Title: Kitchen / Lullaby
By: first-love88
Pairing: Alex/Olivia
Rating: PG 13
Disclaimer: No Spoilers. I don't own A/O! No copyright infringement intended.
Words: 228/ 289



"So you want the ugly one over there?" Alex folded her arms and frowned. She would not give in and allow Olivia to bring such an ugly thing into their new home. Olivia grunted in frustration. "Damn, your choice is AWFUL!"
Alex couldn't believe it. "That one is impractical, doesn't go with our choice of color and is just ugly!" Olivia got closer to her lover. She was furious but would not give the other customers the satisfaction of watching a gay couple fight.
"You already mentioned that you find it ugly, but it comes in several colors and I don't think it is impractical." Alex lowered her voice. "Love, who would want to go around two corners to get to the fridge?" Olivia had thought the same briefly but would never admit to it.
"Tell me, would that be the same person that wants the top shelf way up, too high for a pregnant 5' 7'' woman to reach? I think you discriminate me because you are 6 cm taller." Alex burst out and couldn't help but laugh so loud that everyone else stared at her.

"Oh, Sweety.. oh ... yeah... WOW!" Olivia seemed rather glad with their compromise they finally found. The built-in kitchen came with a table that could stand a pregnant and a naughty woman on top.


Alex stopped short, when she spotted her lover. The door to the newly renovated room next to their own was ajar. Leaning against the door frame she enjoyed the sight thoroughly and listened in on the conversation that took place inside.
"You know there are some bad things in this world, like sadness and fear. That is a feeling we all have to fight. Then there is hate. One of the worst ones. And of course there is violence, frequently the result of hate or fear." Olivia sighed.
"But... do you wanna know a secret? There are far more beautiful things in this world. They outweigh the bad ones! I guess you expect examples. There are friendship, belonging, safety, family, fun, laughter, contentment, happiness and love.
Love is something very beautiful. It is such a strong feeling that it creates children. Beautiful little ones like yourself. Here is another secret. I love you. And I am looking forward to all your moments of joy and all the wonders you'll experience. And I love your mommy. She is beautiful,too."

"And she was eavesdropping." Alex said and opened the door so Olivia could see her as well. Olivia blinked and a smile appeared on her face when she realized Alex was in the room. "Hey, there little boy. Is your mommy telling you stories?" Alex got on her knees in front of Olivia to get a better look at the small boy being cradled in her lovers arms. Olivia answered in his place. "We couldn't go back to sleep, so we talked." "Why don't you sing?" Olivia looked away. "I don't know any lullabies." "Me neither" Alex sat down and she started humming.