Title: Free
By: zombie_girl
Pairing: JJ/Emily, Garcia, Morgan
Rating: PG-13 (just to be safe)
Disclaimers: Not mine.
AN: You probably should read Trapped and Escape first if you haven't cuz this is the last part. But i guess it can be read as a stand alone. Eh, its up to you.
AN 2: Cuz sofia_lindsay posted last night, i'm posting too, instead of listening to my pyschology professor. Oh and sofia_lindsay i know that i talked about Emily being the one to ask her out and everything, but...Blame JJ.


"What's up baby girl?" Morgan answered his phone with the usual loving nickname.

"Have you noticed anything different today?" the computer genius asked, her eyes glued to her computer screens that monitored the bullpen and her best friend's office.

"Different? What do you mean?" Morgan got up and wandered away from his desk and from the prying ears of his fellow agents.

"Yeah. JJ was singing in her office this morning," Garcia reported, opening another window to play back what she had witnessed earlier - Jennifer Jareau singing Cheap Trick's "I Want You to Want Me" - in her office as she reviewed some case files.

"What? Nuh-uh," Morgan laughed, "She was singing?"

"Yep, Cheap Trick's "I Want You to Want Me"," Garcia said, smiling as she watched her friend dance as she filed away a case folders.

"No way," the handsome agent whispered, his mouth suddenly dropping.

"What?" Garcia paused her video and closed the window, "Hon?"

"Emily's humming at her desk," Morgan hissed urgently.

"Don't tell me she's humming the same song!" Garcia zoomed in on Emily Prentiss' desk, sure enough the dark haired agent looked like she was indeed humming and she was smiling way too widely to be thinking about her paperwork.

"I don't think so," Morgan's voice crackled in her ear again and Garcia watched as he appeared in the bottom of the screen, edging closer to Emily. "Nope," he breathed, "Kinda sounds like "Paradise City" by Guns N' Roses."

"Oh my God," Garcia whispered, on the verge of laughter and a victory dance, "I told you something was different - something happened between those two!"

"I hear ya baby girl, I gotta go, I think Emily's spotted me," Morgan laughed, and the line went dead.

Garcia turned back to her monitors, smiling widely - she was content and happy - maybe her plan did work.


"JJ?" Agent Hotchner stuck his head into the press liaison's office.

"Yes?" JJ's head snapped up quickly, "Oh Hotch, what can I do for you?"

"Well I was just wondering if there were any new cases that needed our attention or if I can send the team home?" Hotch asked, stepping further into the medium sized office and closing the door behind him.

"Oh, well nothing that needs our immidate attention, so you can probably send everyone home," she smiled at up at him.

He cocked his head, noticing that JJ seemed distracted, "So when were you going to tell me?"

"Tell you?" the blonde jerked her head back up, surprised to see Hotch still standing before her, "Tell you what?"

"About you and Emily," he said calmly, softly.

"What?" she squeaked.

"JJ, you can't pretended that no one else knew, you work with a team of profilers," Hotch explained, "It's not easy to keep anything hidden from us."

"B-but you all promised not to profile each other, and me," JJ stuttered out.

"We don't have to be profilers to see how you and Emily feel about each other," Hotch said and with that, turned for the door, "Oh and JJ, you can head home for the day too."

"...Thanks," JJ smiled awkwardly at the closing door, "Oh my God."


JJ was just about to leave when there was knock on her door, "Come in," she called.

The dark haired agent she had been thinking about all day long poked her head, "Hey, I was just about to head on out for the day, I heard Hotch is letting you leave too so I came to see if you wanted to -"

A hand on Emily's elbow paused her ranting, "Let me grab my purse then we can go," JJ smiled at her.

"Together?" Emily asked, eyebrows shooting to the top of her forehead, "Is that a good idea? I mean..."

"Hotch knows, Em," JJ smiled, leading the other agent out of her office.

"He does?" Emily nearly fainted, "How?"

"He's a profiler," JJ shrugged, smiling as she passed by a fellow straggler in the bullpen, "And I guess we're both pretty obvious."

Emily's face when crimson, "Well, yeah, I knew that he could read us, but I didn't think we were being that obvious..."

"Please, even I realize how obvious we are," JJ laughed, "You barely take your eyes off me during a briefing."

Emily's blush got even darker, "JJ!" she hissed.

"What?" JJ laughed, "Aw come on, Em, it's cute."

The two arrived at Emily's car and the dark haired agent shook her head, "You know, for a bunch of FBI Agents, they kind of suck."

"Why's that?" JJ asked, grinning as she wrapped her arms around Emily's waist.

"The didn't even notice that we came in together this morning and that you're wearing one of my shirts," Emily smirked, leaning in to steal a kiss.

AN: No lie, i think the ending sucked. But i'll leave the opinions up to ya'll.