Title: Exposure
By: nancy
Pairing: Don/Adam
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: BDSM
A/N: this is a spinoff from the Bitch ‘verse. If you haven’t read that, this will still make sense, but might lack context.
Summary: Adam accepts an invitation from Don which leads to all kinds of exposure to both of them.

Adam knew he should’ve turned down Flack’s invitation, but there’s been something in those pale eyes that had warned him to accept. What had happened in Mac’s office, Don’s voice hot in his ear while he’d fucked Danny…Adam got hard just thinking about it. Despite the warning bells going off in his head, he’d stammered a positive response and hidden in his lab for the rest of the shift.

They’d met at the elevators after shift and Adam had barely been able to look the other man in the eyes without blushing. And damn Flack for grinning like he had, anyhow. Adam wasn’t completely wet behind the ears; he knew the cop wanted something from him that involved some kind of sexual contact. Adam had no intention of doing anything sexual with Flack, not more than he’d already done at least.

Having spent the afternoon convincing himself that there was no way the cop would risk doing anything in public, he’d blithely followed the taller man out of the building and to a bar somewhere in Midtown. And now they were at some kind of kinky bar that he hadn’t even known existed, sitting in a both while people in leather collars, leashes, and riding crops made him feel seriously overdressed.

Glaring at Flack, he said, “You had to pick this kind of place?”

Flack just gave him that disarming, innocent grin of his and answered, “What kind of place would that be, Adam?”

Adam folded his arms across his chest and refused to respond.

Flack was still chuckling when their waitress, a petite thing with rainbow hair and too many peircings came to take their drink orders. Adam was tempted to just order a soda, but the other man looked at him with a smirk that said he knew exactly what Adam was thinking. He ordered a beer instead, taking the middle of the road instead of wussing out completely.

Flack gripped his forearm and said, “Relax, Adam. I’m just razzin’ ya. This place is as safe as Fort Knox and has even better discretion. We’re good here, trust me.”

He did trust Flack, which was part of the problem.

“And anyhow, they have awesome nachos here,” Flack finished.

Adam snorted and said, “Fine. Nachos it is.”

Things grew more relaxed after that. Or, more accurately, Adam relaxed. The nachos really were good and Flack turned into Don somewhere around the end of the nachos and second round of beers. Talk consisted mostly of sports and work with no mention of the giant, leather-dressed elephant in the bar with Danny’s name on it.

It wasn’t until the end of the third beer that Adam blurted out, “How did Danny get like that?” and then slapped his hand over his mouth.

Don laughed out loud and leaned on the table as he said, “It’s okay, Adam, no one here even knows them. As for how it happened…I’m not really sure. All I know is one day when Danny sasses me, Mac tells me the score and gives me carte blanche for satisfaction. So to speak.”

Adam rolled his eyes at the other man’s pun.

Snickering, Don continued, “It’s pretty casual between the three of us. There’s Mac and Danny, and then there’s me having fun with Mac and Danny. We aren’t a threesome or anything.”

“It just, you know, blows my mind,” Adam said, shaking his head. “I mean, Danny’s so…”

“Butch?” Don supplied.

Adam nodded rapidly. “Yes! Exactly!”

Don shook his head and countered, “He’s really not, if you watch him closely. He’s all bluster. There’s not a dominant bone in his body.”

Draining the last of his beer, Adam retorted, “Could’ve fooled me.”

Don chuckled. “That’s ‘cause you don’t take your head away from that computer of yours long enough to notice.”

Acknowledging the point with a grin of his own, Adam admitted, “Yeah, well, some of us have to get some work done.”

“Careful there, buddy-boy,” Don warned, eyes flashing. “Mind your manners, now.”

Adam swallowed against a suddenly dry throat, the tension of before slamming into him unexpectedly. Clearing his throat, Adam announced, “Time to visit the little boys room. I’ll ah, be back shortly.”

Don leaned back against the booth and flashed him a lazy grin, one long arm out along the back of the cushion. “Take your time. I’m not going anywhere.”

Discretely adjusting himself before standing, thankful he’d worn loose pants that day, Adam quickly left the table. It took a few minutes to find the restroom but at least there wasn’t a line. And it turned out to be a two-stall, smallish room which made sense since it was a fairly small bar.

He turned the lock in the stall, just in case, and emptied his too-full bladder with a sigh of relief. Beer always went right through him. Just as he was zipping up, he heard the door open and close. When he shook off and stepped outside the stall, it was to find Don lounging against the door like he owned it.

Don flashed him another lazy grin and said simply, “I lied.”

“Um…” Adam tried to think of something to say, but he really didn’t know what would cover his current situation. ‘Sorry, I don’t want to have sex with you?’ or maybe, ‘I’m not gay, just a little confused around you, Mac, and Danny.’ Neither seemed to really fit.

Not that it mattered since Don walked right up to him, into his space, and Adam backed up until he hit the sink and there was nowhere else to go. Don leaned over him, arms to either side of him, and placed his mouth right at Adam’s ear. He flashed hot and cold as the other man did nothing else but stand there, breathing softly against his lobe. It was anticipation of the worst and best kind, stretched taut like a bowstring ready to snap. When Don’s tongue just barely slid along his neck, Adam nearly jumped out of his skin.

“So here’s what I’m thinking,” Don said in a low rumble that sent a shiver through him. “I’m thinking that you need to get on your knees and suck me off. Use that fast tongue of yours for something better than being a smartass.”

Adam’s fingers spasmed on the sink ledge and he tried to speak, but only an annoying squeak escaped.

Don shifted to his other ear and continued, “Or I could spank that bare ass of yours until you can’t stand it anymore and beg me to stop. Even better, I could do both and then make you want a good. Hard. Ass fucking. What do you think little boy? Triple Play tonight? Your choice.”

It was hard to think with the other man just right there, surrounding him. The smell of him; the hot, moist breath against his throat; those evil words burrowing right into his brain like they would never go away…it overwhelmed him.

“Better yet, let me decide.”

Before Adam could really figure out what that meant, strong hands gripped his shoulders and pushed him down. It wasn’t a painful hold, just firm and steady; more like a strong suggestion than an order. Staring into Don’s pale eyes, Adam knew that he could say no at any time and there would be no attempt at coercion, nor any backlash at work.

His body decided the matter, though, and Adam found himself kneeling with a minor discomfort to his knees on the tiled floor. The outline of Don’s dick was clear under the denim so close to his face. Long fingers laced through his short hair and pulled him in, pushing his face against Don’s crotch. Adam gripped his thighs for balance and had no choice but to breathe in the strong scent of the man.

Don held him there for a few minutes and Adam slowly relaxed when nothing more was asked of him. He tentatively rubbed his cheek against the long length and heard a sharp intake of breath from above. When he leaned back, the hand in his hair let go. Looking up into those eyes again, now mesmerizing with what seemed like pure lust, Adam reached shaking hands to undo the belt and then lower the zipper. It was a startlingly loud sound in the closeness of the bathroom.

Adam pulled down the pants and found no underwear impeding the dick that almost slapped him in the face. He jerked back just in time to avoid it and thought, Jesus, that thing’s big. How in hell did Danny take it all like he did?

As if reading his thoughts, or maybe just his horrified and yet fascinated expression, Don told him, “Just take what you can, little boy. I am getting off on more than your mouth here.”

The repeated phrase, ‘little boy,’ sent a shudder of wrongohmygodhotbad through him like nobody’s business. Licking his lips, Adam hesitantly leaned in and ran his tongue along the side of it. There was salt and musk most immediately, and something else he couldn’t identify. He made a slow circuit of the shaft with his tongue and then licked along the length a few times with the flat of his tongue to get more of it. And then there was nothing left to do but put his actual mouth around it.

It was awkward and thick, lying there in his mouth with him not sure what to do next. He looked up to find Don gazing down at him avidly. Knowing he’d get nowhere if he kept looking into those evil eyes, Adam glanced at the bare skin of Don’s navel while carefully going down on the shaft in his mouth. He sucked on the way back up and then went down just as slow before pausing to breathe.

As he got into a rhythm, however slow of one, Adam’s body made its needs known. His dick throbbed with need and his body was tight with orgasm hovering, ready to strike, without a single damn touch.

“Fuck you look so God damn hot,” Don groaned, guttural. One of his hands laced into his hair again, this time the hold a lot tighter. He moved Adam’s head up and down a little faster and continued, “Virgin mouth, virgin ass, you’re all mine, little boy. I’m going to take you so good and hard you’re fuck, you’re not going to know what hit you.”

Adam sucked harder at those words, the images again painted right into his mind, and got an unexpected yank down on the cock, Don’s other hand suddenly pushing against the back of his had. He choked as the tip penetrated the back of his throat and then come splattered into his mouth without warning. Adam coughed a couple of times, most of the bland, salty come swallowed but some of it falling back out of his mouth.

When Don released him again and he leaned back against the sink, Adam coughed a couple more times even as his hand furiously pulled his pants down and then jerked off with barely a single tug. His body exploded and when the world returned, Adam was leaning against Don’s leg, holding tight while the other man stroked his hair.

And then, more than a little numb, he thought, Holy fuck, I just gave Don Flack a blowjob!

Unexpectedly, Don pulled him to his feet and kissed the living shit out of him. He was swimming with need again by the time it broke up and he groaned, hand twisting in Don’s shirt as he gasped, “What the fuck?”

“You’re so fucking mine now, Adam, you don’t even know,” Don answered, almost gently. “C’mon. Let’s wash you up and we’ll get another beer and talk for real.”

“I don’t think I want to talk,” Adam answered, hiding his face against Don’s throat. “I don’t get any of this.”

Don kissed his temple with a warm chuckle. “That’s why we need to talk. Now c’mon.”

Adam jumped at the sharp swat to his ass and pulled away enough to glare at the other man. Not that it lasted long, the afterglow was so good. If only the sex had been bad, he could declare the whole thing over, but it had been…better than great. Certainly the best sex he’d had in a long time and it had just been a blowjob and jerking off.

Don cleaned them both off, a move that surprised Adam, and when they returned to the table, fresh glasses of beer waited. A blush suffused his face since at least their waitress, probably others, knew what they’d done in the bathroom. Meeting Don’s gaze across the table, Adam was glad when the other man linked their fingers together, the connection definitely something he needed just then.

Adam would grab any bit of stability in his suddenly overturned world.

And then Don grinned at him again and things didn’t seem so weird.