Title: Zoo / End, The
By: first-love88
Pairing: Alex/Olivia
Rating: PG 13
Disclaimer: No Spoilers. I don't own A/O! No copyright infringement intended.
Words: 404 / 263



Alex woke up and a ray of sunshine tickled her nose. A light breeze came through the open window and made the curtains dance from side to side. She turned around and found Olivia sound asleep.
It was ten a.m. and she was curious why the kids had not woken them yet. She touched Liv's shoulder "Hey Sleepyhead! Wake up, my love!". Olivia groaned. Alex hugged her lover and whispered into her ear "The kids are not here yet. Why is that?" Olivia answered without opening her eyes "Because I have told them if they let me sleep in today we would do something real fun today. I also told them eleven a.m. was a good time and they promised to wait as long as they could."
Olivia finally opened her eyes and asked with a raised eyebrow "What time is it?" Alex felt slightly guilty and considered lying but told Liv anyway. Olivia's eyes grew wide. "Don't tell me I had to bargain with our monsters and you are the one waking me up way too soon!" Alex snuggled close and suggested that they could use the time for something else, but in that very moment the monsters stood in the door and wanted to know if their mommies were awake.

Liv and Alex let them jump into their bed and each mommy kissed them good morning and settled in with one child around the neck. Ben asked them what the fun thing was they wanted to do today. Sarah eagerly told them that she had already an idea. Olivia was surprised and asked their five year old what was on her mind. " I like the zoo. Ben says he wants to see an elephant. I wanna see an elephant too!"
Ben joined in "Can we go there? They told us in school that there was a huge tiger to see!" Liv looked to her lover knowing that she liked the idea so she told them to get ready. As soon as she had said it the two were heading out of the room to get rid of their pajamas. Ben would manage to get changed, since he was almost eight, but their little princess always needed help not putting clothes on but choosing matching ones.
Alex kissed her wife, got up and headed towards the loud chatter mumbling "Perfect day to visit the zoo."

End, The

Ben got the call at noon. They told him his parents were dead. They had been discovered in their bed, holding hands and looking as if they were asleep. His sister knew it at 12:13 pm. They would have to take care of everything. First, they wanted to meet and cry. Then they would have to say goodbye. The coroner told them that their parents had died in their sleep around 3 a.m. within minutes of each other. No one could tell which the heart had stopped beating first.

"Are you coming to bed, love?" "Yes, Sweety, I'm on my way. I just couldn't find my glasses and I wanted to put them on the nightstand." Alex chuckled. Though Olivia had been wearing glasses since her 57th birthday, she never got used to knowing where she had put them. Olivia made her way to the bed and went to her lover under the covers. "Sweety, I think the comforter feels different." Alex laid her arms around her lover and held her tight. "That is because I use a new detergent." Olivia was pleased and nodded, but Alex went on. "I have been using it, since Sarah gave us a grandchild." Olivia frowned. "But little Olive is five." Alex kissed her lover and turned off the small bedside lamp. "Sweety?" Alex opened her eyes again. "Yes?" "I am sorry we fought over the kitchen back then." Alex took Olivia's hand. "Me too, love. Sleep tight!" Olivia sighed and squeezed Alex's hand. "Good night!"