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Title: Broken
By: nancy
Pairing: Tony/Gibbs
Fandom: NCIS
Rating: AO
Series: 1) The Ring, 2) Respite, 3) Death Match, 4) Whore
Warnings: DARKFIC!!! rape, violence, brutality
Summary: Tony vanishes and Gibbs tracks him into the violence of a human slavery ring. Tony breaks.


The piercings hurt like hell, but Tony didn't complain. At least they were on his nipples and not his dick, as he'd seen on a couple of other guys. He was surprised at the depth of the operation he'd witnessed. Sure, the warehouse in which they were kept was huge, but that could happen anywhere. So could the multiple cages where the fights took place. Anyone with money could buy and build either. What astounded Tony was the sheer number of sex slaves and captives at the mercy of the guards, forced to do whatever they were told to do.

Having only been out of his cell while drugged however many months he'd been in the matches, Tony hadn't realized just how many cells there were on his hall alone. They'd gone through three intersections leading down other halls on the way to first the piercer, and then the viewing box. The amount of employees spoke of an organization the likes of which he'd only heard rumors of while on Baltimore PD.

It was his second time out as a whore and Tony was glad for the numbness that had taken over his mind and emotions since the first time. The world had turned gray and fuzzy in a way that might have been drugs, but was probably more his unraveling psyche.

They finally reached the oasis of calm and refinery in an otherwise chaotic universe of men screaming for blood and Tony sighed in relief. The noise level in the main warehouse was unbelievable and he added 'soundproofed' to the list of accomplishments of the ringleaders, whoever they were.

Tony scanned the room and found two men in suits standing by the glass, talking softly. They were white and in their late forties, maybe early fifties. One had a slight paunch and balding brown hair while the other was blond and fairly trim. He spotted 'Sir' sitting in what seemed to be his usual chair, a comfortable leather piece that spoke of luxury. They hadn't been introduced that first time, the guard had just ordered him to, "Suck Sir's cock, bitch. He wants to try you out first."

And Tony had.

"Those are Sir's partners and you'll make them as comfortable as they want to be, got it, DiNozzo?" the guard informed him.

Nodding, Tony took a steadying breath and walked over to the two men, eyes downcast until he stopped before them.

"And what's this? A new toy?" one of them, the balding one, asked.

Tony forced himself to ask, "What would you like me to do for you, Sirs?"

"Oh, I can think of a great many things for a pretty boy like you," the second murmured. "But the match is going to get underway in a second and I want to see this one. I hear he's quite the killer. Kneel and watch."

Dropping immediately to his knees, Tony lifted his head so he could see out the window to the cage below. Shock rendered him paralyzed as he saw Gibbs entering the ring. He was nude, of course, all the fighters were. He wore that cold, implacable expression that always made Tony think that that was what Death looked like. It was so very wrong on Gibbs that he wanted to run out there and throw himself on the other man and make him stop.

"You might not want him, but I've got an itch to scratch," the first commented, moving to stand beside Tony.

The exact same moment that Gibbs turned to look up at them. Tony froze, unable to move knowing the other man could see him clearly in the brightly lit room. There was no way he could be missed.

"Now, bitch," the first ordered, unzipping his pants.

There was nothing Tony could do but accept the man's cock in his mouth and start sucking on it. Fingers tugged on his still healing nipple rings and he gasped in pain. He vaguely heard the crowd cheer and knew the match had begun.

The man groaned softly, "Oh yeah, that's good, suck me off just like that."

Both hands came down on Tony's head, holding him as the man fucked his throat, shoving all the way down repeatedly. Tony's throat protested violently, but the movement was too fast to allow a proper gag reflex. A loud, surprised roar came from the crowd, but Tony had all he could do to find time to breathe. The man came fast, thank God, spilling down Tony's throat with several soft grunts.

Tony knew better than to throw up somewhere like the VIP box, but it was a close call. It was only through the pure force of will that he kept down the come and managed to gasp, "Thank you, Sir."

The man's thumb rubbed over his lips, a smile hovering as he said, "You're welcome. I'm sure I'll use this pretty mouth again soon. You can watch the match now."

He didn't want to, but his gaze turned of its own volition. What he saw sent a shiver of pure dread and fear through him, right down to his core. Gibbs already had the other man on the ground. His opponent clearly had one broken arm, the limb at an unnatural angle with bones poking through flesh as blood seeped from the wounds. On top of that, his face was a ruin, the nose a bloody pulp. Despite all that, Gibbs continued to rain down punishment, torturing the other man with brutal kicks to his gut and ribs.

Tony moaned softly in despair, fingers digging into his thighs to keep himself from bolting. As if hearing him, Gibbs looked up, going stock-still for a few seconds before bringing his heel down in a crushing, killing blow to the man's throat.

His eyes never left Tony.

The crowd went wild, consumed by the bloodlust and violence.

"If that's how he reacts to you being here, I think you'll be on duty here permanently."

Tony heard Sir's words, but saw only Gibbs, who had as yet to look away. This was what they'd been reduced to; killer and whore. Not a fate of their making, but their fate nonetheless. He moved without thought to jump through the window, just the need to end it all, but a grip like iron shoved him back down, holding onto Tony and keeping him there.

He looked up at Sir's handsome face and pleased expression and knew the black of absolute hopelessness.


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