Title: Tomorrow / Urge / Virgins / We
By: first-love88
Pairing: Alex/Olivia
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: No Spoilers. I don't own A/O! No copyright infringement intended.
Words: 312 / 283 / 319 / 321
Summary: Four drabbles. T/U/V&W for the A-Z challenge!



Agent Hammond came through the door Emily held open for him. She had been under the shower. Her hair was dripping. Hammond looks different,she thought. "Is there anything I can do for you, Agent?" Hammond declined the offered chair and the tea. He stood in the middle of Emily's living room and looked at her.

He told her what she had been wanting to hear forever. The threat no longer existed, she didn't need WP any longer and she could go home as Alex Cabot. Alex jaw dropped open and she her heart started beating fast. Agent Hammond looked different because he was smiling, something she had never seen him do before.

He went on, "We have movers coming in tomorrow to pack your belongings." Alex gasped, "Tomorrow?" "Yes, someone will come and give you keys to your new apartment in New York. We booked you the 1700 flight tomorrow arriving 1900 local time.

So tomorrow you get your life back. I hope we don't have to meet again." His smile got a little wider at the last words. He waited for her reaction. Alex sat down but stood up again. Quietly chanting "Tomorrow tomorrow tomorrow tomorrow..."

Suddenly Alex looked up "No!" Hammond jerked. "What do you mean? No?" Alex looked at him but not seeing him. "I don't leave tomorrow for NY!"

Hammond was surprised and started "But...". Alex interrupted "I'll leave now! I travel light and stay in at the Helmsley, but I am sure as hell not gonna stay here. I am calling the airline and ask for a Red-Eye!" Hammond was speechless. He sat down and watched Alex running around packing a bag with the phone tucked between ear and shoulder waiting for the airline to put her on the line again. She mumbled "Tomorrow! As if!"



A knock on her door startled the ADA. Alex looked at her watch. 3 pm. "Come in!" Olivia's head appeared inside Alex's office door. "Hey there, did you have lunch today?" Alex nodded. Olivia closed the behind her but stayed there.

Alex watched her from across the room and took in the view. Olivia wore perfectly fitting slacks and a blouse the same dark gray as the pants. Her badge was clipped to her belt. Her gun was missing but the holster was there. Only a light jacket was hanging over Liv's arm. The sleeves of her blouse were rolled up. Olivia leaned against the door tilted her head and watched Alex watching her. Several expressions appeared and disappeared on Alex face until a calm look settled in and her eyes locked with Olivia's.

Both of them had the urge to close the distance kiss and touch the other woman and never let go again. The urge went far beyond tenderness. They wanted each other under or on the desk exploring each other's body. Neither of them knew that the same fire burned within their hearts and their respective arousal was equally excruciating.

Alex bit her lower lip and licked it as in anticipation of a kiss. Liv swallowed hard watching the motion knowing Alex was unaware of the effect on her. Alex noticed Liv becoming uneasy, but she didn't know why. She sighed and broke the silence. "Do you need something, Detective?" Almost giving in and admitting to want a kiss;

Olivia hurried to say "Yes, Counselor, a warrant for Peters. We have the witness!" Alex nodded and reached for her phone admiring the backside that disappeared into the hallway.



Alex gave her reflection a scrutinizing look. Make up was great. Her hair was okay but it seemed as if it had its own will this evening and wouldn't stay the way she wanted it. She had changed her outfit five times. She wanted this day to be the day, but was anxious.

Olivia checked her make up and hair. She didn't like standing in front of mirrors but she caught herself for the fifth time giving her appearance a self-critical look. She was beyond excited. It felt like today was the day or better the night of all nights. Fancy restaurant and then taking Alex to bed. She could do that. Could she?

"Dinner was nice!" Olivia looked at her shoes like seeing them for the first time. They were standing in front of Alex's building. Alex fumbled with her key. "Yes, it was indeed." Olivia stuttered but managed to ask "Have I told you that you look awesome and breathtaking?" Alex blushed but was glad the darkness hid her face. One of them had to make the first move. They had been to second base already why should this be any different?

Alex found her courage first and lead Olivia into her house, her apartment and her bed.

Olivia opened her eyes and discovered that Alex was already awake and watching her. "Well, good morning, Love." Liv gave a greeting smile. "Good morning, Sweety." That was the moment they gave each other their secret names. In public they called each other 'Detective' and 'Counselor', as friends they said 'Alex' and 'Liv' but now after a night full of almost making love they had different names. Olivia pulled the blanket over her face and mumbled into the sheets. "Last night was wonderful, though we are still virgins." Alex peeled her lover out of the sheets and said "Let's work on that!"



Elliot came out of the interrogation room. Grinning victoriously. "I'd say I broke him. He is singing the sweet tunes to confession.!" He looked at Alex "All you have to do is letting him repeat that in court and he is gone for good." Alex nodded.

She was very satisfied with this case. Elliot smiled and asked "Wanna celebrate over dinner?" Alex looked surprised and shook her head "Sorry, I already have a dinner date." In this very moment a smiling Olivia came around the corner and added: "Yes we head out for dinner!" Elliot felt encouraged and said "Well I'll join you then." The women exchanged looks and then said in unison "Sorry WE have a dinner date." Olivia continued "Next time, partner!" and put on a warming smile when she saw Elliot's disappointment. "Why can't I just join you two?" Alex blushed ans answered "Because we have a date and we wanna celebrate." "Yeah, I got that the two of you eat together, but I don't see why there is no room for one more." Olivia decided to let him in on the secret Alex approved and nodded knowing Liv would tell him now.

"WE will have dinner and celebrate that we are together now. You know, three is a crowd!" Alex and Olivia turned on their heel and left before the stunned Elliot could say anything.