Title: Get Used To It
By: angstytimelord
Rating: NC-17
Fandom: Law & Order
Pairing: Michael Cutter/Jack McCoy
Disclaimer: This is entirely a product of my own imagination, and I make no profit from it. I do not own Michael Cutter or Jack McCoy, just borrowing them for a while. Please do not sue.


Michael sighed as he made his way down the hall to Jack's office; he had no idea why he'd been asked to have a conference with his boss, but he could only hope that he hadn't done something to screw up and make Jack annoyed with him.

No, he couldn't have done anything -- at least, not anything associated with work, he told himself with a frown. As far as he knew, unless there had been some development in a case that he didn't know about, everything was going smoothly in the office.

And Jack had made it clear, in no uncertain terms, that their relationship in the bedroom wasn't going to extend to the office. Here, they would be just as they had always been, co-workers with no hint of any kind of personal relationship between them.

Yes, they both knew better -- and anyone who knew them both well probably did, too. He'd seen the knowing glances thrown their way, and he was aware that people wondered about both of them. But he hadn't cared -- not until now.

If anyone so much as guessed at the truth of his relationship with Jack, would his boss be angry enough about that to end what they'd so recently started? Jack wasn't the kind of man who would put up with his personal relationships bleeding over into his work.

Of course, he'd had affairs with women who'd worked in the office before. That was common knowledge, and it didn't seem to affect his standing with his colleagues.

But it was different when the DA was having an affair with a man, Mike thought, a scowl settling onto his features. It was fine for him to fuck a woman; then, he was considered a stud, a "real man." But because Mike had the "wrong" anatomy, their relationship was taboo.

The thought made him more angry than he could put into words, but this wasn't the time or place for him to think about that and get himself worked up. He had to be calm when he spoke to Jack; he couldn't let himself get overly emotional.

He adjusted his tie and cleared his throat before he pulled open the door of Jack's office; the other man looked up, an inquiring expression on his face. That look relaxed into a hint of a smile when he saw that it was Mike who had opened the door.

"Sit down." Jack waved a hand towards the couch in his office, leaning back in his chair. "We have a few things to talk about, and you might as well be comfortable while we're doing it." His tone was almost conversational; he sounded friendly and relaxed.

That made Mike worry even more. Why would Jack have called him to the office if he just wanted to "talk about a few things"? He couldn't help feeling that someone had seen him going in and out of Jack's house, and had put two and two together to make five.

"You might as well tell me the worst," he sighed as he seated himself on the couch. "Somebody found out about us, didn't they?"

"No, nobody's found out." Jack shook his head, a small smirk on his lips. "And there's not really anything for us to talk about. It's for me to talk, and you to listen. I just called you in here to tell you that the rules of our relationship have changed."

"Changed?" Mike could feel his muscles tensing, his eyes widening in surprise before he remembered to control his expression, to try and keep his features bland. What did Jack mean, "changed"? That could mean a lot of different things.

"Yes, changed," Jack told him as he leaned forward to gaze into Michael's eyes. "You're my slave in the office as well as in the bedroom. I can do anything I want to you. You belong to me, Mike. Your cock. Your balls. Your ass. Every inch of you belongs to me."

Mike swallowed hard, completely forgetting to keep his features schooled into a neutral expression. He hadn't expected this, not at all. It seemed that every time he thought he was close to knowing Jack, the other man threw him a ball out of left field.

"You're my slave 24/7, Mike," Jack whispered, his voice low and intense. "I have full control over your body. I can torture you or pleasure you. I can make you suffer, or make you come. You gave me that right when we started this. In the office, or out of it."

Michael nodded, unable to speak. Jack was right; he had agreed to this. There was no turning back; there hadn't been since the moment he'd given his consent.

"I wanted you to know what the deal is," Jack said, leaning back in his chair and studying the man seated in front of him. "And now that you do, we have a little business to attend to. Come back here and face the desk, palms down flat on it."

Mike rose to his feet, unsure if he'd be able to make it to the space that Jack indicated behind the desk. His legs suddenly felt watery, his breath coming faster, his heart beating in triple-time. But he couldn't refuse to do as he was told.

Jack pushed back his chair as Mike hesitantly placed his palms on the desk, bending over slightly. He wanted to look over his shoulder to see Jack's expression; the other man was obviously getting a very nice view of his ass, considering that it was literally in his face.

But he didn't dare. Jack hadn't told him that he could look around, and he knew better than to try to do anything that he hadn't been given permission for. So he looked down at the desk, keeping his attention focused on his own slender hands, his long fingers splayed across the papers there.

Mike's eyes widened again as he felt Jack's hands working at his belt buckle; it only took a few seconds for the other man to have the zipper down and Mike's trousers around his thighs, one hand cupping the curves of the ADA's ass.

"Nice view to see first thing in the morning," Jack murmured, squeezing one cheek gently. Mike coudn't keep back a gasp that was part pleasure, part surprise.

Another gasp was torn from his throat when lubed fingers stroked over his opening and then pressed inside him, the first quickly followed by a second. He squeezed his eyes closed as the other man's fingers scissored inside him, opening him, preparing him for whatever was to come.

Mike looked over at the door, his face going pale as he realized that it wasn't locked; anyone could walk in at any time and see what was going on. It wouldn't take a rocket scientist to figure it out even if they couldn't see Jack's hand, not with him bent over the desk like this.

Was Jack going to fuck him, right here in the office? That somehow didn't seem likely; even though his words might indicated otherwise, Michael was fairly sure that he wasn't ready to go quite that far with their heightened relationship yet.

Besides, Jack was still sitting in his chair; if he'd intended for them to have sex, Mike was sure that he would have been standing up and unzipping his pants by now. But he showed no signs of doing that, so Mike had to assume that he had something else in mind.

His lover's fingers slipped out of him, almost making him sigh with regret. He wanted to ask Jack what he intended to do; it was on the tip of his tongue to do so when he felt Jack's fingers spreading his cheeks again -- and something pressing against him that definitely was not a cock.

Whatever it was, it was big. And cold. The tip pressed inside him, almost wringing a cry from his lips before he remembered where they were and managed to hold it back.

"It feels like it's too big for you, doesn't it?" Jack murmured as the object continued to press forward. Mike couldn't speak, for fear of moaning aloud; he merely nodded his head, trying to force himself to relax but unable to do so.

His muscles clamped down around the intrusion even as it pushed inexorably inside him; even the generous amount of slippery lube that Jack had so carefully prepared him with didn't stop the stinging, burning sensation that was building with each second.

"It's way too big, Jack," Mike choked out, lowering his head until his nose was almost touching the desk. He didn't realize that he was whimpering aloud until a few moments later, his fingers clutching at the edge of the desk as though to hold himself up.

"Shhh, no, it's not," Jack said, one hand resting on the small of Mike's back as if the other man was trying to soothe him. As he spoke, the forward motion stopped; Mike realized that whatever the object was, it was finally all the way inside him. Thank goodness.

He tightened his muscles experimentally, grimacing as he did so; it was obviously a plug, but he hadn't expected Jack to use one that was so damn thick. Taking a deep breath, he raised his head, but didn't move from his position; he wouldn't do that until Jack gave him permission to.

"You might have to walk around a little and get used to having a large size plug in you before you get to the courtroom," Jack told him, a satisfied note in his voice. "And sit down, too."

"What?" Mike's voice held disbelief, and more than a hint of shock. Surely Jack couldn't expect him to try a case with this kind of a .... distraction. "You've got to be kidding. I thought you wanted me to win cases, not be distracted from them."

"You'd better get used to being distracted," Jack replied mildly, crossing his arms over his chest and regarding the view of his ADA's ass with a smirk on his lips. "Because you're going to deal with this every day until I say you don't have to any more."

"What the hell did I do to deserve this?" Mike asked, instantly regretting his words the moment they were out. He didn't have a right to question Jack. This man was his master, and he'd agred to accept that hierarchy. He just hadn't expected anything like this.

"What did you do?" Jack asked, getting to his feet and moving behind Mike, using the fingers of one hand to push the anal plug in deeper while he pulled the other man's pants up with the other. "You agreed to be my slave. It's too late to back out now."

"I'm not backing out," Michael protested as he stood up slowly, automatically zipping up his pants and rebuckling his belt. His cock was achingly hard; for just a moment, he thought of asking Jack to give him some relief, then thought better of it.

"Then you'll get used to it," Jack told him, raising an eyebrow and casting a pointed glance toward Mike's crotch. "And you won't try to ease that problem either."

"What?" Mike was even more dumbfounded; was Jack going off the deep end? "You can't expect me to concentrate on a case with a raging hard-on and a plug up my ass. That's too much for anybody to take. Come on, Jack, cut me some slack here."

Jack's only answer was a shake of his head and a devilish grin. "I want to make sure you're ready for me when you come to the house tonight," he told Mike, leaning forward and whispering into his ear. "Don't worry, Mike. It all turns to pleasure in the end."

Michael swallowed hard, his mouth suddenly dry. He hadn't realized just what he was getting into when he'd agreed to this arrangement with Jack, but he was learning fast. Maybe he'd bitten off more than he could chew, but as Jack had said, it was too late to back out now.

No, he'd see this through, no matter how hard it was. He'd gotten himself into this -- and besides, he wanted this man. A part of him was aroused by the way he was being treated -- and he didn't want this to stop. It was the most exciting thing he'd ever let himself be subjected to.

He took a step forward, gasping as the plug pushed more deeply inside him. By the time he'd gotten to the door, his teeth were digging into his lower lip; Jack was right about having to take some time to accustom himself to being filled like this.

But get used to it he would, he thought, opening the door with a quick glance back at Jack. The older man was back in his chair, a satisfied smile on his face as he watched his ADA -- or was that his slave? Mike couldn't tell the difference any more -- walk slowly out of his office.