Title: LJ is so...
By: katie-drake
Rating: PG-13
Fandom: Law & Order: SVU
Pairing: Casey Novak/Olivia Benson
Disclaimer: Don't own them, probably never will.


"Damn they really like me butch," Liv smirked as she finished the story.

"Well they make me look like a jackass," Elliot frowned, "but they portray John really well for the most part."

"They make me look like some kind of freak," Fin shook his head, "and Cragen don't look too good, he looks like some kind of bungling fool."

"Casey always seems to come out as a little lovesick puppy in these stories, or way too confident. There's no common ground."

"Oh, there's always common ground Detectives," Casey smiled as she walked into the precinct, "hi sweetie."

Casey kissed Liv, who replied, "Hey, have you read the latest update for this story?"

"The one where you are emotionally unavailable, the one where you are still hung up on Alex or the one where you're too chicken to ask me out?"

Elliot laughed, "She's got a point, Liv."

"Well, life did not imitate art, trust me."

Fin smirked, "Yeah, Serena put the two of you together because Casey was too afraid to ask you out."

Casey glared at Fin before turning back to Liv, "Am I a lovesick puppy in said story?"

Liv nodded, "Yeah, the author finally finished it. Happy ending as always."

"I know."

Liv glanced at her wife curiously, "How do you know? It was posted five minutes ago."

Casey grinned broadly, "Because I wrote it."