Title: Things that go "Damn!" in the night
By: conspicuouslyme
Rating: R
Pairing: Just Olivia
Comments: Not battery operated...
100 words exactly! I'm impressed.


Yes. Oh, Alex... Faster, baby... Yes... Yes... YES...

"Wha... What the hell?" Olivia opened her eyes. She looked around and got up, feeling her pupils dilate in the dark. She peeked out the bedroom window. Darkness. No street lights, no lights in the neighboring buildings, nothing. It was pitch black.

"What the hell happened?" She tried the light switch and her phone. All dead.

"Goddamit, I was so close!" She whispered angrily.

She took out the flashlight from the nightstand and padded naked to kitchen. On the post it attached to the freezer door she wrote in block letters: "BATTERIES!!"