Title: Untitled
Author: giantessmess
Fandom: Law and Order: SVU
Pairing: Alex/Olivia
Rating: PG
Word count: 150
Summary: Drabble inspired by the season 4 episode 'tortured.'


They were the most beautiful things Olivia had ever seen.
She loved the way they curved, as she ran her hands over them.
Her companion pulled back.

"You're obscene, Olivia."

"No, these are obscene." Olivia's eyes never left them.

"I can't believe...you a fetishist?"

"I'm multi-layered."

Alex raised an eyebrow at the red boots on her desk. They were something else, alright. If you could forget the manner in which they were found.

"I wish you wouldn't bring your contraband into my office. You do know swiping evidence is...well...you could lose your job."

"Like they'll miss them for one night."

"But are they...clean?"

Olivia licked her lips. Eyeing Alex, she ran a slow finger over the leather surface.
She let out a laugh at the color spreading over the ADA's face.

"Humor me, will you?"

Alex huffed out a breath.

"Fine. But next time, I get to dress you up."