Law & Order F/F Slash


Untitled by giantessmess
SUMMARY: Drabble.

Untitled by giantessmess
SUMMARY: Drabble inspired by the season 4 episode 'tortured'.

Untitled by giantessmess
SUMMARY: Drabble.

Some Crimes by giantessmess

Cup of Coffee by SVURaider1-6
WARNINGS: song-fic

Kitchen/Lullaby by first-love88
SUMMARY: Two drabbles.

Zoo/End, The by first-love88
SUMMARY: Two drabbles.

Getting married by first-love88
SUMMARY: Alex and Olivia tie the knot.

Outing by first-love88

Xerox/Yes by first-love88
SUMMARY: Two drabbles. X & Y for the A-Z challenge!

Tomorrow/Urge/Virgins/We by first-love88
SUMMARY: Four drabbles. T/U/V&W for the A-Z challenge!

Pretty please/Quintessence/Reassurance by first-love88
SUMMARY: Three drabbles. New ones for the A-Z challenge!

Things that go "Damn!" in the night by conspicuouslyme
PAIRING: one-sided Alex/Olivia
SUMMARY: Drabble. Not battery operated...

A-D-Oh! by conspicuouslyme

Hope by nancy
SUMMARY: Liv feels something she hasn't in a long time.

Gone by nancy
SUMMARY: What happened the night Alex was back in The Big Apple?

The Fourth of July by nancy
PAIRING: Alex/Olivia
SUMMARY: Olivia gets more than just fireworks for the 4th.

Creation Instead of Destruction by katie-drake
PAIRING: Casey/Olivia (implied)
SUMMARY: So here's a fanfiction that I wrote tonight in like 15 minutes for a challenge over at Passion Perfect (it's the 24-hour challenge).

Late Nights of a Workaholic by katie-drake

LJ is so... by katie-drake

Apologies, Confessions and Favors by katie-drake

Assumptions by katie-drake
PAIRING: Casey Novak/Olivia Benson and implied Serena Southerlyn/Megan Wheeler

Acceptance by katie-drake
PAIRING: Casey Novak/Olivia Benson and Serena Southerlyn/Megan Wheeler

Anniversary by katie-drake

Her Eyes by Kelsey
SUMMARY: "Casey's never seemed so young and innocent as when she's listening to Olivia's sob story in a bar, her eyes full of pity and perhaps a touch of empathy. Her hair looks soft in the muted light, and Olivia thinks idly that she likes it better like this, straight with an outward curl at the ends."

Bittersweet and Salty by Kelsey
PAIRING: Olivia/Alex & Olivia/Casey
SUMMARY: Someone comes back to Olivia's life, but someone new is already there. Will old love prevail, or does new love run stronger?

Olivia/Catherine Earnshaw..Linton (Wuthering Heights)
Love and torture by giantessmess
PAIRING: Olivia/Catherine Earnshaw..Linton (whatever)
FANDOM: Law and Order: SVU/Wuthering Heights crossover AU