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Title: Alone
By: nancy
Pairing: Tony/Gibbs
Fandom: NCIS
Rating: AO
Series: 1) The Ring, 2) Respite, 3) Death Match, 4) Whore, 5) Broken, 6) Vows, 7) Please, 8) Liberation, 9) Real, 10) Visitors, 11) Changes
Warnings: DARKFIC!!! rape, violence, brutality
Summary: Tony vanishes and Gibbs tracks him into the violence of a human slavery ring. Tony and Jethro alone at last. Without a Trace crossover.


Tony's hand clamped onto Gibbs' jacket as they left the hospital room that had become something of a safe haven over the last eight days. There was no reason to stay anymore, though, with the doctor's assessment that as long as Tony invested in a helmet, he'd be fine. They'd been cautioned very sternly not to let anything else strike him in the head if at all possible and admonished to follow the nutritional regimen, but ultimately allowed to leave.

No one stared or talked about them as they walked down the hall, but it felt like it. Tony walked as close to Gibbs as possible, practically stepping on his heels.

At the elevator, Gibbs finally shifted to put his arm around Tony's waist and draw him in close. He gave Tony a tense smile and told him, "Not long now. The hotel's only about ten minutes away by cab."

Somehow, Tony thought he wasn't the only one wary of being surrounded by strangers. The team had gone back to DC three days before, but Malone had asked Tony and Gibbs to stick around while the Federal Prosecutor got his act together. Gibbs had left it up to Tony, but he knew the other man wanted him to say yes, so he had.

At least this way someone else's paying for the hotel, he thought, trying to summon some enthusiasm.

They made it to a cab without incident and the ride over was closer to twenty minutes thanks to traffic, but blessedly uneventful. Gibbs' arm went around him again once they were out of the cab and walking into the hotel. An expensive one, from the furnishings. Tony's heart pounded as he caught sight of a small statuette similar in tone to one in Sir's office.

Gibbs' hand rubbed over the small of his back as he murmured, "Easy, Tony. We're okay here. Malone checked it out personally."

Tony swallowed nervously, but nodded.

They reached the concierge, a big marble countertop with an older man with gray hair and dark eyes in an expensive-looking suit behind it. The man smiled and greeted, "Welcome to The Grand. My name is Jeff, may I help you?"

"Jethro Gibbs and Tony DiNozzo checking in. FBI suite," Gibbs answered shortly.

"Of course, Sir. ID, please?"

Gibbs tensed and replied, "I don't have ID. Special Agent Malone was supposed to have left you pictures to confirm our identities."

Jeff's eyebrows rose askance, but he merely began a search of the desk. Less than a minute later, he said, "I'm sorry, Sir, but..."

"Don't fucking call me that!" Gibbs interrupted harshly.

Startled, Jeff apologized, "I'm sorry? Ah, Mr. Gibbs? There's nothing here to indicate..."

"Call Special Agent Jack Malone at the FBI office. Now."

Tony's hand twisted in Gibbs' jacket and he moved right up against the other man, doing his best to mold to his back. A strong hand gripped the back of his neck, massaging there as they waited for the concierge to make the call. He kept giving them strange looks, but Tony ignored him and the people around them, concentrating only on Gibbs.

Jeff finally hung up and told them, "Agent Malone is out on a case right now. One of his team is faxing over confirmation of who you are, but we should start the paperwork now, as it's merely a formality."

Gibbs nodded and signed where the concierge told him to sign without question. Tony understood perfectly, hoping that the speed with which Gibbs complied got them out of the open as soon as humanly possible. Sooner, even. By the time the fax arrived some ten minutes after they were done with the check-in, Tony was shaking hard enough from the strain that Gibbs kept giving him worried looks.

Taking the keycards off the counter, Gibbs said, "We'll find it, we don't need anyone to show us where it is," and guided Tony towards the elevator without waiting for the poor man to respond.

The elevator arrived in short order, thankfully, and they got on immediately. Gibbs glared at a couple of college aged kids about to get on at the same time, which stopped them short.

The younger one swallowed nervously and said, "It's all yours, dude. We'll wait."

Gibbs jabbed the button to close the door and Tony did his best to stifle would was probably a hysterical bout of laughter. Facing him, Gibbs gripped his shoulders and squeezed, asking, "How are you doing?"

"Other than waiting for someone to jump us and take us right back where we were? Peachy!" Tony replied, only a little sarcastic.

The door opened then and Gibbs kept a tight hand on Tony's shoulder as they left it to find their room. They were at the end of the hall by the emergency exit which was, and wasn't, comforting. On the one hand, they could get out of dodge fast, but on the other, anyone could use the stairs to get to them, too.

Finally in their room, Tony threw his arms around Gibbs and let himself fall quietly apart. He let Gibbs usher him over to the bed and curled into the other man's arms when brought down onto the big, comfortable mattress. It took several minutes of soft words and just being held for Tony to feel even remotely close to normal. Lifting his head at last, he gazed into Gibbs' pale eyes and managed a smile.

Gibbs smiled back and cupped his face before kissing him, slow and deep. Tony sighed into the kiss, enjoying the fact that for the first time since even before his kidnapping, they were alone. He relaxed completely as Gibbs rolled partially on top of him for better leverage, tongue delving even deeper to tangle with Tony's. Moaning happily, Tony gripped Gibbs' hips and pulled tight, thrusting up against him.

Gibbs broke the kiss into smaller ones, licking and biting at Tony's mouth before stopping to rest their foreheads together. "Let's get comfortable and order some room service. You need to eat  before we do anything strenuous."


A finger pressed over his mouth to still the protest. Serious, Gibbs told him, "You need to eat. I'm not going to risk you."

Tony made a face at him and bit his finger lightly, but nodded. "Fine."

Grinning, Gibbs pushed off him and climbed off the bed, shrugging out of his jacket and tossing it over a chair. Tony pulled off his own jacket and threw it onto the same chair before flopping back down on the bed. He heard Gibbs put the deadbolt into place and then pick up the phone to order food. Tony snickered softly on hearing Gibbs argue about the potency of his coffee as well as the rareness of his steak and then hummed in appreciation at the brownie sundae ordered for dessert.

Gibbs sat on the bed and put his hand on Tony's stomach, asking with a smile, "You like the dessert choice, huh?"

Tony countered, "What's not to like about chocolate?"

"Hedonist," Gibbs teased fondly. "It's a good thing you need to gain weight. Why don't you take a shower and relax a little until the food gets here?"

Grinning, Tony asked, "Is that your way of telling me I smell?"

"It's my way of telling you that I'll be putting my tongue in places that better be clean later on."

Tony's jaw dropped for all of three seconds before he scrambled for the bathroom.

*  *  *  *

Dinner arrived while Tony was drying off and he took the time to brush his teeth and even floss since he found some in the cabinet over the sink. His trademark grin was a little tarnished from having been so long without any real brushing, even though he'd brushed his teeth the second he could get up from the hospital bed. He vaguely thought about getting one of those whitener toothpastes later, but his attention was focused on getting ready for after dinner.

At least the hospital took care of the enema, he though in dark amusement. Something he'd insisted on, one of the few times Gibbs hadn't been in the room. He'd wanted to get as much of that place off and out of him as possible, even though logically, he'd known nothing remained inside him. The doctors had even been thoughtful enough to tell him he'd contracted no STDs, although how, Tony still had no idea. It wasn't like anyone had used condoms.

"Tony? You okay in there?"

Shaking off the dark thoughts, Tony made a face at himself in the mirror...too thin, too ugly now...but called out, "Yeah, Boss. Be right out."

He grabbed a robe and pulled it on, sighing in pleasure at its softness as he belted it on. Leaving the bathroom, he found a serious repast waiting and protested, "There's no way I can eat all that!"

Gibbs shrugged and said, "You need to eat at least half of it before you get any dessert."

Tony grumbled under his breath, but joined Gibbs at the room service table. He attacked the vegetables and salad first, eager for something fresh, and the steak next, ignoring the bread altogether. He didn't want filler, he wanted real food. He looked up at one point to find Gibbs smiling at him and paused with the fork halfway to his mouth. "What?"

"Nothing. I just like watching you eat,' Gibbs answered.

Flushing a little, self-conscious, Tony continued to eat, but went a little slower, actually drinking some of the wine in his glass and then some of the water. He finished more than half of the meal before feeling too full to keep going, not even for the decadent brownie with its melted ice cream. Giving it a regretful look, he said, "Can't eat another bite."

Gibbs smiled and replied, "It'll keep. Why don't you stretch out and digest, while I take a shower?"

More of an order than a suggestion, but Tony didn't mind in the least and nodded. Gibbs kissed him on the way to the bathroom, making him smile, and he walked over to the bed. He found the remote just as Gibbs called out, "We need to go over some house rules later, DiNozzo!"

Chuckling, knowing that Gibbs had found the wet towels that he'd deliberately left on the floor, Tony called back cheerfully, "Sure thing, Boss!"

Tony found a classic movie station and dozed to an Abbott & Costello film that he'd seen a million times, the softness of the bed and warm temperature of the room lulling him. He didn't even really feel it when Gibbs joined him on the bed, sliding in behind him. It was just a sensation of deeper safety and comfort, something he turned to in order to fall truly asleep in a surprisingly nightmare-free darkness.

*  *  *  *

Waking to the sensation of wet heat around his dick brought Tony awake pretty quickly. He grinned at the ceiling and murmured, "Oh, McGee..."

The sucking stopped and Gibbs offered dryly, "I could just stop, if you've got other things to think about."

Tony chuckled and pushed onto his elbows to look down at the other man. Gibbs lay stretched out between Tony's legs, leaning easily on one arm, the other resting on Tony's hip. Waving at him, Tony said, "Nah. I'm good. Continue."

Gibbs snorted, but lowered his head to nuzzle at Tony's dick before licking slowly all the way from base to tip. Tony groaned in pure pleasure and sank back down on the pillows. They hadn't had sex since before Gibbs' last match and he was definitely more than ready for it. Taking Tony's shaft in his mouth, Gibbs went slowly down on him, sucking with just enough pressure to make Tony squirm and gasp, "Gibbs! Oh shit!"

When the sucking stopped the second time, Tony groaned and hoisted himself back onto his elbows. He found an odd expression on the other man's face and quirked a questioning eyebrow at him.

"You know, you could call me Jethro."

Tony blinked in surprise and then frowned hesitantly as he asked, "You'd want me to?"

"Tony, if you weren't nearly brain damaged, I would smack you upside the head for that question," Gibbs retorted. "Of course I want you to!"

Calling Gibbs by his first name seemed way more intimate than anything they'd already done, but Tony nodded and agreed, "Okay."

"Okay, what?"

"Ah, okay J-Jethro?"

"Say it, Tony."

Tony swallowed nervously but said firmly, "Okay, Jethro."

Smiling, Jethro pointed out, "That wasn't so hard now, was it?"

"Says you," Tony muttered.

Jethro rolled his eyes at Tony and ordered, "Just turn over."

Making a face at him, Tony nonetheless obeyed, rolling onto his stomach, noticing the lube standing prominently on the bedside table. Impressed, he asked, "When did you have time to ohmyGod!"

Tony looked over his shoulder to confirm that yes, Jethro did actually have his tongue in Tony's ass. Grateful he'd been thorough in his showering, Tony groaned in lust and collapsed onto the pillows again, wrapping his arms around one of them. It didn't take long before he was shuddering in need, fingers digging into the soft material.

Jethro paused to reach over him and grab the lube, which was a wait Tony was completely ready to do without. Before he could protest, though, the cold fluid dripped onto his hole and he gasped. Two fingers pushed inside to stretch him slowly, twisting and turning, fucking him easily, but carefully. They curved up and he jerked in shocked reaction of electric sensation.

Panting, Tony looked over his shoulder and accused, "You knew about that all this time and never did it?"

Jethro shrugged, but looked entirely too smug as he replied, "Got you off without it, didn't I?"

Tony opened his mouth for some serious complaints when Jethro did it again, rendering him mute as his body jerked in reaction. Glaring, he panted, "Bastard!"

Laughing softly, Jethro shifted to lie over him, taking his mouth in a hard, deep kiss. As always, Tony melted into it, opening his mouth for more as their tongues tangled. He moaned when Jethro's cock pushed inside him, the familiar pressure and stretch welcome. For a timeless period, that was all. Jethro remained buried inside him, thick and hot, balls heavy as they rested on Tony's, trading kisses back and forth.

It was the strain of the awkward position that finally broke up the kissing. Breathing hard as he dropped face first in the pillow, Tony clutched at the bedspread and begged, "Fuck me, please, God, just fuck me!"

But Jethro bit sharply at his shoulder and corrected, "No. No more fucking."

Tony didn't have to ask what he meant, because he already felt the difference between them. This wasn't the sharp, urgent need to connect before they were broken apart. It had nothing of pain or desperation to it, no more threats and beatings waited outside their door. They had time. Time and freedom and each other. It was so much more than fucking, but Tony couldn't name it yet, not even in his head. Not even with the words already spoken.

Nodding raggedly, Tony begged, "Now, please?"

Jethro started moving in him with long, easy thrusts. Tony pushed up onto his hands and knees, needing to do more, feel more. Jethro shifted with him, in synch as always, and put his hands on Tony's hip and back. Hands that never stopped caressing and squeezing, gentle in their regard, insistent in their desire.

It didn't take long to get close to the edge, the tension of the last several days wearing through him in ways he hadn't expected. As if sensing that, Jethro's hand gripped Tony's cock and stroked firmly, skipping the teasing and going right for release. And then the angle changed, or the depth, or both, and that insane pleasure slammed through him, driving a shout from Tony. Jethro thrust in repeatedly in the exact same way until it was over and orgasm ripped through Tony hard enough to make him see stars.

When he came back to his senses, he lay flat on the mattress again, Jethro panting hard near his ear and still buried inside him, but no longer moving. He wasn't even sore yet and sighed in satisfaction, stretching and humming contentedly.

Jethro kissed his throat and prompted, "Good?"

"Like you need to ask," Tony scoffed tiredly through a yawn.

Chuckling, Jethro told him, "Catch a quick nap because we're just getting started."

Tony grinned into the pillow, looking forward to it.


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