Title: Love and torture
By: giantessmess
Fandom: Law and Order: SVU/Wuthering Heights crossover AU
Pairing: Olivia/Catherine Earnshaw..Linton (whatever)
Rating: PG
Word count: 250
A/N: Ok, hybridizing Victorian literature with a popular tv character is harder than it looks. lol.


They called it Oliver at first, after a son that had died in infancy.

She disappeared, and then returned to us, changed. A tall woman in dark clothes. A perverted gentleman.

Mr Linton begged. "Will you give up Olivia, or will you give up me?"

It didn't seem to matter that Catherine was married, any more than the fact that the Heights belonged to her brother.

She learned of Catherine's increasing illness. Her eyes darkened.

"I will be justified into extremes, Nelly."

Barely calm, she insisted on seeing her. I hadn't the wits to refuse.

"You broke my heart."

"I am your heart."

"You broke your own heart."

I wondered if there were any organs left undamaged.

"You have killed me," Catherine cried.

Olivia pressed her roughly onto the bed, suffocating her in the embrace.

"Are you possessed with the devil?"

I saw the bruises blooming on her skin, when Olivia brought her hand away. Traces of blood, where Catherine's nails (though weak), had punctured Olivia's neck.
I tried to keep my eye out for the master.

"You needn't pretend you weren't watching for my sake, Nelly," Olivia smirked.

"Sir, have some sense," I implored.

Catherine had stopped breathing. So much the better, I thought. Mr Linton arrived, in anguish.

Olivia enjoyed this torture. As we rushed to piece Catherine's insensible body back together again - cover her up, cool her brow - Olivia only waited in the parlour.

"I will see her again," she threatened, coldly. "Even if unbidden."