Title: Acceptance
By: katie-drake
Rating: PG-13
Fandom: Law & Order: SVU
Pairing: Casey Novak/Olivia Benson and Serena Southerlyn/Megan Wheeler
Disclaimer: I don't own them, just wish I did....*cries softly*



Olivia Benson stood outside the door, willing herself to knock but far too frightened to do so.  She thought about what Serena had said just 30 minutes ago when Olivia, having returned from her undercover stint with the FBI had gone to Serena Southerlyn's door to announce her return.  Serena had been glad to see her, but when Liv asked her how the squad was doing Serena had told Liv to, "Ask me what you really want to ask me Liv.  Is Casey doing alright?"

"Well, is she?"

"She misses you; I can see it in her eyes everyday that I see her.  She hates Beck, though truth be told I'm not too fond of her myself.  She was putting the moves on Elliot, can you believe that?  Anyway, she misses you alot, Liv.  What are you going to do about Casey?"
            "What do you mean, Serena?"

"Oh, come on Olivia; I mean, really...You've had feelings for her a long time and yet you can't bring yourself to say those words out loud, not even, "˜Wanna go on a date with me Casey?'"

"Ok, ok...I get your point Serena.  So what should I do?"

"Follow your heart, Olivia.  That's all you can do."

"Yeah, how's that working out for you?" Olivia hated to sound mean to Serena, but Serena was really expecting the impossible; Liv couldn't tell Casey the truth.  The truth would mean removing walls put in place decades ago.

"Well if you must know, Detective Benson," Serena pronounced with a sudden ice to her voice, "I am currently in a committed relationship with a wonderful woman who loves me, and I love her.  Unlike some people, I am not afraid of my emotions or another's love."

"I'm sorry Serena that was rude of me; I'm afraid though."

"Liv, I understand.  Believe me, I understand; hiding from Casey will not, in any way, change how either one of you feels."

"What should I tell her?"

"Just follow your heart, Liv; follow your heart."


And now here the big brave detective stood, uncertain of what to say and even more uncertain of what Casey would say, *Guess I should trust Serena.  I mean, she got what she wanted because she took charge.  It's about time I did too.*  Liv knocked on the door, then when no sound was made from inside knocked again, "All right already I'm coming.  So help me if it's Munch I'm using my baseball bat."  Casey opened the door holding said item in her hand, ready to use it (apparently) on Munch, "Liv? What are you doing here?  What about the FBI case?"

"The case is over with, I came back home."  Then doing what the older woman would later recall as the bravest moment in the her entire life she kissed Casey sweetly and chastely.

Stunned at first, Casey didn't react; once she realized just what was happening, however, she came alive with the sudden electric notion that Olivia Benson, SVU detective of the 16th precinct of New York, New York, USA was actually kissing her.  She pulled Liv into her apartment, never breaking contact with the older detective.


Hours later Casey smiled as she lay in her bed with Liv.  The two had just finished making love for the eighth time that night.  Casey shivered with joy at the notion that Olivia wanted her.  "Casey?" Olivia whispered sleepily, "I love you; I've loved you since that first case where you trampled on our crime scene."

"I love you too Liv; ever since you yelled at me for trampling your crime scene."  Casey settled herself into Olivia's arms, facing her lover as she herself wrapped her arms around Liv before letting an exhausted sleep take her over.


Downstairs, "Finally they're done.  They were driving me crazy up there with all the "˜Oh Liv!'s and "˜God Casey!'s."

"Well, it sounds like they're finally settled down for the night though.  I'm glad, Casey deserves to have her detective finally."

"And you don't?"

"Megan, I already have my detective," Serena turned and kissed Major Case detective Megan Wheeler before cuddling close to her.

"What did you tell Liv anyway?"

"The same thing Casey told me when I told her about you; to follow her heart."

"Wow that movie was right..."

"What movie?"

"You know, Pay It Forward?  The one where the little kid does something nice for someone and then that person does something nice for someone else; it goes on like that until it comes back to the boy."

Serena laughed as she kissed Megan on the nose, "You are such a geek sometimes; it's adorable."

"Nice to know someone appreciates my knowledge of pop culture."

"I appreciate a lot more than that."

"Oh, I know you do baby," Megan kissed Serena passionately, "I know you do."