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Title: Home
By: nancy
Pairing: Tony/Gibbs
Fandom: NCIS
Rating: AO
Series: 1) The Ring, 2) Respite, 3) Death Match, 4) Whore, 5) Broken, 6) Vows, 7) Please, 8) Liberation, 9) Real, 10) Visitors, 11) Changes, 12) Alone, 13) SeparatedSeparated, 14) One Step At A Time
Warnings: DARKFIC!!! rape, violence, brutality
Summary: Tony vanishes and Gibbs tracks him into the violence of a human slavery ring. Gibbs and Tony finally make it home.


Tony had never been so grateful to see Gibbs' house in his life. It stood exactly as it always had; a little worn around the edges, but sturdy in the extreme.

Just like Jethro, Tony thought with a grin.

The ride there had been silent, but not at all uncomfortable as Tony had dozed most of the way. Something about riding in a car made him sleepy and the food they'd stopped for off the highway had sat in his stomach like a lump anyhow. He'd heard the phone call from Abby and didn't even want to guess at what the other man wasn't telling him. He was stressed out enough about the youtube thing to not want to know. If Gibbs thought it was important for him to know, than he would. Otherwise, Tony could just pretend everything was fine.

He followed Gibbs into the house, which wasn't locked when they got there, as per SOP for Gibbs' house. Tony startled a bit when the other man actually locked the door behind them, shooting him a questioning glance.

Gibbs shrugged and said, "Humor me," but didn't explain further before heading deeper into the house.

All the utilities were in working order and Tony sank onto the old sofa to stretch out. He must have fallen asleep again, because Gibbs shook him awake some time later and told him, "Lunch is here."

"Lunch? I barely digested breakfast," Tony muttered, sitting up and rubbing his eyes. Wandering into the kitchen after Gibbs, he found a spread of deli meats and cheeses on the counter, as well as a few different loaves of bread and various condiments. He frowned and asked, "Did you go to the store?"

Gibbs shook his head. "They made a delivery. Free of charge."

Tony snorted at the wry tone, knowing it came from their unexpected youtube fame. He was tempted to go online and see the patheticness that was himself at the airport, but there was no computer to use, which might have been a blessing. Making himself a sandwich, he sat at the kitchen table and slowly ate. Gibbs set a soda in front of him as well as a glass of milk and then made his own lunch, sitting opposite Tony.

"So, what are we going to do now?" Tony asked when he'd eaten as much as he could.

Gibbs took a swallow of his soda and answered, "About what?"

"Work? Money? Life? Take your pick. It's not like I can go back to law enforcement."

Eyeing him a moment, Gibbs finally said, "We don't have to decide right away, Tony. We have time. I've got money saved. And we could always go down to see Mike in Mexico. Money stretches a lot more down there. Especially if we sue the airport."

Tony was startled. He'd thought that had been a bluff. "You'd really do that?"

"After attacking you without provocation? You're damn right I would," Gibbs said flatly.

The words set off a warm feeling all through Tony and he grinned at the other man. "Aw, Boss, you do care!"

Gibbs snorted, but only repeated, "We have time. I think we should just readjust first. Take our time. Maybe...see someone. Professionally."

"Like a shrink?" Tony supplied, incredulous.

Nodding, Gibbs told him, "Not the worst idea in the world. Not after everything."

It was a great idea, but Tony just couldn't see Gibbs doing it. Dropping the subject for the time being, Tony asked reluctantly, "What about the youtube thing?"

"What about it? They don't know who we are or people would be camped out here waiting," Gibbs pointed out. "And the people who do know, know us and won't say anything."

Tony snorted and pointed out, "Like the valet at the hotel or your grocery delivery people?"

Gibbs shrugged as he replied, "If it's going to happen, there's nothing we can do about it."

"You know, you're awfully blasť about everything that's going on right now," Tony observed suspiciously.

Standing, Gibbs walked around the table and pulled Tony to his feet. Wrapping his arms around his waist, Gibbs told him, "We're home and I have you. What else should I care about?"

Ridiculously pleased by the serious declaration, Tony flushed as he snuggled into the embrace and rested his head on Gibbs' shoulder. "You're a sentimental bastard, Jethro. Who knew?"

Gibbs chuckled and kissed the top of his head.