Title: There Isn't A Manual
By: it-glitters
Pairing: Greg/Nick
Fandom: CSI: Vegas
Rating: PG-13
Series: 1) Bewilderment, 2) Take Me Home, 3) Cynics, 4) Blood Spatters, 5) Hello Mr. Sanders, 6) Hitting The Wall, 7) Capable Of Murder, 8) The Good Boy, 9) Crying Shame, 10) As I Lay Me Down, 11) Stoic, 12) You Tell Me, 13) Mother, Mother, 14) A Simple Smile, 15) Good Enough, 16) Smack, 17) Let Me Be The One
Summary: Nick comes home.


Nick refused to let go of Greg's hand. He held it as Dr. Sealy explained the new anti-anxiety medication that he was prescribing to Greg. He also mentioned that it would be best for both Nick and Greg to keep journals of the things that came up in day-to-day lives that they would otherwise forget between sessions. Nick took the prescription with his free hand and wished Dr. Sealy well as he pulled Greg up with his other hand. Cindy gave them a wave as they left Greg's next few appointments were scheduled well in advance. Nick waited, as every few minutes Greg would gently squeeze his hand to let him know that he was all right. They stepped into the bright sun and Greg automatically shielded his eyes.

"Forgot your sunglasses again, G?"

"I think I left them in your truck."

Nick pulled Greg close again. "I was so worried about you, G." He kissed Greg's temple and felt Greg snake his arms around his waist. Nick just wanted to hold Greg forever. "I wish it had been me, you know. I wish I could go back and switch places with you."

Greg rested his head against Nick's shoulder. "I love you." He couldn't believe he had said it out loud, but it felt so right. Greg felt the temporary panic settling in his chest it was too soon. He shouldn't have said it. And then he felt Nick push him away. But soon Greg realized that it was only so that Nick could look him in the eyes.

"I love you, too. I don't know when it really occurred to me, but it did, and I couldn't stop thinking about it. I just didn't want to freak you out."

Greg looked away and fidgeted. He didn't want to tell Nick about the last thing that he and Dr. Sealy had spoken about. He might love Nick emotionally, but physically was another story. He began to try and back away from Nick's hold.

"G, I know what you're thinking. Don't worry about it."

"I don't think you know what I'm thinking."

"I do, baby. And you don't need to worry about. We'll get there when we get there."

"What if I never get there? I can't ask you to be celibate forever." He finally looked Nick in the eyes again.

"Forever is a nice word. I like that you already think of us in the forever sort of way."

Greg smiled. "You like the sound of forever, then? Even if forever is hard?"

Nick kissed him. "I like forever anyway I can get it."

Nick reached down and grasped Greg's hand again and led him across the parking lot. Greg laughed when he saw Nick's haphazard parking job.

"In a hurry much, Nicky?"

"I said I was worried."

Greg pulled him close for a sideways hug. "I love you. I just wanted to say it again."

Nick gave him a quick peck on the lips. "Love you, too." He crossed the front of the car and got in the driver's seat. After a quick stop at the Walgreen's to fill the new medication and pick up notebooks, they drove back to Greg's.


Nick made Greg unlock the door and shut off the alarm system, just to make sure he could do it.

"See, mom. I am at least as smart as a trained monkey."

"Yeah, yeah. I just wanted to make sure."

"Speaking of mom's where is yours?"

"Dropped her off at my place after I dropped you off."

"We got the place all to our selves?"

"Tired of my mom already?"

"I dig your mom. I'm just glad to have a little time to our selves," he said as he put his hands on Nick's hips.

"Okay, so what do you want to do with our free time?"

"Curl up in bed and talk till we fall asleep."

"Sounds good to me."

They went into the bedroom and stripped down to their boxers. Nick started to get into the bed, but Greg hesitated. He pulled put a few items from his drawers and then went to Nick's bag and pulled out a pair of Nick's boxers; then he ran into the bathroom without saying a word.

"G?" Nick called out from the bed.

"Coming." Greg came out of the bathroom in plaid sleep pants and a long sleeve shirt.

"You cold, G?"

"No," he said as he fidgeted with the sleeves of his shirt. Nick tried to think back with the exception of their shower together and a handful of brief moments, Greg had been rather overdressed since the attack. Nick made a mental note about it to talk to Dr. Sealy, but said nothing directly about it to Greg.

"Did you change your bandages and take your meds?"

"Yep," Greg answered as he crawled into bed.

"How's your arm feeling?"

"Stiff and itchy."

"Anything I can do?"

Greg smirked and shifted his eyes away from Nick's.

"What do you want, G?"

"My back's all kinked out from when I fell today and my shoulders are still sore from the... you know..."

"On your stomach, buddy. I'll give you a massage. You gonna keep your shirt on?"

"If that's alright?"

"Yep," Nick answered as he set to work on Greg's back.

"How's the team doing?"

"You know, I don't really know," he said rubbing Greg's shoulders. "I heard a little bit here and there from Cath. I saw Warrick the other day at the lab."

"When you left?"

"I'm sorry about that, Greg. I shouldn't have done that," he apologized as he kneaded the knots out of Greg's upper back.

"I get it," Greg said sadly.

"I was just upset."

"At me?"

"No, at everything. I talked to Warrick and then went to see Anna Mills."

"The blonde doctor?"

"Yep after I talked to Warrick. We're all handling this in different ways. I was stupid that day, but I'll never do it again." He leaned down and kissed the back of Greg's head. He heard Greg sigh softly.

"So, how's Warrick?"

"He left Tina."

"What?" Greg asked, trying to turn over.

"Stop moving I'm not done! And yes, he and Tina are over." Nick leaned into Greg's ear. "He said he wanted what we have." Nick could see Greg's smile, half obscured by the pillow.

Greg's cell phone began ringing from inside the pocket of his discarded jeans. Nick leaped up to get it. "Don't you move," he said pointing to Greg, who put his hands up in defeat.


"Nick? It's Sara. Did I dial your phone by mistake?"

"No Greg's just lying down. Hold on while I put him on."

He walked across the bedroom and handed Greg the phone, and mouthed to him that it was Sara. Nick let them chat while he went back into the living room to call Catherine and his mother to tell them about what had happened to Greg. He talked to each of them for longer than expected - they both had wanted to know the exact details of what had happened. And then he had to assure each of them that he and Greg were fine, and that they, in fact, did not need anyone to come over. By the time he got back to the bedroom, Greg was asleep cell phone on the pillow beside him. Nick moved the cell phone and put his arm around Greg. He hoped the new medicine would work and that there wouldn't be any more nightmares.


It wasn't Greg that woke Nick, but his own cell phone. He was careful not to move Greg as he reached over and grabbed the phone.

"Stokes," he whispered, not wanting to ruin Greg's peaceful sleep.

"Nick, it's me." It was Gil. "I'm sorry, but I can't be 2 CSI's short tonight. I need you."

Nick looked guiltily at Greg. "Okay, but I need a little bit of time I need to make sure my mom is at least on her way before I leave him."

"No problem. I sent you the address. Meet us there when you can."

Nick ended the call and then called a cab for his mom and then dialed his mom who was awake.

"Mama, why are you up?"

"I've been sleeping erratically since I got here."

"Mama, I got to go to work. I sent a cab over for you because I need you to stay with Greg."

"I'll be waiting."

Nick hung up the phone and nudged Greg hoping that it wouldn't trigger another nightmare.

"G, baby, wake up."

Greg groaned and his eyelids fluttered open. "What time is it?"

"A little after midnight. They need me to come in. I just wanted you to know. I've got to get ready," he said as he kissed Greg on the forehead. "I just didn't want to worry you."

"Kay," Greg muttered as he nosed back into the pillow. Nick got up and took a quick shower. He searched his bag for work attire and looked at Greg who was peeking out from the covers, hiding his smile. "You stole my last pair of underwear, didn't you?" Greg simply nodded his response, and tried to hide his silly grin.

"Fine," Nick said as he went to Greg's drawers. "I'll just wear yours." He continued to dress in a hurry. Greg smirked and jumped out of bed to give Nick a goodbye hug.

"I left all your meds in the same spot, and they all have Catherine's notes on them except the new one, which Dr. Sealy went over. My mom should be here in a few minutes. Is there anything else you need?"

"Nope, I'm good."

"And I'll have my cell. You need anything and I can tell Griss where to shove it, and I can be right back here."

"I'll be fine, Nicky," he said as he pushed Nick toward the door.

"I love you, G."

"I love you back."

Greg watched Nick leave and then he stole away into the bedroom before Jillian could arrive. He needed time to write some things down before he forgot about them things he needed to talk to Dr. Sealy about.

After I left the office today, I did either the stupidest or bravest thing I've ever done: I told Nick that I love him. I know it's probably too soon or that some people might think it's a hero complex that I have for him but it's not. He said it back so I'm doing my best to focus on the fact that the rational part of me believes it. It's just this irrational part that can't believe anything anymore there's this part that can't see the difference between real and dream and it makes me worried. All the medications are making me sleepy and I can't tell if they are really helping. I don't hurt as much anymore, but at the same time, I

Jillian was at the front door, knocking to gain entrance. Greg stuck the journal into the nightstand where he knew she wouldn't look and went to answer the door.


Next story in series - Call Me Magic Mama.