Title: March 31-a
By: Dr FooFoo
Rating: PG13
Fandom: CSI: Miami/CSI: NY crossover
Pairing: Danny/Ryan
Warnings: none
Notes: One of my nightly Danny/Ryan characterizations. Yep. Different time of day from March 31.

Ryan leans over the sink and peers in the mirror. He has this weird, tiny cut on his face that he's never noticed until now. It's right above his left eyebrow, and he spits out his toothpaste as he tries to think about where he might have gotten it. The only place he can think of is that secretary that was hitting on him last week, but then again, that seems to happen a lot these days, so it really could have been any time... But the last one had these really long nails, so --

Suddenly there's a hand on his ass, and Ryan jumps, looking up into the mirror and smiling when he sees it's Danny. Not that he was expecting it to be anyone else, but he had to work this stupid robbery today, while Danny was off doing some exciting murder case, so Ryan hasn't seen him all day.

"Hey..." Danny says, voice low, and it's all Ryan can do to keep from turning around and tearing all his clothes off. Luckily, he doesn't even have to, because when he hears the sound of a zipper sliding down, he knows what Danny has in mind. The hand on his ass turns into two hands on his ass and he lets Danny pull down on his sweatpants and lead him back towards the shower.