Title: The Fourth of July
By: nancy
Fandom: Law and Order: SVU
Pairing: Alex/Olivia
Rating: R
Summary: Olivia gets more than just fireworks for the 4th.


New York had to be the best and worst place to spend the Fourth in the country, second only to DC itself, Olivia decided as she kicked her door open. It kept sticking in the damn humidity and with her arms full, using her foot as it wasn't meant to be and getting a stubbed toe or three in the process, was SOP these days. She limped further inside the apartment after kicking the door closed harder than necessary, the loud slam satisfying.

"You really should get that fixed."

Olivia dropped her grocery bag at Alex's amused observation and found the woman standing in her living room.

"Although, I suppose it does make it harder for anyone to get in without you hearing it," Alex continued. "Assuming you're home, which you never are. I've been here since last night, you know."

"Alex, what the hell?" Olivia finally managed to gasp.

Smiling, Alex announced, "He's dead, along with his brother and uncle, the two right hands of the snake running that particular organization. There's no one else in line of succession and the rivals taking over could care less about me or anyone else who took a shot at Zapatos, legally or otherwise, unless it's to send them a Thank You card."

Olivia was unable to do anything except stare at Alex's brilliant smile. The blond walked over to her, reaching up to cup the back of Olivia's neck and pull her in for a tight hug. Olivia belatedly wrapped her arms around the slender waist, breathing in the familiar scent of delicate perfume. She didn't realize that she was crying until she opened her eyes and everything was a big blur.

Pulling back, Alex murmured, "Oh, Libby, it's okay now," before tenderly wiping away the tears with her thumbs. The kiss was soft and hungry all at once and Olivia moaned, opening her mouth to it eagerly. Alex's mouth was wet and silky, her tongue nimble and skilled as it moved against Olivia's. She'd been waiting for years for this, literally, and was desperate for more, hands sliding down to grip the firm curve of Alex's ass.

But Alex broke it off, holding her at bay with a single hand on her collarbone. After catching her breath, she whispered, "We have time now. Come on. Let's watch the fireworks."

Olivia was startled to realize that fireworks were going off now and she hadn't even noticed, so wrapped up in Alex had she been. Knowing the other woman was right and wanting to do this right, she nodded. Holding hands, they walked to the window and climbed out on the fire escape, just like all of the neighbors. She sat with her back to the building wall and tugged Alex into her arms, between her legs.

As they watched the spectacular display, something deep inside Olivia began to heal.