Title: Out to lunch
By: it-glitters
Pairing: Greg/Nick
Fandom: CSI: Vegas
Rating: PG-13
Series: 1) And Across Town, 2) Rough Start, 3) Simply, Words Stall
Summary: Greg and Nick finish their conversation.


He stared his friend down and all the saliva emptied from his mouth. Greg was afraid to answer the simple question and even more afraid to lie. He didn't know why he was so nervous about it all. There was some attraction to Nick Greg did swing both ways, but he never thought there was anything mutual. And now he was stalling. He didn't know how long he had sat there.

"Earth to Greggo," Nick waved his hand in front of Greg's face.

"Huh, oh uh, sorry, I guess I just zoned there for a minute." Greg knew he should just tell the truth Nick was a friend, there was nothing to hide.

"It was this girl, I, uh, was seeing." He was not about to tell Nick that she had been a fuck buddy gone crazy. He didn't want Nick to see him that way even if Nick was a ladies man who had slept with a hooker. "It ended and not in a good way."

Greg couldn't read Nick's reaction; it seemed to go from dismay then to hope. Silence fell between the two men. It was well... awkward, and, at least in the minds of the two men it should not have been.

Nick spoke first, "Well, that sucks." He looked away. He did not want to hear the inner details of Greg and some girl especially since it was Greg he was fantasizing about nearly every night.

Greg decided that the subject needed to be changed in short order. "So, you managed to get Saturday off, huh?"

"Yeah," Nick answered noncommittally.

"I'm on call," Greg responded. "You wanna hang out or something?"

"Yeah sure," Nick said a little faster than he had wanted to.

"Great," Greg said, standing up and putting money on the table. "I'll see you then."


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