Title: Apologies, Confessions and Favors
By: katie-drake
Rating: PG-13
Fandom: Law & Order: SVU
Pairing: Casey Novak/Olivia Benson
Disclaimer: I don't own them, Dick Wolf has that privilege.


Casey Novak laid her head back against the headrest of her office chair, exhausted.  She was not frustrated at work, rather at one NYPD detective who had been dodging her all week, I swear, when I get my hands on that woman...Casey smirked at the thoughts that materialized in her head, namely Olivia Benson naked in her bed:  Shake it off Casey, Olivia wouldn't be interested in you; you're not her type, she's more likely to go for Elliot than you.  Focus, you're supposed to be pissed off at her for getting that case dismissed on that fucking "˜technicality' called miranda warning. Ever since Liv and Elliot had destroyed her case, Liv had been avoiding her like the plague.  Elliot hadn't been so lucky, running into Casey just two days after Branch had chewed her ass out at the batting cages.  He had begged forgiveness, finally telling Casey he knew that he owed her big.  Casey wondered just how she would cash in on his favor.  Sighing, Casey stood up as she gathered papers she needed to go over into her briefcase.  Grabbing her overcoat, Casey flicked off the lights and locked up her office.  As she turned to leave she was suddenly presented with a flustered Olivia Benson.  "Ca-Ca-Casey, I-I was just coming to drop off some paperwork.  I was just gonna slide it under your door."

"Thought if you waited long enough you wouldn't run into me?"  Casey snapped, far harsher than she meant to.

"I-I'm sorry, Casey.  I'm sorry that we-that I ruined your case."  Liv forced herself to make eye contact with Casey, "Can I try to make it up to you?"

Casey glared at Olivia for a long time, before finally answering, "I suppose you can try, though I can guarantee you'll have a hard time making it up to me."

"Can I take you out for a drink, maybe dancing?"

"Sure; wait, you dance Liv?"

"I would be insulted if I hadn't nearly cost you your job; yes I dance.  I'm pretty good too.  Are you free tonight?"

"Yes, just let me take my briefcase home and change and then I'm ready."

"Great, I'll accompany you to your place then."


At Casey's apartment Liv waited patiently on the couch, trying to convince herself that she was doing this to make peace with Casey and not to try to be more than friends with the sexy young redhead.  Come on Liv, I mean, Casey asked you how you have boyfriends with this job; she's straight.  Nothing can happen between you.  Just get over it.  Olivia's thoughts got progressively worse, but she knew that she needed to make it up to Casey.  "Liv? I'm ready."

"Wha-oh, great.  Let's go then."  The two headed out to a club Liv knew, getting into a cab and sharing in awkward conversation the entire way there.


Once inside the club Olivia grabbed Casey and pulled her to the dance floor, where the two began to dance.  When a woman came up to ask Liv to dance with her Casey snaked her arms around Liv's neck, "Sweetie, what say we take a break?"

Liv smiled, "Certainly, love."  The woman blushed and walked away; Casey quickly grabbed Liv and pulled her off the dance floor towards the bar where they ordered two beers.

"I hope you don't mind that I did that." Sigh, I just wish that could be us...

"I'm glad you did, that was awkward.  I mean, we're together here; it was rude of her to do that." Shit, I can't believe I just said that.

"I'm sure she just couldn't resist you," Casey smiled, Not that I blame her; God Casey, stop thinking that! "It's completely understandable."

Liv almost choked on her beer when she heard Casey; did she really just say that? "Is it?"

"Absolutely, look at you Liv:  jeans, tight shirt, and sexy leather jacket; you're very hot."  Why can't I shut up?  I'm just digging myself deeper and deeper...

"Is that your personal opinion Casey?" Please say yes.

"That's been my personal opinion for a long time, Olivia." Please don't be straight, please don't be straight, please don't be straight...

"I'm flattered, I mean, I wasn't sure if you were-I mean are..." Please don't be straight, please don't be straight, please don't be straight...

"I'm gay, Liv." Ok, just tell her especially since you can't seem to shut up...

Oh thank God... Afraid to speak, Liv leaned over and kissed Casey softly.

(Liv's thoughts-) Oh my GOD I'm kissing Casey Novak; I better not be dreaming or I'm going to be so pissed off.

(Casey's thoughts-) I'm kissing Liv!!  YES!!!  God I need to stop thinking and just enjoy this...

Casey moaned as she pulled Liv closer to her, sliding her tongue over Liv's lips.  Liv opened her mouth gladly as the two deepened their kiss.  Liv groaned when they finally pulled away to breathe, "Casey..."

"If you want to continue to make it up to me Liv, I have some ideas," Casey kissed Liv again before continuing, "but I don't want a one night stand or fling."

"Good, because you deserve better than that," Liv whispered into Casey's ear, "you deserve to be cherished, worshipped, and loved."

"Think you're up to the task, Olivia?"

"I sure as hell hope so, Case."


The couple returned to Casey's apartment and spent the night exploring, caressing, and learning one another's bodies.  They made love long into the night, and finally fell asleep in one another's arms.  The next morning dawned, and Casey woke to find her dream a reality, suddenly I'm glad my mouth wouldn't stop talking last night.

Liv woke to see a pensive Casey lost in thought, "Planning on returning to Earth anytime soon?"

Casey grinned, "When it's you I'm coming back every time."

"So, think you can forgive me?"

Casey laughed, "I suppose I can, since now I have what I've wanted all along."

Liv smiled as she leaned over to kiss Casey, the two deepened the kiss, letting their hands roam one another's body.  "You know, it turns out it wasn't too hard to make it up to you after all."

"You make me sound easy."

"We both know you aren't." 

Casey's alarm went off, causing Liv to curse, "Shit I've gotta go to work," Liv moved to get up before Casey pulled her back into bed.

"Relax Olivia, Elliot owes me.  Let me call him real quick."  Casey grabbed her cell phone, "Hey, Elliot?  Can you cover for Liv this morning?"

"Why Case?"

"Think of it as that favor you owe me."

"Ok Case, but I'm shocked that you'd use your favor for Liv."

"She's convinced me to forgive her; she's much more convincing than you, sorry El."

"Ok, I'll cover for Liv and we're even."  And it's about damn time Liv finally worked up the nerve to tell you how she feels; same goes for you Casey.

Title: Assumptions
Rating: PG-13
Fandom: Law & Order: SVU
Pairing: Implied Casey Novak/Olivia Benson and implied Serena Southerlyn/Megan Wheeler
Disclaimer: I don't own them

"The number one thing not to do in a relationship; well, other than cheat or kill the partner, I'd say don't think in the beginning."

            "Don't think huh?  How would you do that, Serena?"

            "I have my methods," Serena Southerlyn laughed, "but you'll never learn them, sorry Casey."

            ADA Casey Novak shook her head, "So, have you found someone suitable to spend your life with yet?"

            "Actually, I did meet someone.  She's so hot, I'm really excited.  We're going out again tonight."

            "When did you last go out?"
            "Our first date was last night, so tonight is date number two."

            "Two dates within 2 days of one another?  Serena, ever hear of a thing called patience?"

            "Patience, counselor, is overrated.  I prefer to tell a woman how I feel rather than wait for her to take her own sweet time getting the guts to tell me."

            "Oh, and it's my fault that Liv doesn't catch the signals?"

            "No, but it's your fault they are such lousy signals and you don't just outright tell her."

            "I know, but what if Liv doesn't feel the same way?"

            "Risk, Casey; it's all about risk.  I'm willing to take them, Megan is willing to take them, but you are stuck in a rut."

            "Well, not all of us can be confidant like you, Serena."  Casey smiled as she watched her friend shake her head before answering a call from Megan, Oh Serena, if you only knew where Liv and I spent last night.  And the night before, and the night before, and the night before that...Quit thinking dirty thoughts Casey, really; Serena can pick up on that a mile away.  Casey smirked at the thought of what Serena would do if she found out, She'd be so proud of me, but I think Liv and I need to keep this to ourselves a little bit longer...Serena's going to flip out when I tell her; that's what she gets for making assumptions about me though.