Title: Expanding the Boundaries
By: angstytimelord
Rating: NC-17
Fandom: Law & Order
Pairing: Michael Cutter/Jack McCoy
Disclaimer: This is entirely a product of my own imagination, and I make no profit from it. I do not own Michael Cutter or Jack McCoy, just borrowing them for a while. Please do not sue.


Mike looked down, keeping his gaze fixed on the floor and waiting for Jack to either turn him around so that they were face to face, or to tell him that he could turn around. He felt equal parts aroused and helpless, which was exactly what the other man wanted him to feel.

It was unusual for Jack to enact punishments in his office; it was too easy for them to be heard. But Mike was sure that the gag in his mouth would keep him from making any noise other than a low moan; he hadn't been able to force any other sound out from behind the leather.

His tie was off, his shirt undone. He'd been surprised that Jack hadn't told him to take off his shirt before his hands had been bound behind his back, but maybe his master didn't intend for this to be a very severe punishment. He wasn't sure of what Jack would do here in the office.

One thing he did know was that it was exciting beyond belief to be standing here in front of Jack, his body tense and taut, waiting for whatever the other man was going to do to him. Jack had every right, by the terms of their agreement, to inflict whatever he saw fit.

Jack wasn't going to go too far; not here, not where they could be heard far too easily. Whatever happened would be quick, and he was sure that it wouldn't cause him to walk out of the office limping or wincing. He wouldn't be in any major physical discomfort until later tonight.

The other man stepped forward, his gaze holding Mike's, one hand reaching out to trail soft fingertips down the center of Mike's bare chest. He tried to hold his breath, tried to calm his racing heart. He didn't want to appear too eager to find out what was going to be done to him.

Mike's eyes widened when Jack's hand moved down to cup his cock through the fabric of his trousers; he was already so hard it was almost painful, and the touch of those warm, lean fingers only made the need for release all the more intense.

"Don't look so surprised, Mike," Jack said softly as his nimble fingers worked at Mike's belt, then at the button and zipper on his pants. "You knew this was coming, didn't you? I think I made it perfectly clear what would happen when you lost a case."

Mike nodded, swallowing hard behind the gag. He had no idea what Jack intended to do to him, but there was no way he could ask -- and besides, it was more exciting when his punishment was a surprise. He had no fear of what was coming next, only apprehension.

He felt his pants slither down his legs, landing on the floor at his feet; obediently, he stepped out of them before Jack could tell him to do so. Jack nodded, a small smile quirking his lips; he gestured towards the desk, and Mike turned to look at it, wondering what Jack expected him to do.

"Bend over, Mike," Jack told him, his voice soft but firm. "Bend over the desk and spread your legs. This might hurt a little, but I promise that you'll still be able to walk out of here." Those dark eyes were fixed on his face, almost daring him to try to protest.

Michael did as he was told, closing his eyes as he laid his cheek against the cold, hard wood of Jack's desk. He could feel a thrill of anticipation run through him; the excitement that had been building up within him at the thought of expanding their boundaries was now at a fever pitch.

He gasped behind the gag when he felt Jack's hands on his ass, cupping and squeezing gently. What did his lover intend to do? Was he going to slide inside him, have sex with him right here in the office, with other people just on the other side of those windows?

No, Jack probably wouldn't risk that. They'd done it before, but those times had been few and far between, and they were usually the result of passions that had risen too high and had to be subdued. This wasn't like those other times; sex wasn't Jack's goal.

Or was it? His breath caught in his throat as one finger slid down the cleft of his ass, then a warm hand cupped his balls, rolling them between long, lean fingers. A shudder went through his body; whatever Jack was going to do to him, he couldn't wait for it much longer.

He almost wanted to whimper with frustration when Jack moved away from him; he was straining to hear what the other man was doing, but he couldn't identify any sound that told him what was going on. If only he dared to turn his head, to look behind him ....

But he didn't. He knew only too well that Jack wouldn't want him to look around; his lover had told him to take this position, which meant that this was where Jack wanted him to be. He had to stand here and wait, no matter how frustrating that was.

The first blow on his ass came out of nowhere; the gag in his mouth stifled a cry, making it come out as more of a gasp. His muscles tensed in reaction, even though he knew that would make the next blow feel much more intense than the first.

Another three blows fell in quick succession; by the third one, Michael was having a hard time keeping himself from squirming on the desk. He knew that Jack wouldn't want him to move, but he couldn't help it; he had to try to escape those blows.

The pain was starting to spread from his ass down into his thighs; two more blows fell, then another. Mike's legs were weakening; he knew that if this kept up, he would fall to the floor and not be able to get back on his feet. Jack had to know that, too.

He was going to come at any second now, with the next blow, or the one after that. It was useless to try to hold back his orgasm; Jack had to know that he was close to the edge. It had been more than obvious that he was aroused before his pants were off.

Jack knew him so well; he knew just how far he could push, what Mike's limits were. One last blow fell, this one slightly harder than the last few -- and that was all it took for Mike to let go, his body bucking against the hard wood of Jack's desk.

Mike slumped against the desk, closing his eyes, his legs finally losing the strength to hold him up. He wasn't sure if he was in pain or not; he knew that his ass was going to sting for a while, but at the same time, there was an intense pleasure coursing through his body.

No one else had ever made him feel the way Jack did; no one else could give him that combination of pleasure and pain and make him want it as much as Jack McCoy could. He only hoped that he made the other man feel the same way; he wanted to be just as irreplacable to Jack.

Jack's hands were moving up his sides, then gently working at the knots in the cords that bound his wrists behind his back. His arms fell to his sides once they were free; he felt drained, as though he didn't have the strength or the impetus to do so much as stand up.

Those gentle hands loosened the leather gag, pulling it away from his mouth; Mike took a deep breath, then another. His body was starting to feel the aftereffects of the experience he'd just gone through; he started to straighten up, but stopped when he felt a hand on the small of his back.

"I could look at that perfect ass all day," Jack murmured, his hand moving down to cup one firm ass cheek. Mike almost groaned at the contact; while Jack's touch felt good on his skin, his ass was still stinging from the blows he had taken.

He didn't know what to say; he didn't think there was anything he could say. He wanted to make Jack happy, and he was glad that his lover liked looking at him. But at the moment, it wasn't his place to come out with some kind of witty remark.

"Get dressed," Jack told him, his voice soft. "It's nearly time to go home, and we don't have anything important to get done before the weekend. I'll order Chinese and you can relax and recuperate." Mike felt Jack move away from him, and he slowly stood up and turned around.

Jack was holding out his clothes to him, a slight smile on his lips. Michael was sure that he could feel his heart turn over in his chest at the sight of that smile; what was it about one smile from Jack McCoy that could make anything worthwhile?

"I think I need to relax after that," he said, wincing as he took a step forward and reached out for his pants. "That was more intense than I expected. But not unwelcome," he added quickly, not wanting Jack to feel that he'd overstepped any boundaries.

"You can always relax in the tub while I feed you," Jack suggested, his smile widening. "That's a nice little picture, isn't it? Besides, you've earned some relaxation. That is, if you think you'll be able to walk out to the car so I can drive us home."

Mike was sure that he could feel his heart skip at beat at those words, though he tried to keep his face blank of expression. Home? Their home? Was that what Jack was saying? Was he comfortable enough in their relationship now to feel that Mike had a home with him?

If he did feel that way, then it was a huge step forward in their relationship. Even though they'd become closer emotionally as well as physically, Mike still hadn't felt that Jack was ready to open up every aspect of his life. Not until this moment.

He was going to tread carefully, Mike told himself as he pulled his clothes on and began to button up his shirt. He'd take things slowly, without pushing Jack in any way. It was up to the other man to make the first moves, moves that he would be perfectly willing to follow.

"That sounds like a great idea to me," was all he said, keeping back the words that were in his heart. Hopefully, he wouldn't have to keep those words to himself for much longer, Mike told himself as Jack reached to unlock the door and snap their boundaries firmly back into place.