Title: Simply, Words Stall
By: it-glitters
Pairing: Greg/Nick
Fandom: CSI: Vegas
Rating: PG-13
Series: 1) And Across Town, 2) Rough Start
Summary: Nick and Greg make a go at a meal.


They were not to be paired that night a fact that greatly despaired both of them without the other knowing. Nick was sent out with Warrick on a B and E and Greg had been paired with Catherine on another minor case. Nick hoped there would be down time so that he could "accidentally" run into Greg.

His wish was granted about half way through shift when he saw Greg in the break room with a fresh cup of coffee.

"Hey there G," he said as he walked into the break room. "That doesn't happen to be some of your stash is it?"

"Maybe?" He looked devious for a moment. "Yeah, have at before everyone else steals it."

Nick made a cup of coffee and sat at the table with Greg.

"You working a case with Cath?" Nick asked Greg.

"Yeah, but we finished early. I was just sort of taking a break before going back to the glory of paperwork that shines on us everyday," Greg said smirking.

Nick laughed. "Well, technically, you worked late the other day, and I'm done," God, why was it so hard just to ask his friend to grab a meal with him? Fuck it. "Do you want to ditch this popsicle stand and grab some food with me?"

"Absolutely, but let's bail before Griss catches me and attempts to, I don't know, grow mold colonies on my back... Seriously, he's been totally torturing me lately."


They sat across from each other in a booth in a nearby diner.


"Yeah?" Greg looked up from his burger.

"What the hell was with that call you got?"


"You know the other day we were working a scene and your cell rang, and then you drifted off. I mean, if it's a secret then you can go ahead and keep it, but I mean, we're friends and I thought..." God, he sounded like a girl, even to himself. But he had to know. He had to know who it was.


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