Title: Sleep to Dream
By: it-glitters
Pairing: Greg/Nick
Fandom: CSI: Vegas
Rating: R
Series: 1) And Across Town, 2) Rough Start, 3) Simply, Words Stall, 4) Out to lunch, 5) It Ain't Pretty, 6) Crash, 7) A Man to Look After
Summary: Greg crashes with Nick.


"So, do you have any hopes or wishes for what you want to do today?" Nick asked as he steered the car towards his home.

"Anything that involves food and not moving much oh, and my pain pills. Hell, anything involving my pain pills would be great."

Nick looked down at the clock; it was, in fact, about time for Greg's next dose. "Well, I'll get you set and cook up some food so you can take your medicine," he said, parking the car. "Hold up," he motioned to Greg. "I'll get your bag and help you out."

Greg though for a moment about complaining, but after the fiasco at his house he decided it would be best just to let Nick help him. If nothing else it would give him cause to grope Nick without arousing suspicion. Maybe he could pretend to trip...

The door opened and Nick reached inside "C'mon," he said, gently pulling Greg out of the car. The duffel bag was strapped over his shoulder.

"Oohff." Greg muttered as he fell into Nick's arms, not tripping accidentally as planned, but rather falling from the pain in his ribs caused by standing.

"I got you, c'mon, be careful, it's just a little ways."


Once they got into the house Nick insisted that Greg would be taking the bed. He changed the sheets while Greg took a shower and then set about to making them some food. By the time he had made up some simple chicken and rice, Greg had made himself at home in bed. Nick tried not to stare or drop the plates of food he was holding his fantasy had become a reality. Granted, most of his fantasies about this included Greg being naked but this seemed to be as close as Nick was ever going to get to that.

"There's more then enough room for both of us to eat on the bed," Greg said motioning to the open side. "Or I could get up if you wanted."

Nick tried to play it cool as he sat down on the bed next to Greg but he swore that Greg would be able to hear his heart beating.

"I'm watching bad movie rerun of the weekend ok with you?"

All Nick could do was nod.

They ate in silence, watching a movie that neither of them were really paying any attention to. When they were done, Nick took Greg's empty plate.

"Thanks, that was great."

"No problem." Nick went into the kitchen and put the plates into the dishwasher. When he got back to the bedroom, Greg was already beginning to fall asleep. Nick started shuffling through the closet to get some fresh linen for the couch.

"Whatcha doin?" Greg mumbled sleepily.

"Just getting some linens."

"Crash here it's a big bed I don't mind."

Nick figured it was the pain medication talking, but he wasn't about to miss this opportunity.


Nick awoke to a weight on his chest and something poking at his hip. It took him a moment to remember that Greg was in the bed with him. The weight was Greg's arm flung across his chest, and that meant the thing at his hip had to be... Greg's erection. Nick's mind went into a frenzied panic. Greg was not only in his bed, but he was hard.

Nick had to get out of the bed before Greg woke up. He slid out gently, careful not to jostle the sleeping man's arm too much. He walked quickly to the bathroom well, as quickly as a man with a raging hard-on could manage. He had two options when he got to the shower the first of which was a cold shower and the second was a hot one - with a session of fantasy and jerking off. He chose the latter.

He waited for the water to warm up before stepping in. He let it run over his body as he put one hand around his cock and put the other one against the wall. Thoughts of Greg overtook his mind as he ran his hand over the swollen shaft a disjointed mixture of reality and fantasy.


Greg awoke groggily to the sound of the shower running. He had to pee badly. He got up slowly, as not to aggravate his injuries and made his way to the bathroom. When he opened the door, steam invaded his vision and he could barely see but he could hear. He heard Nick's soft moans and the slapping of skin on skin. He instantly realized that Nick was jerking off.

Torn between the desire to pee and the need to leave Nick alone, he stood motionless in the hot bathroom.

"Oh, Greg," came a disembodied moan.

Greg stiffened. There was no way that Nick could have realized that he had gotten up and entered the bathroom. That meant that he had to be fantasizing about him. Greg ran from the bathroom, slamming the door behind him and thus, alerting Nick to his previous presence.


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