Title: A Man to Look After
By: it-glitters
Pairing: Greg/Nick
Fandom: CSI: Vegas
Rating: PG-13
Series: 1) And Across Town, 2) Rough Start, 3) Simply, Words Stall, 4) Out to lunch, 5) It Ain't Pretty, 6) Crash
Summary: Greg returns from the hospital.


Greg gingerly lifted himself out of the hospital bed. He had already signed the discharge papers and now just wanted to find a way to force his body outside to get a cab back home.

"G?" Nick called as he tapped on the door.

"Hey Nick!" Greg winced as he turned his head too fast. "What are you doing here?"

"Well a multitude of reasons actually. A It's Saturday. B You need a place to stay. And C which is probably most important at this juncture, you don't look like you're going to make it very far on your own to any destination."

Greg had to search his memory for a moment.

"I got kicked in the head, man. You gotta give me something here."

"You and me," Nick looked concerned. "Had plans for this Saturday. Granted you and your injuries there got you the day off and me put on call, but I still figured we could hang at my place and get pizza or something." Nick silently prayed that that sounded nonchalant and not desperate.

"I take it you haven't caught the guy yet?"

"No. Cath and I got a warrant compelling Ally to talk, but we couldn't get much more than she hired this guy Riley Dawes to rough you up. But he's a drifter, so chances are that he's outta Vegas by now, but better safe than sorry, right?"

"Are you holding Ally?" Greg's mind was on rapid fire. What had she told them? If it was the truth, then he would just be an ass, but she had the power to turn this into a he-said, she-said fiasco that could ruin his career. How could he have been so careless?

"She's been charged. Her statement basically says that you broke it off and she got pissed. She pretty much broke down once we showed up with the warrant. Said she met Rile through a friend of a friend and that she couldn't reach him because he had already left town... But me and everyone at the department would feel better about it if we just grab some of your stuff and you hang with me for a few days... Or get a hotel... Or whatever your comfortable with..." He had to stop he was bordering on babble.

"You offering to take care of me, Nicky?" Greg said mockingly.

"Get your stuff before I change my mind."


"Jesus, Greg, your apartment is a mess!" Nick had been to Greg's apartment before, but it was always relatively neat.

"I've been working a lot, so piss off, sit down, and let me pack a bag!" He said with feigned anger.

Nick took a seat on the couch and flipped on the TV. He could hear Greg rustling in the bedroom. He flipped idly through the channels while he waited for Greg to pack his bag, but began to worry after 20 minutes had passed.

"Greggo, do you need help?"


Nick walked to the bedroom and found Greg sitting on the bed clutching his side. Nick wanted to hold him in his arms and rock him to sleep.

"You ok?"

"Can't lift the bag."

"No worries, I got it."

"Don't tell anyone I needed help with a duffel bag or I may have to kill you."

Nick couldn't repress his laughter as he reached out his hand to help Greg up.


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