Munch/Cassidy Slash

Kinks Series
by De Orakle
Auto-Exhcustive Asphyxiation Nappy-philia Basoexia Feta Cheese Pterodactyl-philia

The First Time Series
by Iris Gray
There's a First Time For Everything
Summary: Unhappy after a one night stand with Olivia, Cassidy has a drunken talk with Munch.
The Morning After
Summary: After the events of "There's A First Time For Everything", Munch gets anxious and pushes his partner away.

by karisma
Winter Morning
Warnings: boys in bed, but no anatomy lessons. And, this is assuming they've already taken the Big Plunge.
Summary: Did you wake up this morning? Well, in the Eastern US, it's cold, it's miserable, and it's ugly. In light of this, we get a peek at one bedroom in particular.

by MistressMarilyn
Summary: A bored Munch takes time out to indulge in a little fantasy about his young partner (not Fin!)
Warnings: A little bit of S&M

by Joey Steelgrave
I Want You To Stay
Summary: Well, a summary would be like a bad movie trailer and give the whole thing away. Suffice it to say this is a romantic Munch/Cassidy interlude set after the episode 'Disrobed,' a 'what might have been' if Dick Wolf were a slasher (in our sense of the word, not in his use-em-then-fire-their-asses-without -a-second-thought sense).
Warnings: Don't have any. I only wrote this to prove I can write a story that doesn't require any warnings! There's no kink, no sex, no violence and very little bad language. And Chris Keller does not appear!

by elim
Warnings: No sex. There really isn't even much beyond vague suggestions, unfortunately :(
Summary: Munch asks Cassidy to go to one of the more interesting local clubs.

For One Night by caffinate-me
PAIRING: that would spoil it (crossover SVU/ Stargate: SG1), but f/f
WARNING: not the happiest fic, and some shippers might have the urge to throw stones (please don't. heh.)