelings for Morgan, too.

I blink, as I look at Spence, my mouth open, "Wh..what?"

"I have feelings for Morgan." He says, in a clear voice this time. I struggle with what I say next.

Suddenly feeling jealous, "What do you mean?" Spence sighs, as he leans back on the photocopier, his hands in pockets, "When I first came to the BAU, I saw Morgan for the very first time, and suddenly I felt sparks, sparks that I have not felt in a long time. The last time I felt like that was with......" Taking a hand out of his pocket, he gestures to me. I smile, nodding, knowing how he felt, feelings of jealousy leaving me, I walk over to Spence.

"I know how you feel, love. I love you so much, my heart skips a beat every time you are in the room. I want to shout out to the world that I love you." I pause as Spence looks up to me, "I feel the same." Smiling, "I know, love. Morgan could be someone that I love. The sparks you described to me, I felt them the first time I met him. Must have been fate."

Spence puts his arms out, to take me in his arms, and we hold each other, our hearts beating quickly. I was about to tell him about the conversation I overheard, when suddenly the door is burst open, and we jump.

Closing the door behind him, standing in front of us is Derek Morgan.


Spence and I break away from each other, in shock as we look at Morgan.

We wait for Morgan to speak, wondering if he has overheard us, I am pretty sure that he must have, bursting in on us like that.

I take a quick glance at Spence, and take a gasp. He is paled, his hands in pocket, and looks frightened, and unsure what to do. I could see his hands fiddling around in the pockets. Feeling bad for him, I get closer to him; take one of his hands out and interlinking my fingers with his. He looks down, and tries to take his hand away, not wanting to reveal our secret to Morgan. Shaking my head, I whisper, "He knows." Spence opens his mouth and then closes it, his eyebrow rising, as if to say how.

I shake my head, the explanations will have to wait, and I silently mouth, 'Later.' Spence nods, his eyes fall to the ground. Our hands together, I could almost hear Spence's heart beating as fast as mine, as we wait.

I look up, and watch Morgan pacing up and down the room. An awkward silence fills the room. Wanting to make Spence relaxed, I finally clear my throat, "Morgan?" breaking the awkward silence, and Morgan stops pacing and look at me. Pointing a finger at me, "You..." then to Spence, and whisper, "you..."

"Look, Morgan, I don't know what you have overheard, but...." Spence suddenly speaks up, his other hand out of the pocket, and flying around, ".....I mean...we were talking about...erm...." He stops, and struggles to say something. I feel my heart twisted as my lover is finding it hard to say how he feels.

 "....erm...our......" Spence finally stops, and his eyes fall to the ground, "Oh, hell, you heard!"

I squeeze his hand, assuring him that it will be all okay.

Walking towards Spence, Morgan lifts his chin up so that he can look into Spence's eyes, "Spence, I have feelings for you."

Spence turns to me, mouth open. "Aye, it's true. I heard him and Garcia talking earlier" I tell him. He turns to Morgan, trying to make sense of it all. Morgan steps back, and stares at me. I smile, shrugging. He shakes his head, chuckling.

"Spence, there's something else." I tell Spence, and without waiting for him to reply, I rush to explain, "Morgan also has feelings for me."

"Wait..wait...what do you mean?" Spence exclaims, "Morgan...you..me? I don't understand, wait...is this a joke? A wind-up?" He looks angry, and lets go of my hand.

"No..no!" Morgan and I speak, almost at the same time. Struggling what to say, what to do, I turn to Morgan for some help. Spence steps back, and looks at us. Morgan gets closer to Spence, their faces close to each other.

"Listen, Spence. There's something you have to know. I know that you have had feelings for me almost from the first time we met, but for me..." Morgan puts a hand over his heart, "Each time we spend, slowly, I have developed deep feelings for you without knowing it, and when I saw you and Jas kissing the other day, my heart was broken." I turn to Morgan, I didn't realise that Morgan had deep feelings like that for Spence, and suddenly I felt unsure, whether if he felt the same kind for me. My heart sunk, after hearing that. I look at Spence, and watch him develop a smile. I knew at once, that Spence would choose Morgan over me, and before he could say anything, I walk towards the door, to leave. But before I could leave, Spence grabs my arm, and turns me around so that I could see him, clearly.

"Jasmine, I am not going to let you go, not again!" Spence says, and turns to Morgan, "I understand how you feel, I feel the same, but my love for Jasmine is deeper, deeper than you can even understand, and I am sorry, but we can't be together."

I look up to Spence, grinning, my heart is lifted again. He loves me! Spence takes me in his chest, and holds me, planting kisses on my forehead.

"I know...and I am not asking you to. When I say my heart is broken, it's not just for you, Spence, but for Jas, too." Morgan whispers, as he steps up behind me, and putting his arm around my shoulder, I look up to see Morgan putting the other hand on Spence's face. "Ever since I met you, Jas," he says, looking at me, "I felt the sparks. I wanted to hold your hand forever. I wanted the rest of the team to disappear. Each day that I walk in the room, I see you and my heart soars. All of the suddenly, it made sense, I felt the same for Spence, and not realising it, I have fallen in love with him. So much time wasted, and I don't want to waste a moment more. I want to be with you both." With that, Morgan's head bends down, to kiss me fully on the mouth and then he kisses Spence. Suddenly, our hands furiously grabbing each other's clothes, about to tear them off, when suddenly we hear a knock on the door.

We break away, straighten ourselves up. Spence tenses up,

"Shit", I say aloud, and they look at me, feeling the same. Who could it be? I think ot myself, when the door is opened and I could hear Garcia laughing.

"Oh my god!" Garcia exclaims, "Morgan, hunnybear, it looks like your wish is coming true!" I could feel Spence relaxing, as his hand slips into my hand. We look at each other. Morgan glances over his shoulder at us, and smiles.

"Go home, you three, talk...have sex....whatever you want to do...but not here!" Garcia tells us.

Feeling embarrassed, I look at Spence and Morgan, "What now?"

Spence looks at me, then at Morgan, "Do what Garcia say."


At Spence's place, we stand, unsure what to do next. Suddenly, we furiously tear our clothes off, our hands tracing each other's bodies, our mouths and tongues exploring each other.



We move as quickly as we can to Spence's bedroom. We collapse on the double bed, and then I feel a hand between of my legs. I gasp, as I feel my clirtis being rubbed fast and hard. I look down to see a tanned colour hand, and know at once that it is Morgan's. I moan and groan at his touch, while Spence plants a kiss on my mouth. His hand stroking my cheek, his other hand on Morgan somewhere.

I hear Spence say, "Oh...my..god..I need you inside me." Morgan's hand lets go of my clit, and I moan, knowing what Spence means, my fantasy is about to come true.

Sitting up at the head of the bed, I watch Spence and Morgan kissing each other, their throbbing cocks rubbing each other. I begin to slip a finger inside myself.

"Are you okay with this?" Morgan asks, and I nod, gesturing for him to go ahead. Smiling at me, "Don't worry, my sexy babe, it will be your turn soon."

I watch Spence reaching out for Morgan's erection and stroke it slowly. Morgan moans and groans. He pulls Spence's hand away, "Let's get you ready." Spence nods, then stretch his body across the bed, his head coming up the between of my legs. I look down at Spence, smiling, as I reach out for his blonde locks, and begins to stroke the hair. I look straight at Morgan, as he bends down to kiss and lick Spence's anus. I hear Spence groaning and moan. "Where's the lube?" Morgan asks his voice hoarse. I point to a bedside table, next to me. He walks around the bed, opens the drawer and takes the lube out. Before returning, he plants a kiss on my mouth, and deepens it. I feel his fingers tracing around my erect nipples. I lose myself deep into Morgan's kiss, when suddenly he lets go, and looks at me. 'Soon' he whispers, quietly. I nod. Then Morgan moved to Spence's arse. I see him rubbing the lube over his fingers. Then I look down at Spence, stroking his cheeks, as Morgan inserts a finger into the hole. I watch Spence's reactions, and I moan in rhythm as his. My finger begins to twist inside me. I arch my head against the wall behind me; I could feel Spence's tongue on the lips in between of my legs.

Closing my eyes, I play with my pussy, as I feel his moans on me, his tongue licking hard. It continues for a while, until I feel Spence's tongue on my clitoris no more. Opening my eyes, I see Morgan's cock slowly entering Spence, and I gasp. Suddenly I felt so close to both Spence and Morgan, than ever.


I wake up slowly, as the sun shines through the curtains, arms wrapped me, and I look up, to see Morgan watching me. Smiling as I remember of the events from last night, "Morning." "Morning, sexy babe." I look over to Spence, his arms over Morgan's sexy body, asleep. My heart skips a beat, as I look at my two sexy lovers.

"So, sexy babe is my name, eh?" I ask, in a mocking tone. He laughs and nods, "Sexy babe and pretty boy...my two lovers."

"Yes...wait...you were eveasdropping on our conversation, were you?" He glares at me, "So were you!" "Oh aye, and Garcia eavesdropped on us." Shaking my head, I laugh.

Yes, it was a day of eavesdropping!